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“Pretty girl, you want to punish me?” Qingfeng smiled coldly with icy eyes.   The Snow Saintess had been pinned by the Fire Dragon but she still had the audacity to threaten Qingfeng. She was basically asking for it.   Qingfeng arrived beside Snow Saintess, pulled out the black whip once again, and began whipping the Snow Saintess.   Pa!   The whip made a curve in the air, and fiercely lashed onto the Snow Saintess, and she whimpered out in pain.   “a.s.shole, how dare you hit me with the leather whip?! You’re not going to get away with it,” the Snow Saintess’ blushed face showed great anger, conveying her fury.   This Qingfeng has to die! He is no good! How dare he hit the Snow Saintess?   Pa pa pa pa pa…   Qingfeng swung the whip in his hands and whipped at the Snow Saintess’ body several hundred times; it drove her into great pain.   In the end, the Snow Saintess fell unconscious from the immense pain and her anger.   Qingfeng stuffed the Snow Saintess’ body underneath the bed and got ready to leave.   “Hmm, what is this?” Qingfeng froze and saw a red box under the Snow Saintess’ bed.   Qingfeng felt that this red box must contain precious things, or why would the Snow Saintess leave it there? It was very well hidden, and people wouldn’t normally find it.   Qingfeng reached for the red box, opened it, and saw a red fruit inside.   “Spirit King Fruit, is this really the king-level Spirit King Fruit?” Qingfeng was shocked to see this red fruit.   This Snow Saintess definitely lived up to the name of a primitive forest saintess; she had so many treasures, a random one just happened to be the Spirit King Fruit.   Qingfeng was a half step into the Spirit King Realm, and he knew that if he ate this Spirit King Fruit, it would help him reach the Spirit King Realm.   Swoos.h.!.+

Without any hesitation, Qingfeng stuffed the Spirit King Fruit inside his mouth and started to train.   As the Spirit King Fruit flowed into Qingfeng’s body, it turned into a great ma.s.s of vital essence and, along with the energy of the heaven and earth, the vital essence rushed incessantly into Qingfeng’s abdomen like the waves of the sea.   Every corner of Qingfeng’s dantian was filled with vital essence.   Aside from the changes of his dantian from the absorbed ma.s.sive vital essence, his spirit nucleus also began to crack.   Yes, that’s right, his spirit nucleus was cracking.   In order to reach the king realm, the spirit nucleus must be cracked, and then reformed again.   The cracked spirit nucleus had regrouped after it absorbed ma.s.sive amounts of vital essence. Now the reformed spirit nucleus was no longer emerald, nor black, but silver.   The silver spirit nucleus started off small, only the size of a grain of rice, it grew bit by bit, to the size of a yellow bean, to a coin, then to the size of an egg.   Finally, the spirit nucleus turned into a silver egg.   “I’ve reached the first level of the Spirit King Realm!” Qingfeng stood up with joy as he felt the great energy inside his body.   Qingfeng had always wanted to reach the breakthrough for a while now, but he didn’t have any king level spirit herbs. Now that he had reached it with the help of the Snow Saintess’ Spirit King Fruit, he even wanted to thank the Snow Saintess.   Unfortunately, the Snow Saintess had fell unconscious, or she would have fainted from being too furious if she had saw that Qingfeng had leveled up with her help.   Qingfeng looked at the unconscious Snow Saintess, took the heart and left the room.   Qingfeng walked towards the castle prison to rescue Fire Wolf King.   Inside the prison, Fire Wolf King was experiencing its own pain. The Snow King was angered by him because he dared to mock Snow Saintess.   Snow King took out an iron whip with thorns all over and whipped the Fire Wolf King uncontrollably. It was incredibly sharp, and as it hit Fire Wolf King, it tore off his fur and caused it to bleed all over.   Black Puppy and Sky Devouring Snake, who were on the side, were all pale. The Snow Saintess’ spirit rope had special restrictions, and they couldn’t move at all under it. Both Black Puppy and Sky Devouring Snake had scars all over their body from the Snow King’s iron whip.   This Snow King was mean, he didn’t even let those two off the hook.   Qingfeng were confronted by the two Snowmen Guards when he arrived at the prison door.   Those Snowmen Guards naturally wanted to stop Qingfeng, but with two casual slaps, they were both knocked unconscious.   Qingfeng opened the prison door and walked down. Not long after, he heard the familiar painful cries of the Fire Wolf King.   “Dammit, who was. .h.i.tting the Fire Wolf King?” Qingfeng cursed and rushed towards the torture room.   The Fire Wolf King was extremely loyal so Qingfeng had to save him.   Qingfeng moved quickly and, just as he arrived at the depths of the prison, he happened to see the Snow King whip Fire Wolf King.   “Snow King, how dare you!” Qingfeng smiled coldly with icy eyes.   The Snow King turned around with shock when he heard Qingfeng, and said, “You, you, you, how did you escape?”   The Snow King stuttered, he knew that Qingfeng had been controlled by the Snow Saintess’s flute, and already became the Snow Saintess’s servant. How did he escape?   “You think the Snow Saintess’s Jade Flute can control me? Don’t be ridiculous, how dare you hit my man! I’ll have to punish you today,” Qingfeng smiled coldly as he walked towards the Snow King.   The Snow King knew how powerful Qingfeng was, he was just defeated by him.  Swoos.h.!.+   The Snow King moved like a whirlwind in an attempt to escape.   Qingfeng unleashed the Dragon’s Thousand Steps, and immediately blocked the Snow King’s way.   “Where do you think you’re going?” Qingfeng smiled coldly with mockery in his eyes.   The Snow King’s face changed, and he turned to escape again, but was also blocked by Qingfeng.   Facing the Dragon’s Thousand Steps, there was nowhere for the Snow King to turn, so he had to fight.

The Snow King immediately charged towards Qingfeng, as he conjured a ma.s.sive palm with the vital essence inside of his body.    This palm was entirely made of ice blades. It was incredibly sharp, but still no match for Qingfeng.   Qingfeng’s right hand suddenly formed a whirlwind that shattered the ice blade palm, before it hit the Snow King and threw him into the air.   Bang!   The Snow King’s body fell heavily to the ground and spat out white-coloured blood. The powerful Snow King was wounded.   Qingfeng then reached out with his right hand, held up the Snow King by his throat, and threw him to the ground.    Pa pa pa pa…   Qingfeng then took the iron whip and struck the Snow King’s body, it scarred him with several tens of wounds.   Qingfeng had a cold smile on his face, as repayment for what he did onto others, he had to taste the pain of the iron whip. 

Finally, the Snow King was knocked unconscious with blood covering his entire body.


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