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Chapter 187: Try Dating And See Where It Goes

Ning Qing was bound not to answer Lu Shaoming. Although she held warmth in her arms, her body was still a little cold.

It couldn’t be warmed up in an instant after freezing for so long in an ice chamber.

Her long eyelashes that were like b.u.t.terflies’ wings trembled discontentedly a couple of times. He was treating her like he cherished her. It was like the time before he lost his memory.

She pouted her pink lips and swayed her body it in a coquettish way. “Cold! I’m still cold.”

Lu Shaoming touched her face; it was still cold.

She was still cold.

After an hour’s sleep, Ning Qing’s whole body had warmed up. She moved her body comfortably and opened her sleepy eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the familiar and delicate face in front of her. Ning Qing thought she was dreaming. Why was she sleeping with Lu Shaoming?

She closed her eyes and opened them again. G.o.d, she had really slept with Lu Shaoming!

He was sleeping with his eyes closed. Hs tough and carved face was a little more clear and gentle than usual. He held her tight, and one hand was still around her soft waist.

Ning Qing looked down at her clothes. Gone.


Ning Qing didn’t know whether this happiness had come too fast. She just wanted to cry now. While she was asleep, he had… couldn’t he wait for her to wake up?

She hadn’t had time to enjoy it yet!

She racked her brains. d.a.m.n, she doesn’t even have a sweet memory.

While Ning Qing was embarra.s.sed and p.i.s.sed, the man had slowly opened his eyes, and their gazes collided. The man was calm and composed, and the girl was stunned.

“Haha,” Ning Qing quickly pressed her pink lips and smiled embarra.s.singly. Her little hand was still clinging to his shoulder. Her gesture was too ambiguous. She asked, “My clothes…”

“I took them off.”

Well, alright; he was honest.

Ning Qing looked at his unb.u.t.toned s.h.i.+rt. “Your clothes…”

“You took them off.”

Well, alright; she admitted it.

“Then we…”

“You were frozen stiff in the freezer. I took you back and took off your clothes to keep you warm. Nothing happened between us. Don’t worry.”

Don’t worry?

What should she worry about?

Couldn’t they still have a pleasant chat?

All the beautiful fantasies in Ning Qing’s heart had been shattered. She…she had let him hold her like this. Couldn’t he do anything? Was he not a man?

Seeing the girl’s exquisite cheeks puffing up in embarra.s.sment, Lu Shaoming slowly let go of her soft waist. Her skin was delicate and soft, and his palm was slippery.

He didn’t know what she was embarra.s.sed and angry about. Because he had held her?

Lu Shaoming scoffed at himself and slowly got up.

Seeing him get up, Ning Qing lifted her small jaw and called, “Hey, Lu Shaoming!”

Lu Shaoming looked down and their lips rubbed together.

When their lips met, they did not close their eyes. Ning Qing widened her eyes. She blinked her long eyelashes several times until her autumn pupils met his bright black obsidian-like eyes, only then was she sure that she had really kissed him.


Lu Shaoming saw a little humor in the girl’s pupils. His eyes flashed with a tenderness that was not easy to detect. He moved and casually wiped her lips. He retreated a little.

Her lips were like jelly.

They tasted good.

Was he just going to go like that?

Ning Qing bit her lower lip, put two small hands around his neck, opened her cherry mouth, and gently sucked on his s.e.xy lips.

The man who wanted to draw back pressed back down. He put his hands on her side. His breath was disorderly. He asked seriously, “Ning Qing, what do you mean by this?”

What kind of question was that?

Ning Qing wittily drew circles on his chest with her dainty and fair fingers. She was very embarra.s.sed, and her face was red, but if she did not take the initiative, he would scrupulously abide by the gentleman’s etiquette. When would they end up together?

Wasn’t it easier for a girl to approach a man?

It was a good idea to take this as a shortcut.

She didn’t dare to look at him as she said softly and sweetly, “Young Master Lu, what kind of tone is that, I kissed you, are you angry? What else would I mean? I…I like you.”

When her voice fell, her tiny jaw was caught by his two fingers, and he forced her to look up. After a moment, he uttered three words, “Are you serious?”

Ning Qing buried her little red face in his soft pillow that had his refres.h.i.+ng scent. “Yes.” She nodded.

The man on top of her did not speak anymore. While Ning Qing was waiting for his answer, Lu Shaoming got up and got out of bed.

