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“You want to win by numerical superiority? As the young master of a king level sect, are you that afraid of me?” Qingfeng Li looked at these two and said calmly.

 Qingfeng was no fool. He knew these young lords of king level sects were arrogant and powerful, so he decided to defeat them one by one.

 “Brother Doudi, let me beat this Qingfeng Li on my own,” Puotian Shou smiled to Doudi Fu and said.

 Doudi Fu nodded and walked away, leaving some s.p.a.ce for Puotian Shout p fight. He knew Puotian Shou was a half-step into the Spirit King Realm and was much powerful than this young man before them.

“Red b.u.t.terfly Yip, Qingfeng Li is in danger; let’s go help him,” Fengwu Cao became anxious, and she said to Red b.u.t.terfly Yip, who was by her side.

Red b.u.t.terfly Yip, however, shook her head and said, “Director Cao, Puotian Shou is a half-step into the Spirit King Realm. We are hardly comparable to him. We’ll be more of a hindrance than a help to Qingfeng Li. Believe me, Qingfeng Li will win.”

Fengwu Cao and the Dragon King both deeply doubted Red b.u.t.terfly Yip’s confidence. After all, Puotian Shou was a half-step into the Spirit King Realm. How could they be confident in Qingfeng Li?

 But Fengwu Cao knew Red b.u.t.terfly Yip’s words were partly true. They were not able to help, and Qingfeng Li must depend on himself.


 Puotian Shou growled and summoned a Fire Wolf King from his interspatial ring.

 This Fire Wolf King was huge with red fire-like fur, with sharp fangs and a vicious look. It was a powerful demonic beast with a strength comparable to a half-step Spirit King Realm master.

The Fire Wolf King was controlled by Puotian Shou with the Beast King Sect’s unique cultivation technique, forcing it to become his fighting beast.

 Under the control of Puotian Shou, the Fire Wolf King opened its mouth full of sharp fangs and charged toward Qingfeng Li.

 Qingfeng Li showed a confused look. If it were a normal demonic beast, Qingfeng Li would instantly kill it with the Strangle h.e.l.l Fist, but the Fire Wolf King was different.

 Qingfeng Li had the ancient Wolf G.o.d Bloodline inside him. It used to be Wolf King Bloodline, but recently it evolved and mutated, and the Wolf G.o.d Bloodline was awakened.

 Seeing this Fire Wolf King, an intimate feeling arose in the bloodline of Qingfeng Li.

 Qingfeng Li knew that the Fire Wolf King also had the Wolf G.o.d Bloodline a long time ago, although it was very thinned out, to the point where it was diluted to one ten-thousands of its original concentration.

 “Wolf G.o.d Bloodline.” Qingfeng Li activated his Wolf G.o.d Bloodline, manifesting it into an illusion of an ancient Wolf G.o.d, covering the surface of his body.

 This illusion of the Wolf G.o.d contained a strong power, and it suppressed the Fire Wolf King onto the ground, making it unable to move.

Feeling the aura of the Wolf G.o.d from Qingfeng Li, the Fire Wolf King suddenly kneeled down and began wors.h.i.+pping Qingfeng Li.

 All the people around were completely shocked.

 “What the h.e.l.l? Why did Puotian Shou’s fighting beast kneel down before Qingfeng Li?”

 “Fighting beasts are the main offensive spirits beasts of the Beast King Sect and can only be controlled by those in the sect. How did Qingfeng Li gain control of this Fire Wolf King?”

 “Does Qingfeng Li also know the beast-controlling spell of the Beast King Sect? How amazing is he?”

 They constantly discussed to try and make sense of what just happened.

 Hearing the discussion, Puotian Shou turned surly and irritated. He was completely humiliated by his fighting beast kneeling down before his enemy.

 Puotian Shou mumbled a part of the beast-controlling spell, creating a black light that shot into the Fire Wolf King’s mind and ordered it to attack Qingfeng Li.

The Fire Wolf King struggled. It didn’t want to attack Qingfeng Li, but its mind and body were under the control of the spell.

The Fire Wolf King rolled on the ground painfully. It kept struggling but still didn’t attack Qingfeng Li.

 Qingfeng Li felt distressed seeing the Fire Wolf King enduring this pain. He said to Puotian Shou, “Release the Fire Wolf King.”

 Puotian Shou smirked and said coldly, “It was conquered by my spell. I will not let it go.”

 “In that case, don’t blame me for my actions,” Qingfeng Li replied coldly.


 Qingfeng Li drew out his Red Fiery Sword, piercing through s.p.a.ce with the sharp sword energy, and slas.h.i.+ng toward Puotian Shou.

 Puotian Shou was shocked. He took out a three-meters long black spear, which was made of a special meteorite from outer s.p.a.ce and was extremely powerful.

 He waved his spear and pierced toward Qingfeng Li. The spear moved very fast, punching a hole in the air and directly piercing at the Red Fiery Sword. It surprisingly managed to stab a notch onto Qingfeng’s sword.

 Seeing the notch on the Red Fiery Sword, Qingfeng Li eyes betrayed a touch of grief.

 This Red Fiery Sword had been with Qingfeng Li, fighting and killing alongside him for a long time. It killed numerous enemies and saved Qingfeng so many times. But now, it was damaged.

 Qingfeng Li knew the Red Fiery Sword was a peak-stage heavenly level spiritual device and could only be damaged by something of half-step king level or higher, among which the long spear of Puotian Shou must be.

 Qingfeng Li took away Red Fiery Sword. He knew it couldn’t beat the long spear and decided to use another way to attack.

 Qingfeng Li had many other choices, such as the Golden Calabash or Green Tower. But he couldn’t use them right now because they were peerless treasures and using them would revealed them to the others.

 Those masters of king level sects would then definitely come to fight for the Golden Calabash. With his current power, Qingfeng Li wouldn’t be able to protect himself from being robbed.

 Qingfeng Li thought for a while and decided to use the Strangle h.e.l.l Fist, which was most suited for him at this time.

 “Earth Shaking One Punch,” Qingfeng Li ran his genuine power and performed the first technique of the Strangle h.e.l.l Fist.

 The punch formed a giant black wave in the sky, generating vibrations like an Earthquake, rus.h.i.+ng toward Puotian Shou.

 Puotian Shou was a little shocked by the power of Strangle h.e.l.l Fist. Allowing the long spear in his hand to coil up like a snake readying to strike, he pierced toward Qingfeng Li.

 The earthquake-like tremor and the coiling spiral wave crushed together and generated a loud boom, shaking the entire earth and sky.

 The impact generated numerous cracks in the air, with dimensional fragments flying around and sound waves rippling through the sky.

 The people around were deeply stunned and kept moving backward to avoid being hurt by this energy.

 But this power was too strong, some of them stilled got blasted down even after they hid far away.

 Some of them were even knocked down and were badly injured with blood dripping from their mouths.


 Puotian Shou took one step backward. In this collision, he was beaten one step back by Qingfeng Li.

The people around were all shocked by this scene.

They couldn’t imagine the mighty Puotian Shou, the young master of Beast King Sect, would actually lose in a round against Qingfeng Li.


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