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In the living room.

Qingfeng pulled Xue Lin by her hand, and the two sat on the sofa.

Qingfeng frowned when he saw the ill.u.s.tration book on the living room table, finding it odd.

He didn’t know that after his departure, Xue would have drawn all these ill.u.s.trations that depicted all of their experiences.

Qingfeng was deeply moved by these ill.u.s.trations. He thought of their past experiences, and they were full of bittersweet memories.

“I didn’t know that you could draw so well,” Qingfeng said with a soft smile.

Xue’s attractive face to blush red like a ripe apple.

“Do you think it’s okay?” Xue asked as her long lashes slightly blinked.

Qingfeng gave her a ‘thumbs up’ to signify that he thought her drawings were great as he plopped himself onto the sofa.

Xue Lin wanted to talk to him, but she had no clue what to say, as if her words were stuck within her throat.

“Say whatever you want, no need for reservations around me.” Qingfeng smiled.

Xue gritted her teeth, and said, “You’ve returned from the forbidden district now, so shouldn’t we discuss the wedding now?”

Right after she spoke, Xue’s attractive face turned red. To make a woman talk about the wedding, she was bound to be embarra.s.sed.

Qingfneg suddenly realized, he was just wondering why Xue had been hesitant, and it turned out that it was about the wedding.

It was Xue’s biggest dream to have a wedding. She wanted to be Qingfeng’s bride, and let the whole world know that she was married to Qingfeng.

Of course, aside from telling everyone that she was Qingfeng’s wife, she wanted to inform all the women that she was Qingfeng’s rightful wife, the righteous empress. It didn’t matter how great the other women were, they were only secondary, tertiary, and so on.

Qingfeng naturally agreed to Xue’s request because he knew how much he owed Xue. To host a grand wedding would make it up to her, so he decided to invite all of their friends from around the world.

Qingfeng and Xue discussed the wedding time, settling on a good day based on the calendar, seven days later.

In these seven days, Qingfeng had to take care of everything else. For example, he had to rescue Shark Demon King, who was trapped on Dark Island, and had to find Fiery Demon King and Purple Bat Demon King, who were currently on Pacific Island.

Fiery Demon King and Purple Bat Demon King were on Pacific Island to rescue Purple Bat Demon King’s girlfriend. Qingfeng had already told them to head to the forbidden Kunlun district after they’ve returned from Pacific Island, but they still haven’t returned. They’ve disappeared after going to Pacific Island, so Qingfeng suspected that they were facing great danger there.

“Wife, it’s late so let me bring you to bed,” Qingfeng smiled and, with Xue’s face turning even more red, he carried her to the bedroom.

They were both exhausted, so they fell asleep instantly.

The sun shone brightly the next day; it left traces of warmth and light.

Xue was still sleeping; she was far too tired recently so Qingfeng didn’t wake her. He just dressed and left.

Qingfeng got out of bed early and headed to the hospital, wanting to visit Ruyan Liu and the baby.

Xue and Ruyan still didn’t get along, so Qingfeng didn’t want the two to meet. Therefore, if he went to visit Ruyan, he couldn’t let Xue know.

On the way, Qingfeng acquired a new cellphone and sim card. The cellphone he had before was lost in the Kunlun Mountains, so he had to get a new phone, along with a new number.

After he purchased the phone, Qingfeng got into a taxi and arrived at the hospital. When he entered the room, Ruyan was still asleep.

Ruyan’s attractive face was like an alluring rose, her soft white skin like the heavenly snow lotus, her red lips like cherries, and thin long eyebrows like leaves of a willow tree. Although she had given birth, she was still incredibly gorgeous.

Ruyan might have slept too late so she was still sound asleep, but the baby beside her was wide-awake. Her wide opened eyes looked at Qingfeng with hints of curiosity and doubt.

In her tiny head, the man before her was very familiar.

The baby was only recently born and had a very short memory. Even though she had seen Qingfeng previously, it had been quite a few days so she had already forgotten who he was.

Qingfeng came up before the baby, and smiled, “Little Apple, I’m daddy. Do you not remember me?”

It might have been Qingfeng’s loud voice that scared the baby, so she opened her mouth, scrunched her nose, and wailed loudly.

The wailing was exceptionally loud; it rang through the whole room and woke the deep-asleep Ruyan.

As Ruyan opened her clear eyes, and reached out with her white hands to hold the baby, she froze as she saw the person she missed dearly.

Ruyan couldn’t believe her eyes. She rubbed her eyes with her long fingers, and even pinched herself to feel if she was awake.

She knew this wasn’t an illusion, but it was reality. After all these days of longing, she finally got to see Qingfeng, and tears rolled uncontrollably down her eyes.

Ruyan threw herself into Qingfeng’s arms. She held him tightly in fear that he might disappear.

The baby was first stunned when she saw her mother in a man’s arms, then she felt upset by the scene.

The baby felt sad and bitter. Her mother belonged to her! How could someone else b.u.t.t in on her territory?

Wah Wah Wah Wah!

The baby opened her little mouth and cried loudly, with much more sadness than before.

Ruyan left Qingfeng’s arms after she heard the baby crying and hurried to hug the baby. She whispered, “Don’t cry Little Apple, he is your daddy.”

The baby seemed to have understood Ruyan. She stopped crying, but her little eyes still looked confused.

This was her father?

The baby’s eyes moved incessantly, as if trying hard to recall, but she clearly didn’t have much memory, so naturally she couldn’t remember.

Ruyan turned to say, “The baby’s favourite song is ‘Two Tiny Tigers’ Qingfeng. Sing it for her, and then she’ll remember you as her father.”

Qingfeng started singing after he realized, “Two tiny tigers, two tiny tigers run very fast. One has no eyes, one has no tail, how very cute…”

After Qingfeng sang “Two Tiny Tigers”, the baby immediately remembered who Qingfeng was, and she began smiling in recognition.

Qingfeng was overwhelmed with joy when he noticed the baby recognizing him. He then sang several other children’s songs, “Little Apple”, “Mommy is the Best”, “Little Cute Bunny”, “Sheep and the Wolf”

The baby clearly loved children’s songs. Every time she heard a children’s song, she would chuckle and clap her hands in joy.


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