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Chapter 92: h.o.a.rding Habit

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

The pill melted as soon as it entered Qiao Hu’s mouth, and within 15 minutes, Qiao Hu’s ghostly pale face had gradually reddened.

Qiao Mu was sitting beside him on the bed as company, blankly staring into the distance as she got lost in her thoughts.

In her previous life, her mystic meridians triggered at age 16. This life, her mystic meridians triggered at age seven.

In her previous life, the apparition of her mystic conscious did not materialize until near her death. This life, her apparition popped up now.

In her previous life, her inner world was completely empty when it first opened. This life, her inner world was piled with treasures that would make people salivate.

In her previous life, her dantian was merely a dantian, and her mystic domain was situated in the center of her dantian. This life, her dantian was akin to a dark, starry night, and a sapling not only started growing in it, but her mystic domain was also eliminated.

In her previous life, she had never seen the secret record, Golden Talisman Jade Tome, and she had never studied the talisman method either. This life, it was like she hit the jackpot when she inexplicably obtained the Golden Talisman Jade Tome and also learned how to draw talismans.

There were, mysteriously and inexorably, so many peculiar changes. No matter how obtuse she was, even she would have noticed by now. It almost seemed as if… she was missing a chunk of significant memories.

Could that be possible?

How come she remembered all the events in her past life clearly but had zero impression of this odd tree?

What the heck was Star Domain?

This tree had to know something right?

Qiao Mu could not resist looking inside again to see if the sapling was better. Unfortunately, after it gave her the pill, it looked like it had wilted and its branches were motionlessly sagging to the ground.

Qiao Mu thought, if it could take on human form right now, she reckoned it would plop on its back motionlessly like her signature lifeless position.

“Qiaoqiao.” Mother’s call drifted from outside the courtyard.

Qiao Mu moved and looked up, happening to catch Qiao Hu opening his eyes and dazedly looking at her.

“Younger Sis.” Qiao Hu’s memories were still frozen at the scene by the entrance. Nervous, he wanted to sit up. “Where’s that barbaric granny?”

“It’s fine now, Brother Xiao Hu.” Qiao Mu grasped Qiao Hu’s hand. “Rest a little more. My mother has returned. I will go out to take a look.”

Qiao Hu’s awakening eased Qiao Mu’s mood a lot. She sprinted out of the door but was startled when she reached the courtyard.

Wei Ziqin walked up with resignation on her face and pointed at her daughter’s nose. “Who would buy so much food? That girl, Shaoyao, would like nothing more than to move the whole market home.”

The worker who delivered the vegetables joyously accepted Shaoyao’s tip of a few copper coins and cheerfully left while pus.h.i.+ng the handcart.

Qiao Mu was dumbstruck as she stared at the 40-50 baskets of vegetables and livestock before speechlessly looking at the little girl in cyan clothes.

“Miss, this servant knows that Little Lord has a hobby for h.o.a.rding supplies, so I bought everything that I could from the market. I have 15 taels of silver and 300 copper coins left over.”

Qiao Mu’s lips twitched and waved her hand as she said, “Keep it.”

This girl truly was clever and quick-witted, able to work out her wishes so accurately…

The tiny gold ingot that she gave Shaoyao earlier was one tael each. At the current market rate, 1 tael of gold was about 10 taels of silver, and 1 tael of silver exchanged for 1000 copper coins. Shaoyao nearly emptied the entire market, but she did not spend more than five taels of silver.

Qiao Mu’s mood improved. From the looks of it, the 400 taels of gold that she gave Second Uncle should be enough to purchase a lot of food.

Speaking of which, Second Uncle should be returning in the next two days.


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