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Chapter 140: Three Commissions from Mother-in-Law

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

With the appearance of Tapir, the mother-in-law also gave face to her disobedient daughter.

Even though she didn’t let Zhao Lian go, she didn’t want to cause any big trouble in the royal palace either. She took Zhao Lian and Tapir out of the street and went to the base of the secret society.

Tapir was originally a huge threat to the world of “Dynasties.”

The three parties, the secret society, the royals of the dynasty, and the Dream Makers, had been maintaining an amazing balance over the years.

This mother-in-law didn’t want to break the balance yet.

The location of the secret society was more high-profile than Qiu Ren imagined. It was right under the palace in the world of Dynasties.

When Tapir stepped into this hidden underground s.p.a.ce, nightmare erosion immediately surged towards her from all directions.

This attack didn’t cause any impact on Tapir, though. After operating Battle Royale for so long, she didn’t only get back to her best condition, but her strength was also greatly improved.

She could absorb such a degree of nightmare erosion by just waving her hand gently.

“Mother… time for these stupid jokes… has already pa.s.sed,” Tapir turned to the Pope of the secret society, who was wearing a mask, and said.

“This isn’t a joke. It’s a test.”

The Pope of the secret society took off the mask on her face. Her face was 80% similar to that of Tapir.

However, the age of the mother and daughter didn’t seem to match. Tapir’s elegant and posh temperament looked much more mature than the Pope of the secret society.

“You were imprisoned by those Dream Makers in the other world. And yet, your power hasn’t diminished but has made considerable improvement instead?” The Pope sized up her daughter with a weird look and said, “Perhaps you met… a good guy?”

“Should I laugh?” Tapir said expressionlessly.

“You didn’t get my optimism in your personality at all, but it’s alright…” The Pope of the secret society waved her hand and said to Tapir, “Tell me. Why did you bring this incomplete guinea pig back home this time?”

The incomplete guinea pig here was Zhao Lian. In the Pope’s eyes, Zhao Lian was a defective product that had become a nightmare.

“To invite you, all the dream consciousnesses living in this world, to go to the other world…”

Tapir expressed Qiu Ren’s appeal and thoughts. The nightmare consciousnesses in the secret society discussed with each other for a while. They didn’t laugh at Tapir.

Because this princess used to be very prestigious in the secret society.

“And? Will we be locked in prison by those creators like they did to you after we go there?”

What the Pope of the secret society said made Tapir press her lips gently. She didn’t know what to say for a second.

All the members of the secret society here were Lords of Nightmare. They would certainly be locked up when they went to Qiu Ren’s world. This was a fact that Qiu Ren couldn’t change.

“Don’t be so scared.” The Pope of the secret society walked to a long table and sat down. She interlaced her fingers, looking a bit like the G.o.dfather. “We may not be able to leave this world, but I think many of our people would want to try their luck in the new world.”


While Tapir was confronting her mother, she used her mind to tell Qiu Ren about the “secret society” and her mother’s status among the dream consciousnesses in this world.

As Qiu Ren listened to Tapir’s description, he felt like the organization, the secret society, was the “mafia” among the dream consciousnesses, while the Pope was the “G.o.dfather.”

The dream consciousnesses in this world, no matter which country they were in, would look for the secret society first rather than their own Dream Makers when they had to get justice through “illegal means.”

The most typical example was… If the dream consciousnesses couldn’t stand being tortured by their Dream Makers anymore, they might ask the secret society to kill them and their Dream Makers together.

These commissions were jobs that the secret society always accepted, so the secret society was a “notorious nightmare terrorist organization” in the eyes of the Dream Makers in this world.

“I need you and that Dream Maker behind you to help me finish some commissions…” When the Pope made this request, Tapir’s expression finally changed slightly. Just as she was about to say, “I can do that by myself…”

Black mist billowed out of her body again and formed Qiu Ren’s figure with the ghost mask.

“What commissions?” Qiu Ren appeared next to Tapir in the form of a projection.

This time, Tapir really wanted to grab Qiu Ren’s shoulder and tell him, “Don’t get yourself involved!”

However, when Tapir lifted her hand and was about to put it on Qiu Ren’s shoulder, he grabbed her wrist first and pressed her hand down. He whispered, “This is a chance for us to recruit those dream consciousnesses…”

“You… don’t understand… what these commissions… mean.” Tapir refuted Qiu Ren in a soft voice.

