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Chapter 687: Hubby

Upon seeing Ou Luoxi, Xia Xiaofu’s mother’s facial expressions changed immediately, and she did not seem to be happy.

“Mum.” Xia Xiaofu interrupted both of them looking at one another.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother forcefully retracted her gaze. She was an educated person after all. There were some things that were not suited to be said so directly. Xia Xiaofu’s mother looked over at Xia Xiaofu and said, “Xiaofu, we will have to move out. After all, your father owes a huge amount of debt, so our house has been liquidated. We have to look for a different place to stay.”

Move out.

Where could they move to right now?

Xia Xiaofu’s eyes lit up, and she said, “Mum, Luoxi coincidentally owns a villa. Let’s move over to his villa to live then.”

As Xia Xiaofu spoke, she winked at him.

Ou Luoxi had a gentle smile on his face and nodded his head.

“We don’t have any other option then.” Xia Xiaofu’s mother looked at Ou Luoxi and politely said, ” I would be troubling you then.”

“You won’t be troubling me at all,” Ou Luoxi replied.

They brought Xia Bo to live in Ou Luoxi’s villa. Ou Luoxi gave his own room to Xia Bo and allowed him to recuperate peacefully.

Xia Bo sat down on the bed alone. His eyes were unfocused, and Xia Xiaofu stooped down to hold his hand as she said, “Dad.”

Xia Bo did not have any reaction at all, and it was just as if he had dementia.

“Mum, did you find a doctor to give Dad a diagnosis?”

“I did. Those doctors said that your father was provoked too greatly, and his mental health became unstable. That is why he is behaving like this. The doctor does not have a solution.” Xia Xiaofu’s mother’s eyes were red as she spoke.

Xia Xiaofu stepped forward quickly to hug her mother as she said, “Mum, everything will be fine. I am here to accompany you. Daddy will slowly get better. Our family will not separate.”

“Yeah.” Xia Xiaofu’s mother stretched her hand out to wipe her tears away.

Ou Luoxi stood at the side of the door to look at the mother and daughter pair. His facial expressions were gentle as he said, “I will go make dinner.”

Xia Xiaofu let go of her mother’s hand to look at Ou Luoxi. She curled the corners of her lips up to nod her head. “Okay.”

Ou Luoxi turned around to leave.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother looked at the boy’s back profile, and her gaze stopped on his right leg. She noticed that he was limping as he walked. Xia Xiaofu’s mother raised her eyebrows up immediately and said, “Xiaofu, what is wrong with Luoxi?”

“Mum, Luoxi was involved in a car accident, and his right leg was injured.” Xia Xiaofu still felt very bad for him right now.

“Xiaofu, have you been living together with Ou Luoxi all this while?”

“Yeah. Mummy, I am together with Ou Luoxi now. I want to be together with him forever. I cannot live without him.” Xia Xiaofu confessed her inner thoughts to her mother honestly.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother had a grim expression on her face, and she frankly said, “Xiaofu, have you thought about it carefully? Marriage is not child’s play. In many regards, Ou Luoxi is not someone you can rely on for the rest of your life.”

“Mum!” Xia Xiaofu was unhappy as she pouted with her red lips.

“Xiaogu, Mum will tell you frankly, Chen Jingyu really likes you. Over the past two months while your father has been in trouble, Chen Jingyu was helping out. He is not someone related to us at all. If he didn’t like you, then why would he come over to help us? Xiaofu, Mum is very satisfied with Chen Jingyu. He is the one whom I would choose as my son-in-law.”

“Mum, I do not like Chen Jingyu. I only like Luoxi.”

“Xiaofu, you are still young. In the future, you still have many years of your life that you have to go through. Have you thought about it carefully? What kind of person would you want to marry? The Chen family has a strong background with wide connections. Chen Jingyu is mature, educated, and is a gentleman. When your father got in trouble, all it took for Chen Jingyu was a call to bail your father out of jail. If you express good feelings for Chen Jing now and want settle the matter and take care of the vampires in the company, Chen Jingyu is able to help.”

