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Chapter 1308: Were You Really Crazy Or Were You Just Pretending?

Gong Yi lowered his gaze to look at the girl in his arms. Two intoxicating blush appeared on the girl’s face, and her youthful features were filled with charm.

Her face made Gong Yi’s heart flutter endlessly, and his body and mind were filled with satisfaction. The pure girl was slowly learning with his training, just like how a clean white paper was gradually beginning to fill with color.

His claim was all over her body.

She belonged to him alone.

“Beibei, Young Master Gong.” At this moment, Sun Xiaoxiao walked out.

Gong Yi quickly withdrew his hand and let go of Bai Beibei. He helped the girl tidy up the hem of her skirt.

Sun Xiaoxiao stood by the door and looked at the two of them. “Young Master Gong, Beibei, why did you come out? Dinner is ready. Let’s go in and eat.”

“Okay.” Gong Yi nodded. He reached out and hugged Bai Beibei.

Bai Beibei didn’t dare to look into her mother’s eyes. Her entire body was still floating, and her legs felt weak. Just now, she had actually… climaxed just like that.

How embarra.s.sing!

She wasn’t like this in the past. She had psychological trauma and was very repulsed by such things. However, ever since she was with him, she had slowly begun to like the feeling of skin-to-skin contact.

Especially when she hugged his healthy and robust body, she couldn’t help but want more.

“Raise your head. Your mother is looking at you.” At this moment, Gong Yi’s low voice reminded her.

Bai Beibei’s head was buried in the ground from embarra.s.sment. Hearing this, she quickly raised her head and saw that Sun Xiaoxiao was looking at her.

She felt guilty, and all her emotions were written on her face.

Sun Xiaoxiao’s expression changed.

“Young Master Gong…” At this moment, Grandma called out from the house.

“Grandma, I’m here.” Gong Yi released Bai Beibei. “I’ll go in first.”

Bai Beibei looked at the man. She didn’t know if she was seeing things. Gong Yi was in a good mood and seemed to be taking pleasure in her misfortune.

Bai Beibei, …

As soon as Gong Yi left, Bai Beibei nervously stood in front of Sun Xiaoxiao.

Sun Xiaoxiao was experienced and understood what was going on at a glance. She didn’t believe that the two of them would really do anything by the side of the car, but intimate actions were inevitable.

She looked at her daughter. Her daughter obviously fully charmed by Gong Yi.

“Beibei, did you forget what mom told you?”

Bai Beibei shook her head. “I didn’t forget. We… didn’t either…”

Her voice was as soft as a mosquito.


“Mom, I’m hungry. I’m going in to eat first.” Bai Beibei couldn’t take it anymore and immediately ran away.

Sun Xiaoxiao looked at her back, her gaze becoming distant.

In the room.

Bai Beibei locked the door behind her, then took out a pair of clean pants and began to change her clothes.

Her underwear was wet. Just now by the car…

His words suddenly echoed in her ears — ‘Have you ever thought of marrying me?’

What did he mean by those words?

Had he thought of marrying her?

Bai Beibei did not dare to think. She did not dare to think that she would be able to wear a beautiful wedding dress and officially marry him one day. She would become his wife and have a small family with him.

This dream was too beautiful. It was so beautiful that it felt like it was an illusion and unreal.

Was he teasing her, or was he serious?

Had he really thought of marrying her in his heart?

Bai Beibei suddenly felt that there was an annoying side to Gong Yi. He deliberately spoke vaguely, probably because he was happy to see her anxious.

He knew that she did not dare to ask him.

A bad person!

Sun Xiaoxiao fetched a basin of hot water, squatted down, and began to wash Grandma’s feet.

Grandma rejected her. “Xiaoxiao, there’s no need. I’ll do it myself. Go to sleep.”

“Mom, I’m your daughter. It’s my duty to wash your feet. Let me do it in the future.”

Grandma let out a kind and amiable smile, “I suddenly remembered when I wasn’t blind, I went to help someone harvest rice. At that time, Beibei was only three years old. She was so young that she couldn’t even walk steadily. When I returned home at night, she brought a basin of hot water and said that she was was.h.i.+ng my feet. Since then, she has helped wash my feet for the last ten years.”

Sun Xiaoxiao paused for a moment, then placed Grandma’s feet into the hot water. “Mm, Beibei is a filial and good child.”

“Xiaoxiao, Beibei had a hard time these past few years. She was the victim of the hatred from your generation but was the most innocent one. Do you understand?”

“I understand, mom. I’ll treat Beibei well in the future…”

“Xiaoxiao.” Grandma waved her hand, interrupting Sun Xiaoxiao’s words. “I have a question to ask you.”

“Go ahead and ask mom.”

“When Beibei was young, were you really crazy or just pretending to be crazy?”

Two years ago, Sun Xiaoxiao had escaped from the mental hospital. So, had she suddenly become clear-headed, or had she always been clear-headed?

This question made Sun Xiaoxiao’s face turn pale. She raised her head to look at Grandma, who had a head full of white hair and forgot to speak.

The originally harmonious atmosphere turned cold just like that. Grandma’s feet were clearly still soaking in the hot water, but she couldn’t feel any warmth at all.

After a long time, with a resounding ‘smack’, Grandma reached out and slapped Sun Xiaoxiao.

Sun Xiaoxiao fell to the ground, and the water in the basin spilled out.

She covered her face and looked at the elderly lady with trembling lips. In front of this elderly lady, the distortion and darkness in her heart had nowhere to hide.

“Mom, I’m sorry…” Sun Xiaoxiao grabbed the leg of the elderly’s pants.

Grandma’s entire body trembled. She lowered her voice but used her greatest strength to roar, “The person you should say sorry to isn’t me!”

Sun Xiaoxiao shed tears of pain, “Mom, I really have no choice. I didn’t want to get pregnant. It was Bai s.h.i.+da who raped me. I don’t like this child, and I don’t want this child… this child constantly reminds me of those humiliating pasts. How do you expect me to like her?”

Hot tears spread across the elderly lady’s wrinkled face. She stretched out her bony fingers and pointed at Sun Xiaoxiao as she cursed, “She’s the flesh that came from your body. How could you hit her when she was so little? Didn’t you feel any heartache when you whipped her?”

“The person who bullied you was Qian Lan and Bai s.h.i.+da. If you have the ability, go and get even with them. Why did you push your hatred to this child? Even if you don’t love her, why did you hurt her?”

“I finally understand. Because Bai s.h.i.+da’s blood flows through her body, in your heart, you also think that she’s a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, right? You want to destroy this humiliation, you want to beat her to death.” Grandma beat her chest and stamped her feet.

“Mom, don’t be agitated. Your body isn’t well.” Sun Xiaoxiao pounced over and hugged the elderly lady’s leg, “Let the past be the past. Let’s not talk about it anymore, okay? Bai s.h.i.+da is in jail, Qian Lan is dead. I made them pay the price. In the future, I’ll make it up to Beibei. I’ll treat her well.”

“Ha, haha.” The mother-in-law laughed. “Now you know how to make it up to her? What does Beibei need you to make up to her for? She’s 18 years old and so outstanding. She has Young Master Gong by her side. What can you make up to her?”

As she spoke, Grandma pushed Sun Xiaoxiao away. “Tell me honestly. Did you reach out to Beibei because she’s doing well and has value now?”


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