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Chapter 139: Then What Type Does Older Brother Yunfan Like

Grandma was discharged and Ning Qing went to school.

At the morning fitness cla.s.s, Ning Qing held onto the railings with her hands as she practiced dancing.

She was looking at her cell phone absentmindedly. It was the third day today. Lu Shaoming had started the longest business trip in history and never came back.

She called him tons of times, but none got through.

He still wasn’t answering her calls.

Ning Qing opened her messaging app and composed a short message for him. [Husband, are you busy? Why aren’t you answering my calls? ]

After composing it, she waited for a long time but didn’t receive a reply.

Ning Qing’s delicate little face turned gloomy quickly. She put her cell phone aside, and she pouted her pink lips, full of grievances.

She really didn’t know what she had done wrong.

She carefully recalled what had happened this week. He had been very normal, except for the night when he had smelled Older Brother Yunfan’s cologne on her.

Was he angry about Older Brother Yunfan?

But why, Older Brother Yunfan and her were like brother and sister.

If something were to happen between her and her Brother Yunfan, it would’ve happened 18 years ago. How could she have still liked him?

Ning Qing was very distressed, and her heart was bitter for a while. He had behaved so strangely, and he sentenced her to the cold shoulder without telling her where she went wrong. She didn’t even have a chance to defend herself.

Ning Qing lowered her gaze and an image of him wearing a dark red sweater and a dark blue tweed overcoat that day appeared in her mind. Her eyes were a little wet.

She missed him so much.

For the first time, she missed someone to the point of crying.

At this time, “Qingqing.” Mu Yunfan walked over. He looked at Ning Qing’s depressed state and asked with a laugh, “What’s wrong? You look unhappy.”

“It’s nothing.” Ning Qing shook her head. She would not tell him about her and Lu Shaoming. After all, it was their business as a couple.

“It’s all right. If you have something on your mind, just tell Brother. I might be able to help you share your worries.”

Ning Qing still shook her head. “It’s nothing.”

Mu Yunfan looked at her unwillingness to say and did not force her, haste does not bring success. He had to take things slow, “Qingqing, your movements are not up to standard – let me teach you,” Mu Yunfan said as he placed one hand on the railing, moving close to her from behind. One arm wrapped around her small waist, while his hand was on her flat stomach.

In this way, Mu Yunfan seemed to hug her.

The two had never acted so intimately. When the faint cologne of his body wafted into Ning Qing’s nose, Ning Qing suddenly became stiff.

She felt awkward and resisted in her heart.

She missed the embrace of Lu Shaoming, who exuded a clear and charming aura.

While Ning Qing was in a trance, Mu Yunfan’s hand on her lower abdomen slowly moved down along her left leg. “Take a deep breath. Slowly stretch out your left leg backward. Keep your posture graceful, abdomen tightened, b.u.t.tocks raised, chest out…”

He slowly instructed her as he spoke in her ear and sprayed warm and wet air on her beautiful hair as he spoke.

It was very ambiguous.

When Ning Qing was in distress, she looked up at the landing window in front of her. In the window, Mu Yunfan’s hand was about to slowly extend to her b.u.t.tocks.

When he spoke to her, his eyes were fixed on her hair, his gaze so pa.s.sionate.

“Older Brother Yunfan!” Panic in Ning Qing’s eyes as she quickly shook off his hand, and jumped aside a few steps, her guard up.

“Qingqing, what’s wrong?” Mu Yunfan walked to her.

“Older Brother Yunfan, stand still!” Ning Qing stepped back two more steps. Her pet.i.te waist directly b.u.mped into the sports equipment behind; she hissed in pain.

Her voice quickly attracted the attention of the other students in the fitness cla.s.sroom, and everyone looked towards them.

Ning Qing was embarra.s.sed.

“Everything’s alright. Keep practicing, everyone,” Mu Yunfan clapped and said loudly.

So the students began to practice again.

“Qingqing, what’s wrong with you? Why did you react so aggressively just now? I was just teaching you the movements. Where have I gone wrong?” Mu Yunfan shrugged his shoulders innocently and asked with concern.

Ning Qing saw that his eyes were open and honest, and the pa.s.sionate gaze was no longer there. Ning Qing suspected that she had just misinterpreted.

