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Chapter 578: Anguished Howls All Over

He Tian bellowed threateningly, “A bunch of unruly rogues! Why aren’t you paying your respects to the crown prince and crown prince consort?”

Qiao Zhongheng’s and Granny Niu’s families knelt down hastily as they trembled like quails, not daring to cause a disturbance anymore.

The entire estate immediately turned absolutely silent.

Qiao Long, however, was still enraged, and just as he scolded “b*tch,” Mo Lian’s icy gaze swept over, his phoenix eyes emitting a severe murderous aura. “Slap his mouth.”

“N-No, don’t! H-He’s a child, children are immature and have no filter, so please forgive him, Your Highness the Crown Prince!” Seeing a eunuch on the side bringing over a broad, red, wooden plank scared the daylights out of Xu Jiao, and she quickly rushed over to protect her son.

“He’s so big already, yet he still doesn’t have a filter. That’s your fault as the parent, to not know how to educate him and instead leave him to his own devices.” Mo Lian said coldly, “Punish him with ten planks to help him remember this lesson.”

Xu Jiao wailed, wanting to pounce forward, but she was immediately dragged out of the way by two nefarious soldiers.

She shrieked with bloodshot eyes, looking on helplessly as a soldier dragged Qiao Long away to the side so that the eunuch could use the broad plank to “slap, slap, slap” her son’s mouth time and time again.

In all his years, Qiao Long had never suffered this kind of humiliation before. His mouth took one hit after another, and a tooth even fell out after all ten hits had landed. He roared with a bloodied mouth, “You little b*tch actually dare to hit me? What do you think you are! You dare to treat me like this in front of Grandmother? I should have just strangled you to death back then!”

Xu Jiao was horrified, and all the color drained from her face. She scrambled towards her son and screamed, “Xiao Long, stop talking, stop talking!”

A skyrocketing fury billowed in Mo Lian’s eyes, and he bellowed furiously while raising his hand, “What are you all standing there doing? He’s unrepentant and impertinent, speaking insolently to the crown prince consort. Drag him out and beat him to death.”

The Marquis of Jiayuan’s Estate quieted down at once.

However, it was only quiet for an instant before Xu Jiao’s screeching wails immediately took over.

“No, no, no. No!” Crawling and scrambling to Mo Lian’s and Qiao Mu’s feet, Xu Jiao kowtowed loudly. “Will Your Highness the Crown Prince spare him, spare him, Your Highness the Crown Prince! It’s this stupid woman’s fault for not properly teaching her son what he can and can’t say. This stupid woman will most certainly punish and educate him mercilessly, so would Your Highness the Crown Prince please spare his life!”

When she raised her head and saw Crown Prince Mo keeping his lips shut, she hastily clambered over to Qiao Mu, wanting to hug her thigh. “Niece, Eldest Miss, no no no, Crown Prince Consort, Your Highness the Crown Prince Consort! This stupid woman begs of you, in consideration that you both share the same grandfather, please spare your younger brother’s life! Please, Crown Prince Consort, Crown Prince Consort!”

Qiao Mu remained apathetic.

Mo Lian lowered his head to glance at her before caressing her head with his palm. He then waved his hand irritatedly, “Drag him out.”

Two soldiers immediately hauled Qiao Long up and headed straight for the forecourt.

Xu Jiao felt her sight turning black. She repeatedly begged for mercy and kept banging her head on the floor.

Meanwhile, Granny Niu’s family was so terrified that they couldn’t speak.

A 15 to 16-year-old young lady that was kneeling behind Granny Niu sneakily lifted her head and stared intoxicatedly at the enraged crown prince.

This is the current crown prince? He was so young and handsome, and had such power and status.

Wei Mingli’s maiden heart throbbed, and she was practically unable to avert her gaze.

Look, look. Even the rascally and ruffian Eldest Junior Wei’s family were only fit to kneel before His Highness the Crown Prince right now, not daring to utter a single word.

Madam née Sun, who was kneeling next to Wei Mingli, hastily tugged her daughter, warning her to quickly lower her head.


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