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Tianxing Ming looked at the Sky Rock Elder and slightly sighed. He knew that even if the Sky Rock Elder has used the Black Crow Immortal Spear, the array before them still wouldn’t be broken through.

It was because that Tianxing Ming had already recognized this Array, which was called the Five Thunder Defensive Array.

Speaking of the Five Thunder Defensive Array, it was very mysterious amongst the famous self-cultivation realm formations, and because it came from the Thunder Immortal, it also had great force.

The most important was that this was a Five Elements Array, which involved gold, wood, water, fire, and wood, but this used thunder to form the array points of the five array positions.

The Sky Rock Elder held the Black Crow Immortal Spear in his hands, as his whole body unleashed half-immortal level force. He pierced forward with the spear in his hand, and at once, a ma.s.sive hole was pierced into the s.p.a.ce and a black hole appeared.

Shattered pieces filled the black hole, as spatial fragments glowed within, the spear having punctured through all in the world.

The Great Dao Law talisman script glowed as the depth of the s.p.a.ce appeared.

This pierce contained the energy of the s.p.a.ce, which made the expressions of all of the other sect masters and elders around change.

They deeply felt that if this spear pierced them, then they were definitely doomed.

This was the power of the Sky Rock Elder, who was ranked 90th on the Half Immortal list and was a famous elite.

The Black Crow Immortal Spear pierced through the void and pierced above the golden gate.

In the next moment, this invincible Black Crow Immortal Spear was immediately bounced back, and the spear even curled up from the shock.

An odd appeared in the Sky Rock Elder’s eyes, as he said with surprise, “How is this possible? My Black Crow Immortal Spear is a half-immortal device, why couldn’t it even crack open a gate? I don’t believe it, I’m going to try again.”

The Sky Rock Elder activated his internal immortal energy and transferred all of it on top of the Black Crow Immortal Spear.

The entire Black Crow Immortal Spear released black light, as it formed several mountain ranges. There were at least a hundred mountain ranges, which formed into a hundred tall mountains. All of it was formed from immortal energy, as it shook the s.p.a.ce.

The Sky Rock Elder’s Black Crow Immortal Spear grew to the size of several hundred thousand meters. It filled the entire s.p.a.ce and pierced from above downwards, as if it would pierce a ma.s.sive hole into the ground when it heavily stabbed onto the top the golden gate.


With a loud rumble sound, two rushes of ma.s.sive energy clashed together, and exploded the entire s.p.a.ce open. It also pushed all of the five-coloured thunder back.

If this was the desolation era of the universe, this five-coloured thunder was enough to make the Sky Rock Elder and Black Crow Immortal Spear fly into the sky, but after the pa.s.sing of a million years, the power of these five-coloured thunder had decreased immensely, and so the Sky Rock Elder didn’t fly out upon impact.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even so, these five-coloured thunder contained powerful essence of thunder, and it pushed the Sky Rock Elder’s body back by a step.

The Sky Rock Elder’s face slightly changed, as he felt his right hand, that held the Black Crow Immortal Spear, slightly trembled, and even his mouth was somewhat numb.

Clearly, the Sky Rock Elder had already felt hints of light harm when he attacked the gate, and of course, he was only lightly wounded, so it could be ignored, but it was still quite astonis.h.i.+ng.

The Sky Rock Elder thought to himself, how could a mere Saint like Qingfeng be able to open the gate? I’m a half-immortal master, but I couldn’t open the door. Could it be that there’s some trick to this gate?

At once, all of the sect masters and elders around frowned.

When they first arrived at the Fallen Immortal Arena, they first wanted to avenge their saint sons and saintesses, and kill Qingfeng and the Blood Immortal. Second, they wanted to acquire the Thunder Immortal Sword, and the origin source of power techniques inherited from the Thunder Immortal.

However now, the Thunder Immortal Palace stood in front of them, but they couldn’t get in.

It was like a ma.s.sive treasure that was placed in front of you, but you couldn’t acquire it. No matter how you looked at it, you would still be filled with unwillingness.

Then, all of the sect masters and elders looked at Tianxing Ming, because they knew that Tianxing Ming was the sect master of the Five Elements Saint sect and was also a half-immortal power.

Plus, Tianxing Ming was ranked amongst the top ten saint sects amongst all of the saint sect masters. In the Half-immortal Ranking, Tianxing Ming was also ranked amongst the top ten powers.

The universe was vast, aside from the perfect saint sects like the Five Elements Saint sect, and Gravity Saint sects, there were other hidden ancient saint sects.