“Look at Ou Luoxi again. Now that your father is in trouble, what can he help with? You like him right now, and maybe it is because you like him for his pretty exterior, but after some time, you would think that he is not responsible enough. You would be tired of him and even hate him. Furthermore , his right leg is disabled now. He is merely a disabled person…”

“Mum, enough. Stop talking!” Xia Xiaofu interrupted her mother.

Ou Luoxi, who was standing outside the door, heard the mother and daughter quarrel with one other silently. He did not want to eavesdrop on purpose, but he’d forgotten to ask what Xia Xiaofu’s parents like to eat, and he wanted to cook some food that they liked.

Ou Luoxi’s hands that were by his sides were tightly held into fists. Every single thing that Xia Xiaofu’s mother said was just like a needle being stabbed deeply into his heart. He was a person. He had feelings and would feel…pain.

But he did not say a single word. He turned around silently and went to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Ou Luoxi prepared four dishes and one soup. He prepared the dishes with much care, so the dishes looked delicious and appetizing, but Xia Xiaofu’s mother ate very little.

At the dinner table, Xia Xiaofu tried hard to nuance the atmosphere. Her mother was unwilling to cooperate, and she was even unwilling to let out a smile. Ou Luoxi lowered his gaze to eat his meal and only felt that the food in his mouth was tasteless.

After eating dinner, Ou Luoxi sent the soup that he cooked for Xia Bo to the bedroom. Xia Xiaofu’s mother fed Xia Bo the soup, and Ou Luoxi went downstairs to put the utensils away.

Xia Xiaofu wanted to go over to have a look at Ou Luoxi, and her phone rang.

She took her phone out to have a look. It was Chen Jingyu.

Xia Xiaofu had a glance at the kitchen before going into a room. She closed the door behind her, and she took the call. “h.e.l.lo, Mr. Chen.”

“h.e.l.lo, Xiaofu, I have finally gotten through your phone. I thought that you may have gone missing.” Chen Jingyu’s pure voice came over from the other end.

“Mr. Chen, I am sorry.”

“Xiaofu, you don’t have to say sorry between us. I have always been keeping up about the matters regarding Uncle. I have also been contacting people these past few days. Let’s meet tomorrow. It should be easier to settle this matter privately.”

Chen Jingyu said, easier to settle this matter privately, and it meant that he was extremely confident. Xia Xiaofu hesitated for a moment before she said, “Mr. Chen, no matter what, thank you, but I would think of a plan myself regarding my father’s case. We are not related by blood or anything. There would be a lot of gossip if you help me like this.”

“Xiaofu, I do not care…”

“Mr. Chen, I care. Over the past two months, I have been together with Ou Luoxi. I was unable to forget him. I like him. We have gotten back together again, and we will never separate from another forever.”

Chen Jingyu became silent.

“Mr. Chen, I am sorry. Don’t waste more time on me anymore. You will find a girl who is better than me.”

“Hah.” Chen Jingyu scoffed softly and said, “Xiaofu, I like you. I have always liked you very very much. You are rejecting me now, and I am very upset, but I respect your decision. The matters regarding Uncle, I still can help you out with it…”

“Mr. Chen, you really don’t have to.”

“Xiao Fu, do you really have to draw the line with me so clearly?”

“Mr. Chen, I just do not want to give any one hope. I also do not want to take advantage of you.”

After hanging up, Xia Xiaofu took her debit card. In the past few years in the entertainment industry, she’d earned a huge sum of money, but the money that her father owed was also a bottomless hole, and she needed a lot of money to pay them back.

Xia Xiaofu added up all of the money that she had, and it was not enough.

It was so far off.

The amount needed was way more than double what she had.

Xia Xiaofu was frustrated for a while before she stood up to go downstairs, and she went into the kitchen.