How could Older Brother Yunfan look at her in that way?

That was the way you look at your lover.

“Sorry, Brother Yunfan. I have not slept well recently, so I might be easily agitated,” Ning Qing explained guiltily.

Mu Yunfan shook his head in a pampering way. “That’s all right. You might be too tired. Go back and have an early rest tonight.”

“Yes, thank you, Older Brother Yunfan.”

Mu Yunfan pointed to the railing with his eyes. “Since everything’s all right, let’s practice again.”

When Ning Qing looked at the railing, her heart was still pounding at what had just happened. She laughed sheepishly as she said. “Hehe, forget it, Older Brother Yunfan. I’m not practicing anymore. Let me run.”

Then Ning Qing turned to the treadmill far ahead and started running.

Mu Yunfan looked at her back and the smile on his face was replaced by a gloomy gaze.

At noon Ning Qing went to the canteen for dinner. She could not help but take out her cell phone and call Zhu Rui.

The call was swiftly connected. “h.e.l.lo, Secretary Zhu, I’d like to ask when your president will be back?”

“I’m sorry, madam. I haven’t been notified yet. Maybe in another day or two.”

“Oh, thank you, Secretary Zhu.”

“You’re welcome, Madam. If that’s all. I’ll hang up.”

Zhu Rui hung up.

Ning Qing put her cell phone back in her pocket. With chopsticks in one hand, she began to pick at the rice in her lunch box.

She was eating listlessly when Mu Yunfan came over. “Qingqing,” he called out.

He took a lunch box and sat opposite her.

“Older Brother Yunfan, you’re here for lunch?”

“Yes, I saw you here and sat down.”

Ning Qing nodded and continued to look down, picking at the rice grains one by one.

“Qingqing, why are you eating so little? Don’t you like sweet and sour ribs? Come on, have a piece.” Mu Yunfan took a piece of sweet and sour ribs and brought them to Ning Qing’s mouth.

Ning Qing was stunned for a while, then she turned her head sideways and began with a faltering smile. “Older Brother Yunfan, don’t feed me. Everyone is watching. How embarra.s.sing.”

“Weren’t we like this before? Why do you care what others think?”

“That’s not the same. We were young and ignorant at that time,” Ning Qing said as she used chopsticks to take the sweet and sour ribs from his chopsticks and put them in her lunch box as a compromise.

Mu Yunfan did not continue this topic. After eating in silence for some time, he casually asked, “Qingqing, I haven’t seen Young Master Lu for a long time. Where did he go?”

“Oh, Shaoming has gone on a business trip.”

“Business trip? Why haven’t I seen you on the phone with him?”

Ning Qing’s expression grew depressed, and her entire person looked as if she was in a state of malaise.

Mu Yunfan saw the situation and said, “Qingqing, a man with power and status like Young Master will face various kinds of temptations. Many times, when men have a change of heart, it usually reveals itself in the small details of life. You should pay attention to it and a.n.a.lyze Young Master Lu closely.”

Twack! Ning Qing brought her chopsticks down heavily on the table. She furrowed her eyebrows tightly and said, “Older Brother Yunfan, what are you talking about? Shaoming is not that kind of person. I’ve lost my appet.i.te. I’m out of here.”

Ning Qing got up and left.

Mu Yunfan waited for her to walk away and looked at the sweet and sour ribs on her plate. She had not even touched them.

But when he had said “change of heart”, she had responded so agitatedly. It seems that she really likes Lu Shaoming.

As for this morning’s probing actions, she had rejected his approach.

What should he do about her?

He really didn’t want to hurt her.

After school in the afternoon, Ning Qing left the school alone. She had just taken two steps when Mu Yunfan’s Porche stopped beside her. “Qingqing, get in. I’ll bring you home.”

“It’s alright, Older Brother Yunfan. I want to walk alone.” Ning Qing refused.

“Okay, then be safe. See you later.” Mu Yunfan did not insist and drove away in his Porsche.

Ning Qing walked slowly by herself. She took out her cell phone again. One day had already pa.s.sed, but Lu Shaoming had not replied.