“I’ll run you a bath; take a bath.” There was a hoa.r.s.eness in his voice.

Take a bath?

Ning Qing turned sideways and looked at his back. After she had confessed to him, and he asked her to take a bath.

What exactly does he mean?

Even though she was angry, she wasn’t defeated. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t reciprocate now. She would redouble her efforts.

Ning Qing sat up, wrapped herself in the blanket, and got out of bed. There was a delicate sandalwood wardrobe in the room. She opened it, and it contained his uniform s.h.i.+rt and suit.

The s.h.i.+rts and suits were ironed without any wrinkles, and the cool-colored clothing hung in the wardrobe with an elite frigidness.

Her small hands touched a white s.h.i.+rt. Her head was full of the image of his wheat-colored muscular body. Before, at night, they would often exercise as husband and wife, and he would often be soaked in sweat. The man maintained a good figure. But now that he did not have this exercise anymore, she sneaked a few glances at him, and his figure was still good.

Ning Qing’s lips curved with a smile, and her heart was covered with honey.

When Lu Shaoming came out, he saw the girl foolishly pulling his s.h.i.+rt sleeve and giggling. He twisted his head and said, “Go take a bath.”

“Ok,” Ning Qing said as she looked back at him. She was like a little wife. “Umm, I don’t have a change of clothes. Can I borrow your white s.h.i.+rt?”

Lu Shaoming nodded.

The man standing at the gla.s.s door of the bathroom looked tall and had long legs, and the bright white lamps beside the bathroom sink shone on him and made him look especially handsome and charming. He put both hands in his trousers pocket, and the s.h.i.+rt she had tugged off had only a couple of random middle b.u.t.tons fastened, which revealed his charming male collarbone and abdominal muscles.

Ning Qing took the white s.h.i.+rt in her small hand. She stood up and smiled at the man charmingly. “Young Master Lu, I have nothing under these blankets. Do you want to see?”

There was quite a distance from where she was to the bathroom if he wanted to see…

Lu Shaoming’s expression was somewhat unnatural. A man who was usually mature and steady coughed, turned around, and did not look at her.

Ning Qing placed the blanket on the bed. She was shy, but his character was there. He would never peek at her.

When she walked over to the man, Ning Qing had thoughts of teasing him and sighed wickedly. “Hmm, some people just like to pretend, saying that they don’t want it on the surface, but did you actually need to take my underwear off when holding me to warm me up? Wasn’t it because you wanted to see me!”

After that, Ning Qing went into the bathroom and closed the gla.s.s door.

Lu Shaoming: “…” His face turned red.

The girl was too bold and dared to say anything. She had caused him to blush.

It was probably his first time blus.h.i.+ng in his entire life.

Lu Shaoming b.u.t.toned his s.h.i.+rt and tucked it into the black metal belt. He could not help looking sideways. The heavy frosted gla.s.s faintly showed a fascinating figure with exquisite curves.

Lu Shaoming’s Adam’s apple bobbed, and he turned his head.

Actually, about that…underwear problem: He wasn’t the one who wanted to take them off; it was her.

She was probably not used to wearing underwear to bed. After he took off her sweater, she went to pull at her underwear herself. She couldn’t pull it off and pouted her lips in his arms, and her pink lips muttered her displeasure in a soft voice.

She was so girlish.

She seemed to blame him for not helping.

So he took it off for her.

The tedious b.u.t.tons on the back of the woman’s underwear took him a long time to unb.u.t.ton. He hadn’t ever come into contact with it before.

Lifting his hand and looking at his watch, he saw that it was 7:30 now. He turned and opened the door of the lounge.

It happened that the door of the office was open and Zhou Zhilei came in.

Zhou Zhilei saw Lu Shaoming, and she laughed and said, “Brother Ming, have you forgotten our date? You asked me to have dinner tonight. I’ve been waiting for you for more than an hour. You haven’t arrived yet, and your cell phone is unreachable again, so I came to the office to find you. You were indeed in the office.”

Lu Shaoming lifted a sharp brow; he had indeed forgotten their date.

He was driving to the date more than an hour ago, but something had happened to Ning Qing so he rushed here. He held Ning Qing to sleep and switched his mobile phone into silent mode. He hadn’t wanted to sleep, but the girl was so fragrant and warm that he fell asleep like that.