There was an amber light on inside the kitchen. Ou Luoxi put on a pair of gloves as he stood by the side of the sink to wash the dishes, and after he was done was.h.i.+ng the dishes, he placed them back into the cupboards. He was focused and serious as he did so.

Xia Xiaofu stood there looking at him for a moment. His handsome features had a gentle and mesmerizing glow, and it made him look extra pretty, but only when he walked, he would limp. The limping action made his handsome and slim figure look even more lonely, and this type of quiet environment made him look extra lonely.

Xia Xiaofu walked up to him softly before stretching her slim arms out to hug his waist. She used her small face to nudge his back and sweetly said, “Luoxi, it has been hard on you today.”

Ou Luoxi’s features all became gentle. His lips were curled upwards, and he had a bright smile on his face as he said, “It was not hard.”

She’d also cooked for him and even cooked for the first time for him. It could not be considered hard for him to do this.

Xia Xiaofu hugged him even more firmly and said, “Luoxi, it is so good to have you around.”

Ou Luoxi was done tidying up the utensils before he removed the gloves that he was wearing. He turned around and placed his right hand into his pocket, and he handed something over to Xia Xiaofu. “This is for you.”

“What is this?” Xia Xiaofu took it into her hands. It was an account ledger.

Xia Xiaofu opened it up to have a look, and when she had a clear look at the number of zeros on it. Xia Xiaofu covered her small mouth and took in a breath of cold air. She was shocked as she said, “Luoxi, how did you have so much money?”

Ou Luoxi stretched his hand out to caress her hair and said, “I’ve earned it.”

Xia Xiaofu did not expect him to have earned so much money over the past few years in the entertainment industry. He was really the most popular young star and the Best Actor. She raised her small, egg-shaped face up and pursed her lips together as she laughed. “Luoxi, are you giving this to me?”

“Yeah, it is for you.”

Xia Xiaofu fluttered his long eyelashes that were just a b.u.t.terfly’s wings, to be honest, she was very embarra.s.sed to take it, and this was definitely Ou Luoxi’s entire net worth.

But right now, she had an urgent need for money. With this money, she could repay all of her father’s debts, and she should not act coy at this time.

Furthermore, when Chen Jingyu offered his help, she did not accept it, and she also could not take it, but Ou Luoxi was the man she loved the most. Both of them were one, so she could take the money that he gave her.

“Luoxi, is this your betrothal?”

“Huh?” Ou Luoxi did not understand it.

“It is the money that a man saves up to marry a wife.” Xia Xiaofu blinked her eyes attractively.

Ou Luoxi looked at her, before nodding his head.

Xia Xiaofu immediately had a smile on her face. She went on her tiptoes to hug his neck before taking the initiative to kiss his thin lips as she said, “Luoxi, if this is your betrothal, then I will accept it. In the future, let’s earn this amount of money back together.”

“Okay.” Ou Luoxi held her slim waist before gently bringing her into his embrace.

Xia Xiaofu bit his earlobes, and her voice was crisp and sweet as she said, “Hubby…”

All of Ou Luoxi’s features were very gentle. He used his large hand to touch the back of her head, and he wanted to kiss her red lips.

Cough, cough. Xia Xiaofu’s mother was standing by the side of the kitchen door.

They let go of one another quickly, and Xia Xiaofu coughed awkwardly as she said, “Mum, you are still not asleep?”

“Yeah, I was thirsty, so I came to get a gla.s.s of water.” Xia Xiaofu’s mother looked over at Xiao Xiaofu and said, “It is already so late. Why are you still not going back to the room to sleep? Mummy has recently been experiencing insomnia. Xiaofu, accompany Mummy to sleep tonight.”

Xia Xiaofu froze. She had been sleeping with Ou Luoxi recently.

But upon seeing her mother’s gaze, she had no other choice but to nod her head, and she said, “Oh, I got it Mum. I will go to your room later.”

“Okay.” Xia Xiaofu’s mother left.

