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Chapter 97: Don’t Worry, It’s Fake

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Lu Shaoming’s face remained calm and silent for three seconds. He opened his mouth and said, “Even if President Xu is right, what’s the matter with that? I’m willing. What’s that have to do with President Xu?”

“You!” Xu Junxi thought that what he had just said was very serious, and any man with pride and self-esteem would be hurt, let alone a man like Lu Shaoming.

But he had said those two words lightly – I’m willing?

“Hah, Young Master Lu, although you say so on the surface, do you really not mind in your heart? I was the only one for the first twenty years of her life! I was her fiance!”

“Mmm Hmm.” Lu Shaoming nodded calmly and stepped forward to Xu Junxi. An amused smile formed on his lips. “It’s alright. since President Lu knows that you’re the ex. You had Ning Qing in the past, but I have her in the present and the future. Thank you, President Xu, for taking care of her for 20 years, waiting for her to blossom like a flower, and sending her to be my – Lu Shaoming’s woman.”

“…” Xu Junxi clenched his fists tightly. For the first time, he realized that Lu Shaoming and Ning Qing really do fit each other to some extent. They were both so eloquent.

“Shaoming, why are you here?” When the two men’s gazes collided, Ning Qing came over.

Lu Shaoming stepped back a couple of steps and looked back. Ning Qing had already come to him and held his arm. “Shaoming, I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I’m going to my old room to find a couple of books. Come with me.”

“Alright.” Lu Shaoming followed and left with Ning Qing.

A layer of haze quickly covered Xu Junxi’s eyes. From beginning to end, Ning Qing didn’t glance at him once.

Ning Qing’s eyes that had landed on Lu Shaoming were so gentle and focused. Her gaze used to belong to him only, but now she looks at another man.

The sentence, “Waiting for her to blossom like a flower and sending her to be my – Lu Shaoming’s woman,” echoed in his ear. His whole body felt as if it were being burnt in a frying pan. Had she and Lu Shaoming done it?

Thinking of her body when she had danced with a silk ribbon, and her delicate little face, he couldn’t imagine how charming she must’ve been when coupling in joy under a man’s body.

He did not believe it, he did not believe that Lu Shaoming really did not mind his existence.

Walking into Ning Qing’s room, they could see that the room had almost been entirely emptied. Nothing remained but the pink wallpaper and the cream white dresser. Things things made Lu Shaoming feel that this room was full of a teenage girl’s aura.

Lu Shaoming glanced around casually and finally fixed his gaze on a gla.s.s window cabinet. He approached it and saw that a music box had been placed at the very top.

He started to open it, and the sweet music that sounded like tinkling bells rang out from inside.

“Don’t listen!” Ning Qing came over and put out her small hand to cover the music box.

Lu Shaoming looked at the girl’s s.h.i.+fty eyes and smiled softly, “What’s wrong? Is this from Xu Junxi?”

Ning Qing did not know how to answer, but she knew she could never tell the truth. “No!” The girl who never lied blushed.

“Hah.” Lu Shaoming didn’t force her to answer. He stepped over to the window, took out a cigarette from his pants pocket, and lit it with a lighter.

He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled smoke from his thin lips. Just now, the music box had been engraved with the abbreviations of J&Q, Xu Junxi, and Ning Qing. He could see it clearly.

The cabinet had a total of four layers. There were several kinds of gifts in each layer. He counted them with his eyes. 1, 2… 18, a total of 18 pieces. They must be Xu Junxi’s birthday gift every year.

Gifts were just gifts, there was no need for her to lie.

“Shaoming, are you angry?” Ning Qing walked up to the man and explained in a low voice, “Xu Junxi head was bleeding because he had tried to save me today, that was why I was hugging his head. There’s no other meaning. Grandma has been agitated today. It’s not convenient for me to talk to Grandma about us. When the opportunity comes, I will tell her.”

Lu Shaoming’s chiseled handsome face looked hazy in the smoke. He stuffed one of his hands into his trousers pocket and placed the other on the windowsill. His slender and straight posture was impressive.

When the man was silent, Ning Qing was very nervous. He was always unpredictable. She never knew what he was thinking.

“Shaoming,” said Ning Qing sweetly, standing bravely in front of him, holding his strong waist hesitantly with two small hands. “Don’t be angry anymore. I really have nothing to do with Xu Junxi.”

“Alright.” Lu Shaoming took another puff of his cigarette and responded with an uncertain answer.

Ning Qing did not know how to appease him. He had never ignored her. He wasn’t even willing to look at her now.

Sure enough, after being the apple of his eye for so long, falling from his grace was very unpleasant.

When the man smoked, he would narrow his eyes, his long fingers tapping away the ash, his thin lips slightly ajar when breathing out the smoke. The lines on his lips were very s.e.xy.

Because she was in front of him, and he was probably afraid of choking her with the smoke, he was always facing the window when he exhaled, showing her only half of his sharp and handsome face.

Ning Qing’s mouth was very dry. She stuck out her pink tongue and licked her dry red lips. She put her arms around his neck and tiptoed as she said, “Shaoming, sorry, don’t be angry with me. Shall I kiss you?”

Xu Junxi’s head was muddled. He had watched Lu Shaoming and Ning Qing enter the room and never come out. He was like a fool, like a super peeping maniac, wandering back and forth outside the door.

He wanted to know what they were doing inside. This curiosity was maddening.

He stopped pacing, placed one hand on the doork.n.o.b, opened the door by a crack, and peeked in. His body instantly became as rigid as a sculpture.

Xu Junxi released the door handle and turned away, feeling as if his heart had been pierced by a sharp knife. There was no blood, but the pain tore his heart and lungs apart.

Lu Shaoming was right. He has protected the girl for 20 years, and now she was a woman under someone else.

He was ridiculous, so ridiculous!

After a couple of steps, he b.u.mped into Ning Yao. When Ning Yao saw Xu Junxi’s stunned expression, she rushed forward to hold him as she asked, “Junxi, what’s wrong with you?”

Xu Junxi laughed twice. His laughter sounded empty. He put one arm on Ning Yao’s shoulder and was somewhat dispirited. “Yaoyao, do you have any booze? Have a couple of drinks with me.”

“OK.” Ning Yao agreed happily.

Ten minutes later, in the room.


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