“Zhilei, let’s go.” Lu Shaoming glanced at the door and went to Zhou Zhilei.

“Alright, Brother Ming. What would you like to eat tonight? Chinese food or Western food? My auntie and I went shopping yesterday and found a good western food restaurant…”

Ning Qing, who was in the room, stood by the door and heard Zhou Zhilei’s happy laughter as she left the office with Lu Shaoming.

Ning Qing’s small hands that were on the doork.n.o.b drooped weakly. His s.h.i.+rt was very long and covered her little b.u.t.t. She had stood at the washstand and wanted to pull the s.h.i.+rt back shamelessly to show him more skin.

But it seems that he does not want to see it.

After sleeping with her, he had left with another woman.

She thought that he still had feelings for her. Although he did not say it, a woman’s sixth sense was particularly acute.

It seemed that she had flattered herself.

Ning Qing looked up and kept the tears of grievance in her eyes. She was not sad because she had met with an obstacle, but because he had left with another woman.

She did not like him to be with other women.

Zhou Zhilei had a good relations.h.i.+p with his mother. Her mother-in-law didn’t like her and looked down upon her. It was somewhat embarra.s.sing and sad in the eyes of a daughter-in-law, but she had no time to buffer. She watched her mother-in-law introduce other women to her husband, but she could do nothing.

Everyone was bullying her.

Now, even he bullied her.

Ning Qing sat on the bed and took off the white s.h.i.+rt. She put on her clothes one article at a time and went out of the room.

When she walked past the table, she accidentally b.u.mped into a doc.u.ment on the desk. The doc.u.ment fell on the ground, and she squatted down to pick it up.

She looked at the t.i.tle of the doc.u.ment; it seemed to be Cabbage Plume’s recipe.

She put the papers back and walked out the office door.

After two steps, her cell phone rang and she looked at it. It was Lin Xuemei who had not contacted her for a long time.

She answered. “h.e.l.lo, Xuemei… What, you’re at the lobby of my company? Okay, I’ll go down now. Wait for me.”

Ning Qing went out of Guang Qing’s gate and there was a red car parked in the street. Lin Xuemei was sitting in the driver’s seat. This was her car.

Ning Qing ran forward, opened the door, and sat down in the pa.s.senger’s seat. “Xuemei, we haven’t been in touch for a long time. Did you buy a car?”

Lin Xuemei was wearing a professional suit. She laughed and said, “No, this car was given to me by the company.”

“Really? Xuemei, are you working now? It seems that your position is quite high, seeing as the company has even given you a car.”

“Haha, it’s not a big company, just a cosmetics company. Let’s go, Ning Qing. Let’s go for a drink. I’ll take you home later.”


Lu Shaoming and Zhou Zhilei took the elevator and pa.s.sed through the company gate. Zhou Zhilei saw Lu Shaoming’s Bentley and thought he would take her to the car. But Lu Shaoming said, “Zhilei. Let’s not have dinner tonight. Let’s just walk around.”

“Alright, whatever Brother Ming says.” Zhou Zhilei laughed.

The two of them walked along the street. Lu Shaoming’s voice calmly and gently said, “Zhilei, I know you like me. My mother likes you, and our two families have the intention of uniting by marriage, but that’s not my intention. I have no love for you. You can only be a sister in my heart, so don’t delay yourself, find love and marry soon.”

Zhou Zhilei’s smile froze. She forced a smile as she said, “Brother Ming, you are already 31 this year! Auntie has been urging you to marry, and since Brother Ming does not have anyone you like, then I am your best candidate. In this world, not every marriage will have love. Most of the marriages between rich families can also work out. Brother Ming has the responsibility of taking care of the Lu family; I would be your best choice.”

“Mmm.” Lu Shaoming nodded. “I had thought about marrying you half a month ago in the United States, but I went back to T City…”

“What happened after you went back to T city?”

“Back at T City, I suddenly met a girl who I wanted to try dating and see where it goes.”

Yes. Try dating and see where it goes.

Just a bit ago in the lounge, when she was whispering softly in his arms and left a small pink bubble on his s.h.i.+rt, he wanted to try dating her.

Since she was serious towards him, he also wanted to try.

Zhou Zhilei stopped and shook her head. “Brother Ming, no matter who you like, Auntie won’t agree with you.”


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