After her mother left, Xia Xiaofu was apologetic as she looked at Ou Luoxi and said, “Luoxi, I have to accompany my mother to sleep tonight.”

Ou Luoxi had his regular expression. He curled his lips up as he nodded his head. “Okay, I will sleep in the next room. If there is anything, just call me.”

“Okay…” Xia Xiaofu hesitated for a bit before she said, “Luoxi, my mother has just met you. She might be still a little unfamiliar with you. Don’t take it to heart.”

“I know. Don’t worry, I will work hard to make Aunty like me.”

“Luoxi, you are so great.” Xia Xiaofu went on her tiptoes to kiss his cheek as she said, “Good night.”

“Good night.”

Ou Luoxi stood by the side of the door and sent Xia Xiaofu off with his gaze.

Xia Xiaofu hired lawyers to handle the matter privately, but the upper authorities were very strict in their a.n.a.lysis, and the matter was high-profile. She did not have the connections that Chen Jingyu had, and there was no progress in bringing this matter to an end privately.

Ou Luoxi noticed that Xia Xiaofu left the house early in the morning and would only return late at night. She was very worried, and that made him extremely worried inside his heart.

Xia Bo’s illness was not getting any better. Xia Xiaofu’s mother was sighing everyday. He would change the menu to make Xia Xiaofu’s mother happy, but her mother did not give him a single smile.

Xia Xiaofu returned home, and she was chatting with her mother —

“Mum, I am sorry. I am unable to do anything about making this matter private. The deadline for the bail is getting closer and closer now, and when it comes, the police force will send someone over to bring Dad back to jail.”

“What? Your dad is senile now. He needs someone to take care of him. If he’s taken to the police station again, I think he would not be able to last a few days. Xiaofu, he is your biological father, you have to think of other solutions. Chen Jingyu…”

“Mum, it is not convenient for me to ask Chen Jingyu for help…”

“Why? Even if you do not get together with Chen Jingyu, but as a friend, with the character that Chen Jingyu has, he would definitely help you. Could anything on earth be more important than your father right now?”

“I…” Xia Xiaofu hesitated and said, “Everyone knows the feelings that Chen Jingyu has for me. If I contact him, what would…Luoxi think about it after he finds out?”

Her mother was extremely anxious as she said, “Who cares what he thinks? If he is so capable, ask him to settle this case privately! Look at how Chen Jingyu behaves and look at him. All he knows to do for the entire day would be to cook a few dishes to make us happy. He does not have any abilities and prospects at all. The moment I look at him, my head aches…”

“Mum!” Xia Xiaofu stopped her immediately.

Xia Xiaofu’s mother also knew that she’d spoken too harshly, and she stopped talking immediately, but the moment she thought about the poor state that the Xia family was in right now, her mother could not help but shed tears.

“Mum….” Xia Xiaofu could only hug her mother to give her strength.

Ou Luoxi was listening to them outside the door, and after he heard what they said, he turned around to go to his own room.

He took his phone out and called his manager, Ah Ye.

“h.e.l.lo, Ah Ye.”

“h.e.l.lo, Luoxi, we have not contacted one another for so long now. Why are you calling me?”

“Ah Ye, help me arrange a business dinner.”

“Luoxi, are you planning to come back?”

“No, I have something that I want to ask someone to help out with.”

Ah Ye understood, but he was silent. A long while pa.s.sed, and it was difficult for him to reply, “Luoxi, a few years ago, the price of asking you to go out for dinner was way higher than the most popular A list female actresses, but two years ago, you faded out of the spotlight when you were at your prime, and your popularity has already dropped. Furthermore, you yourself are clear about the meaning of going for a business dinner.”

Those officials and wealthy people were willing to spend money to invite a popular artist to a meal. To be direct, they just wanted to benefit from it. It was very normal for the female celebrities to be touched or to be asked to drink alcohol. Ou Luoxi was a man, and those men were up to no good when they invited him over.


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