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Chapter 27: A Lot of Distaste

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

When a person used his own mystic energy as a spark, it might not always make a mystic weapon obediently recognize the person as its owner, especially since this is a level 12 mystic weapon that outranked Qiao Mu’s actual level by several levels. This mystic weapon was nearly a spiritual weapon.

Mo Lian originally thought that he would later need to a.s.sist this little girl in making this mystic weapon recognize her as its owner, who knew that she would accomplish it on her own so swiftly?

This stoic little wooden block truly surprised him at every turn.

“I will be staying in your village for the next few days and will be staying at that Long Gate Inn. If you have any problems, you can come and find me at any time,” Mo Lian said with a grin as he walked forward while carrying the child.

The two silently following servants looked at each other and inwardly asked, bewildered, “This person—was he truly Their Highness the Crown Prince? Why did it feel like he was swapped!”

“Since when did their lord become so gentle and amiable? And people can even seek him out to solve a problem at any time? Hah!”

Qiao Mu’s face stayed taut as she solemnly looked at Mo Lian. It was then that she finally realized she had been carried by this person the whole way, and turmoil slipped into her stoic face as she tried her best to maintain an icy expression and kicked him.


Qiao Mu gestured for him to put her down with her eyes, but he merely looked at her blankly, causing Qiao Mu to rigorously struggle in anger to get free.

However, her small limbs were not all too helpful to the cause.

Mo Lian carried her the whole way home before gently patting her head and asking, “Xiao Qiao’er, do you need me to explain to your parents what happened at Long Gate Inn today…”

BANG! Qiao Mu directly slammed the gate shut in a certain someone’s face.

Mo Lian blinked before turning around to look at the two sneaky servants behind him with a perfectly guileless look. “Say, is Xiao Qiao’er a bit distasteful of me?”

How was it only a bit? Your Highness, it was obviously a lot of distaste, alright!

However, on the surface, the two servants smiled like a brilliantly blooming flower and simultaneously said, “How could she? Miss Qiao is innocent and angelic as well as lovely and adorable. It’s just that she is still young, so she isn’t good at socializing with people.”

Innocent and angelic, haha. That never-changing icy and stoic face was adorable… How infuriating that they don’t even know how to lie!

Mo Lian glanced at his insincere subordinates and commented, “You two have been outside for quite a while. Tomorrow, you will return to the Hidden Pavilion and report back. Let’s have Hidden Flower thoroughly tighten your frames and teach you how to befriend people while he’s at it.”

His servants’ eyes nearly fell out of their sockets.

“No! We… No, Your Highness, the one who doesn’t know how to befriend people is Miss Qiaoqiao… Mmm-mm!” Another servant hastily rushed up to cover this loudmouth and turned to look at the frosty-faced crown prince with an embarra.s.sed smile. “Your Highness, don’t worry, we will immediately return to the Hidden Pavilion and partic.i.p.ate in the training. We will most certainly learn how to befriend people well!”

What a joke, didn’t he see that their lord showed signs of turning hostile on them? Unlike the loudmouthed personal bodyguard, this guard was an insightful person and clearly understood their lord’s meaning in a split second.

They merely mentioned that Miss Qiaoqiao was unaware of how to socialize and instantly had to suffer from a certain lord’s painful retaliation. They felt like their life was incredibly bitter and hars.h.!.+

As soon as Qiao Mu closed the gate and blocked Mo Lian outside, she ran off to locate her second uncle, Qiao Zhongxing.

Seeing her return unharmed, Wei Ziqin’s heart finally settled, and she joyfully trotted off to the kitchen to do her ch.o.r.es. Meanwhile, Qiao Mu did not take more than a few steps before seeing Qiao Zhongxing walking out of the house with her father.

“Second Uncle, I have to speak with you.”


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