After thinking about it, she composed another text message, [Shaoming, what did I do wrong? You can tell me, I will change. Please don’t start a cold war with me, okay? ]

The text message was sent successfully, and she walked slowly to her mother’s apartment.

Instead of taking the usual busy streets, she took a remote shortcut.

As she approached the apartment building, she looked down at her cell phone. Lu Shaoming had not replied to her. She looked very sad. At this moment, a hand suddenly covered her mouth from behind.

“Mmph.” Ning Qing was astonished and struggled with both her hands and feet.

But the man in black behind her covered her mouth and quickly dragged her to one side of the lawn.

There were two men on the lawn.

“Boss, we haven’t seen a woman here for a few days. Today is our lucky day. Look at her skin. It’s beautiful and tender.”

Ning Qing was pressed on the ground. The boss got on top of her impatiently. He put his mouth on her face and said, “Yes, this woman makes me lose control just by looking at her. This won’t do, she’s moving too much. Help me control her. I’ll go first and let you play with her when I’m done.”

“Yes, whatever the boss says.” The two subordinates laughed wickedly and quickly squatted down to restrain Ning Qing’s hands and feet.

Ning Qing was very upset. She was so unlucky that she had b.u.mped into rapists and gangsters.

Just now, she had been looking at her cell phone too seriously. She hadn’t noticed that someone was behind her. She had been too careless.

Seeing that the two men were trying to restrain her, Ning Qing opened her mouth and bit the hand that the boss had used to cover her mouth.

“Ah!” The boss screamed as he quickly released Ning Qing and burst out. “This woman is so fierce, that the meat on my hand was almost bitten off by her.”

Ning Qing took this opportunity to kick on the boss’s crotch. The boss could not escape and got kicked.

Another scream rang out as the boss held onto his crotch and rolled around in pain on the lawn.

“Help, help!” It was at this time that Ning Qing jumped up from the ground agilely and ran out, shouting, “Help, there are robbers here.”

The two subordinates had just caught the corners of Ning Qing’s clothes but she slipped away. They quickly chased her. “Don’t run, stop!”

Not far ahead was a residential building. Ning Qing tried her best to run. “Help!”

Her eyes shone as she saw that there were two pa.s.sers-by ahead.

She was going to be saved.

At that moment, she heard a familiar voice behind her. “What are you guys doing? You dare commit robbery in broad daylight.”

Ning Qing stopped and looked back. It was Mu Yunfan.

“Who are you, how dare you spoil our good thing? Attack!” The two gangsters rushed toward Mu Yunan.

Mu Yunfan was very agile and sharp, and he easily took down the two gangsters after several moves.

At this time Ning Qing saw that the boss had suddenly rushed out from the lawn beside him. The boss was holding a stick in his hand and was about to attack Mu Yunfan from behind.

“Brother Yunfan, be careful!” Ning Qing exclaimed.

Mu Yunfan heard the sound and looked back. He stretched out his foot to kick the boss’s chest. The boss fell to the ground. But the stick also happened to hit Mu Yunfan’s leg.

“Tss.” Ning Qing heard Mu Yunfan’s hiss of pain.

At this time, the two pa.s.sers-by also rushed to help. The three gangsters saw so many people, so they quickly got up and fled, Ning Qing caught up and said, “Stop, don’t run!”

Ning Qing wanted to chase after them, but Mu Yunfan grabbed her arm and frowned in pain. “Qingqing, don’t chase them anymore. It would not be good for your reputation if things blow up. My leg hurts. Help me home.”

Ning Qing, concerned about his injury, did not chase after the three gangsters anymore. She looked down at Mu Yunfan’s legs and asked with concern, “Brother Yunfan, how’s your leg? Shall I take you to the hospital?”

Mu Yunfan slowly extended his hand to hold Ning Qing’s soft waist and put his head on her small dainty shoulder. “It’s all right. I don’t need to go to the hospital. It just hurts a little. I just need to rest for one night.”

There was a light fragrance on Ning Qing’s silky hair, it smelled very good, Mu Yunfan closed his eyes, as he took a sniff.

For three years, he had not hugged her so closely.

Both of them were hugging each other, and such an intimate posture caused Ning Qing to stiffen.