The Pope of the secret society kept glancing back and forth between the two of them with ridicule in her eyes.

“He sounds young, even a bit like a child? I’m not surprised that you’re interested in this type. So, young Dream Maker… being able to tame that girl surely proves that you’re quite something.” The Pope of the secret society didn’t give Tapir any face and dignity at all. She also maintained a judgemental and skeptical att.i.tude towards Qiu Ren. “However, if you want the other dream consciousnesses to follow you, you must show them your value…”

The Pope of the secret society pushed the doc.u.ments of the three commissions to Qiu Ren.

Qiu Ren picked up the three commissions and read the content carefully. At first, he thought these three commissions were some kind of a.s.sa.s.sin contract when he saw how nervous Tapir was.

And yet, as he picked them up and read through the content, he realized that only the Lords of Nightmare could kill the dream consciousnesses and the Dream Makers if they accepted these commissions.

However, if a Dream Maker accepted these commissions, there would be other ways out.

“I’ll accept all three commissions.” Qiu Ren’s words made the expressions of Tapir and the Pope change slightly.

“I don’t know if your arrogance is the reason why you managed to tame this girl, but… don’t make a promise that’s out of your ability.”

The Pope was harsh. She didn’t like that Qiu Ren talked through his hat.

“I mean it. I think… I can complete all these commissions. I just need some time and help from the secret society.”

There were some tiny differences between the general content of the three commissions in Qiu Ren’s hands.

However, the main content was the same. Since their Dream Makers were too paranoid, stubborn, or various other reasons, they made the living environment in their Dream Dungeons extremely poor…

It was very simple if Qiu Ren wanted to complete these commissions. He just had to transform the Dream Dungeons of these commissions.

He could give the Dream Dungeons and the characters inside another life by changing the character designs and plots of the dungeons.

“What help do you need?”

The mother-in-law was kind enough. As long as Qiu Ren’s requests weren’t too much and were really helpful for the execution of the task, she wouldn’t mind lending him a hand.

“I hope that you can be my support in this real world. It’s very difficult for me to have contact with these three Dream Dungeons in the commissions with my ident.i.ty in reality, but it’ll be easier to have the lives of people in the entire city as a guarantee.”

The “reality” Qiu Ren talked about was the reality in this material world.

Qiu Ren’s body was still next to the warehouse, surrounded by a large number of agents from the Dream Hunting Bureau.

Under such a situation, Qiu Ren might be shot to death once the nightmare pollution was cleared in the area, let alone contacting the three Dream Dungeons in the commissions.

And yet, with the help from the secret society, Qiu Ren could spread the nightmare pollution from one area to the entire city. He would use this to threaten the Dream Hunting Bureau to cooperate with his operation.

“We can help you with the threatening part, but there’s one Dream Dungeon among the three in the commissions that’s more important than the lives of people in a city.” The Pope reminded Qiu Ren.

“So, I’ll put my attention on the Dream Dungeon that has the smallest impact first.”

Qiu Ren picked a Dream Dungeon with the theme “campus romantic harem drama” from the three commissions.

Although this theme didn’t seem “do-able,” it was a veritable Level A Dream Dungeon. Dream Makers in Qiu Ren’s world would never use Dream Seeds of such a level for a romantic drama.

But in this world… This Dream Dungeon carried a national-level romantic production. It was just that the plot of this Dream Dungeon had been stuck in an irreversible knot after all these years.

“This one indeed has the smallest impact. If you’ve already made the decision, let’s do it. I’ll keep this incomplete product and her people safe.” The Pope was still talking about Zhao Lian.

Seeing how motivated Qiu Ren was, Tapir knew that she wouldn’t be able to stop him no matter what she said. The only thing she could do was to follow and protect him.

She picked up the three commissions Qiu Ren had accepted. The first one was a campus romantic harem drama. The second was about robot warfare, while the last one was based on the Three Kingdoms.

The one with the theme of campus romance was a Level A Dream Dungeon. The senior officials of this material world might allow Qiu Ren to transform it.

However, the one about robot warfare was a Level S Dream Dungeon, and the other about the Three Kingdoms was even a Level SS Dream Dungeon. These weren’t Dream Dungeons that he could touch by just threatening the senior officials.

But Tapir still wanted to see how Qiu Ren was going to transform this… Dream Dungeon with the theme of campus romance that had a declining popularity and had fallen into a deadlock.


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