WebNovel My Dangerous Billionaire Husband Chapter 733 – Luoxi, Don’t Be Angry Anymore, Alright?

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Chapter 733: Luoxi, Don’t Be Angry Anymore, Alright?

Ou Luoxi did not look at her but instead went straight to the wardrobe and opened it. He picked out a black striped tie.

Xia Xiaofu quickly stepped forward. She walked in front of him and took the tie from his hand. “Let me do it.”

Ou Luoxi looked at her silently but still let her take the tie.

Xia Xiaofu stood on her tiptoes to put on the tie for him. She took a look at the bed, then softly asked, “Where did you sleep last night?”

The bedsheets next to her were smooth and neat. He had not slept with her.

She waited for his reply, but he did not speak.

Xia Xiaofu raised her almond eyes and looked at him. He was also staring at her, his face and eyes void of emotions, looking extremely indifferent.

Xia Xiaofu’s long, fine eyelashes fell, and her lips moved as she whispered, “I’m sorry… Don’t be angry anymore… I will be obedient in the future. I will not go anywhere, only stay by your side, until…until you get sick of me…”

The tie slipped out of her hand. Ou Luoxi had turned around and left.

Looking at his back view, Xia Xiaofu knew he was still angry. This time, he had really lost his temper. Even if she came to coax him on her own accord, he would not forgive her.

At that moment, the a.s.sistant with a sweet voice walked in again. “Miss Xia, this is a new set of toiletries, and a dress. Please come out for breakfast when you are ready.”

“Thank you.” Xia Xiaofu took the items from the a.s.sistant and headed for the bathroom.

These must have been prepared on his orders?

I’m sure in his heart he is not as indifferent as he appears to be…

Xia Xiaofu tidied herself up and went out. The a.s.sistant brought her into a small restaurant. “Miss Xia, this is the President’s dining area. Please come in.”

“Where is your President?”

“Oh, the President has gone out. He left instructions for Miss Xia to return once you have had your breakfast. There is no need to wait for him.”


Xia Xiaofu went back to the villa after breakfast. She continued to stew soup, cooked some stir fry vegetables, then went back to the office. She couldn’t do anything by staying in the villa. She was willing to do anything for Little Xuyan, even if she had to fawn on him.

She a.s.sumed that he was not back yet when she entered the President’s office, but she found Ou Luoxi sitting on the sofa with one of his leg crossed, his head resting against the back of the sofa, taking a nap with his eyes closed.

There was a large stack of doc.u.ments on the coffee table in front of him. He must have been worn out from work.

Xia Xiaofu walked forward softly. She bent down and put the thermos cup on the coffee table, then walked behind him. She raised her slender hands to help him ma.s.sage his temples.

The man’s long, thick curled lashes moved a little, but his eyes did not open.

He did not refuse, so Xia Xiaofu continued to ma.s.sage for him. Time pa.s.sed minute by minute. The ma.s.sage lasted nearly ten minutes before Xia Xiaofu lowered her head and gave a tentative kiss to his handsome face.

He did not respond.

“Luoxi, don’t be angry anymore, alright… Let’s make up…” She acted girly with him.

“What’s wrong?”

Xia Xiaofu covered her chest, her face a little pale. Shaking her head, she said, “I’m okay…but be gentle…”

She hugged his neck and kissed him again.

The sight of the cold smile on her pale lips pierced deep into his heart like a needle.

Suddenly, Xia Xiaofu stiffened. She stopped his hand and said, “It is not very… convenient for me today.”

Before she knew it, the world spun, and she was already being carried horizontally.

She was once again lying on the big soft bed in the lounge, and Ou Luoxi called for a doctor, a female doctor.

The female doctor lifted her skirt and examined her body. After the examination, the female doctor raised her eyebrows and said to Ou Luoxi, “The patient has a new injury in addition to an old one. If not treated, it is likely to get inflammation. Now, I need to give the patient some st.i.tches. I will administer some anesthetics, but it will still hurt. She can only tolerate it.”

Ou Luoxi looked at Xia Xiaofu lying on the bed. “I will stay.”

The woman doctor released a chuckle. “Why weren’t you here earlier? You should leave. It is not suitable for a man to stay here. ”

He obviously understood the ridicule in the doctor’s words, but he didn’t mind; he merely looked over at Xia Xiaofu.

“You can go out, I’ll be done soon.” Xia Xiaofu turned her head and didn’t look at him anymore. She held the sheets tightly in her two hands and buried her face in the pillow.

Ou Luoxi knew that she was afraid of pain. When they were together, she would delve into his embrace and act coquettishly whenever she suffered a little pain. But now, she was no longer the same. She no longer acted coy, although she appeared very gentle and obedient.

The two of them were drifting further and further apart.


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