He was still sniffing the fragrance on her tender neck. His actions were light, but she could still sense what he was doing.

Lu Shaoming loved to do this.

The image of this morning’s fitness cla.s.s came up again. He was close as she practiced, and she remembered the look in his eyes when he looked at her.

This new Mu Yunfan was a stranger to Ning Qing.

Quickly pus.h.i.+ng him aside, Ning Qing helped him by holding onto his arm. She masked her deep thoughts, and she opened her mouth and laugh, “Older Brother Yunfan, then I shall help you home.”

When they returned to the apartment, both her mother and grandmother were asleep.

Ning Qing helped Mu Yunfan into the room and sat him on the bed.

Unexpectedly, Mu Yunfan sat down too quickly. Ning Qing could not hold him up in that instant. Both of them fell down on the bed, Mu Yunfan was below, and Ning Qing was on top.

The room was silent as the eyes of two people met, and time seemed to stop.

Ning Qing watched Mu Yunfan’s peach blossom eyes that were filled with tender light. She did not get up, nor did she speak.

Seeing the girl lying quietly on his body, her autumn pupils bright, Mu Yunfan could not control his hand. He held her face.

“Qingqing…” He rubbed her delicate skin and his heart was already drunk. “I still remember how you looked when you were a child. You looked like a princess in pink carved from jade. Now Qingqing is more beautiful; you’re blooming like a rose.”

Ning Qing gently lifted her delicate lips and nodded as she softly said, “Older Brother Yunfan is more handsome and charming. I wonder how many girls have swooned after you.”

An adult man and woman discussing such topics in such an intimate position. Mu Yunfan felt that his heart has been caressed by feathers, tickling and tempting his heart.

She would never guard against him.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t like any of the girls who’ve swooned after me.”

“Hah.” Ning Qing’s expression grew brighter, as her eyes were more brilliant. She pretended to be pure and playful and asked, “What type does Older Brother Yunfan like?”

Ning Qing’s palm-sized face was as delicate and beautiful as a porcelain vase. Her eyes were curved with amus.e.m.e.nt, and the disappearing small dimples on her cheeks were as blinding as the sun’s rays now.”

Mu Yunfan’s gaze showed some intoxication. “Qingqing,” he muttered, slowly raising his head. He closed his eyes and went to kiss her.

Unfortunately, Mu Yunfan failed to kiss Ning Qing.

When he thought he was about to kiss her, he heard the girl saying, “Older Brother Yunfan, are you trying to kiss me?”

This sentence woke him up like a basin of cold water. In an instant, his heart seemed to understand something as clearly as a mirror.

The girl who had resisted his touch this morning was lying quietly on him just now.

He said that when she was a little girl, she looked as beautiful as if she was carved from jade, and she had returned with how he had caused girls to swoon after him.

She was testing him!

Mu Yunfan opened his eyes. The girl’s eyes were as clear as the flowing spring. She was no longer smiling. She furrowed her eyebrows lightly, causing her small face to look very stern. “Older Brother Yunfan, so the girl you like is me? When did you start to like me?”

“Hah.” Mu Yunfan laughed lightly under Ning Qing’s compelling eyes, “Qingqing, what are you thinking? Do you think I wanted to kiss you?”

Saying that, Mu Yunfan took a leaf from Ning Qing’s beautiful hair, “Take it, I was going to take this from your hair.”

When Ning Qing looked at the leaf, her face turned red.

Was she delusional?

Older Brother Yunfan doesn’t want to kiss her, nor does he like her?

However, his intoxicated expression just now couldn’t deceive her.

It was the same expression as when Lu Shaoming kissed her – a man’s longing for a woman.

While her heart was in a mess, Mu Yunfan had turned over and pressed Ning Qing under his body. “Qingqing, since you said that I like you, then I shall not hold back.”

He began to tickle Ning Qing.

Ning Qing knew that he was playing with her, but Ning Qing pushed him away and scrambled down from his bed. They had already pa.s.sed the age of playing around in bed.

“Qingqing, don’t be paranoid. We’ve been together for 18 years. If I liked you, I would have pursued you long ago. I wouldn’t have waited until now when you’re already married.”


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