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Chapter 1159: Getting Nibbled On

That dumb wolf was only able to whimper twice before collapsing heavily and kicking the bucket.

Right on its heels, two more vicious wolves pounced forward, but Duan Yue’s sword slit their throats, as well.

The wolf pack let out whimpers, momentarily afraid to step up and act rashly.

Baoyan bit her lips and berated, “Go get him!”

Duan Yue put away his sword. He stood quietly under a tree and curled his lips in a spurious smile.

Suddenly, he flicked his sleeve, and a s.h.i.+ning emerald bead abruptly leaped into mid-air.

Duan Yue pulled out a small object that looked like an emerald-green bamboo tube from his waist. He then opened the back cover and instantly sucked the emerald bead into it.

After twisting open the mechanism and pressing lightly with his fingers, a green light sharply increased in brightness…

Soon after a ray of light shot over and landed beneath the wolf pack’s feet, a large fire promptly broke out with a huge boom.

Duan Yue watched as the flames that danced nonstop in front of him swallowed up the vicious wolves. It was only then that he blinked his eyes and murmured with a smile, “Jade Heavenly Thunder truly is impressive.”

This new explosive’s might surpa.s.sed that of Core Ravaging Thunder. Furthermore, it also had a much farther range.

Ding Yun grasped Baoyan and flipped sideways twice in the air. The green fire had caught onto their sleeves, scorching a string of small, b.u.mpy holes.

Cult Master Ding was still alright, but Baoyan’s condition was a bit miserable. She was originally a bit sapped after using her superpower. Now, her arms and legs were hurting from the burns she got from the skyrocketing flames, and her body fell to the ground.

“Let’s go!” Ding Yun grabbed Baoyan and pushed her along, fleeing into the woods with her while sporting a foul-looking expression.

Yu Xiu was just about to pursue with his men, but Duan Yue stopped him. “Don’t chase anymore.”

Finally, Situ Yi remarked with a sigh of relief, “I feel that this incident is rather strange. I wonder how Little Junior Sister is doing on the other end.”

A faint worry slipped past Duan Yue’s eyes. “Let’s return and see.”

—-My Qiao’s section break—-

Qiao Mu opened her eyes after two days and three nights. Her cultivation had already advanced from phenomenal success to the peak rank of level-13 mystic cultivation.

Additionally, not only did her strength advance by a small rank…

Her gaze s.h.i.+fted. It seemed like her hearing and sense of taste had also recovered.

Qiao Mu lifted her eyebrow. She didn’t know why she was jumping for joy in her heart, but it was like something important was about to come back!

The little fellow crouched inside the defensive barrier and rocked along with the water’s flow.

Suddenly, she saw a pale blue figure rapidly moving towards her.

Immediately afterwards, a faint medicinal fragrance surrounded her. Her lips were parted open by the person’s tongue, bringing in a continuous medicinal fragrance.

Qiao Mu widened her eyes dumbly, momentarily unable to comprehend what was happening.

The scenery around her was very exquisite. She could even clearly make out the colorful specks on the fish that were swimming in schools beside her.

But right now didn’t seem to be the time to study fis.h.!.+

According to normal circ.u.mstances, Qiao Mu should first push away this person before kicking him hard!

But she didn’t know why she just felt a bit reluctant. Even though her fist had already reached the back of that person’s head, she halted!

“Cough, cough, cough, cough.” The little fellow failed at holding her breath and nearly choked on her saliva.

She couldn’t resist extending her small paws to push him away, yet she suddenly discovered that his slender fingers were grasping her waist tightly. She was entirely in his embrace, her small limbs restrained and unable to move.


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