These ancient saint sects have been well known for quite a long time, legend has it that it has been pa.s.sed down from the desolation era of the universe. There had even been immortals that had appeared, and they’ve even ascended into the immortal realm.

However now, these ancient saint sects have all hidden away, and won’t easily show their faces again.

If the ancient saint sects didn’t show their faces, then the Five Elements Saint sect was the leader of the pack.

The ancient saint sects didn’t care at all for these kinds of things that were happening in the Fallen Immortal Arena, and they wouldn’t show up, so the most powerful saint sect was now the Five Elements Saint sect.

The Sky Rock Elder looked at Tianxing Ming, as he said, “Sect master Ming, amongst all of us, you’re the most powerful. Come and look at this. Could you open this gate, and lead everyone inside?”

Tianxing Ming lightly smiled and said, “Sky Rock Elder, do you know why you couldn’t open this gate? It isn’t because that your attack force isn’t powerful enough, it’s because of another reason.”

The Sky Rock Elder slightly frowned, and he said, “Sect Master Ming, what’s the reason? How come I haven’t noticed it, please clearly explain.”

Tianxing Ming lightly smiled and said, “There is an array outside of this Thunder Immortal Palace called the Five Thunder Defensive Array, it’s somewhat like an Array of our Five Elements Saint sect, and so I could see some parts of what it is. You don’t understand arrays that well, and so naturally you don’t know.”

The Sky Rock Elder was surprised, and he said, “Sect master Ming, you know that I know nothing about the Array, and now everything depends on you to crack this array and get everyone inside.”

As the Sky Rock Elder spoke, he stepped back at the same time, and let Tianxing Ming take his position to attack the gate.

Everyone else around looked at Tianxing Ming with desire in their eyes.

They knew that they could enter the Thunder Immortal Palace only if they followed Tianxing Ming.

Tianxing Ming closely stared at the gate before him, as there were planets that rolled around in his eyes, and the moon and sun appeared.

There were plenty of devils, demons, saints, and corpses in his eyes, which were all of the masters that he has killed in the past re-appearing nonstop.

At the same time, the five colours of gold, wood, water, fire, and soil appeared in his eyes. It released five rays of light, which were red, black, blue, green, and purple.

The five rays of light formed into five rays of thunder that entered the gate, and began to closely search for flaws in the Five Thunder Defensive Array.

All of the other sect masters and elders around slightly changed their faces when they saw this.

It was the first time that they’ve seen Tianxing Ming solve the Array, and who knew that he would be this powerful?

They had always thought that Tianxing Ming’s Five-coloured Half-immortal Blade was very powerful, but now it seemed that they had truly underestimated his power.

Hints of alert even appeared in the Sky Rock Elder’s mind, as he thought to himself, “No wonder he’s the sect master of Five Elements Saint Sect, Tianxing truly is more powerful than me.”

Amongst all of the saint sect masters and elders, the Sky Rock Elder was cautioned about Tianxing the most, as he felt that Tianxing was the biggest compet.i.tion to him within the Fallen Immortal Arena.

However, he now also knew that everything needed to be done by Tianxing.

Shortly afterwards, hints of joy appeared on Tianxing’s face, because he had already found the flaws of the Five Thunder Defensive Array. It was five points on the east, west, north, south side, and center of the gate. These five points were also arranged in accordance to the five elements.

“Five-coloured Half-immortal Blade,” Tianxing loudly shouted as he activated his internal immortal vital essence, which formed a ma.s.sive five-coloured half-immortal blade before him.

The five-coloured half-immortal blade was formed with the immortal dao law and immortal energy. It cracked through the heaven and ground, shattered the s.p.a.ce, and time, as it slashed towards the five flaws of the Five Thunder Defensive Array.

Clash, clash…

After five rounds loudly sounded, the golden gate immediately exploded, as the defensive light beam of the Five Thunder Defensive Array was completely shattered by the Five-coloured Half-immortal Blade. It disappeared.

All of the other sect masters and elders’ eyes lit up with joy, as they loudly said, “Sect master Ming truly is powerful, he broke the Five Thunder Defensive Array with one attack.”

Tianxing Ming lightly smiled and said, “Come, let’s head inside, kill Qingfeng and the Blood Immortal, and acquire the inheritance of the Thunder Immortal.”

Tianxing was the first to step inside the Thunder Immortal Palace, as the Sky Rock Elder, Black Flame Saint, Yifan Feng, and other sect masters and elders followed closely behind.

Qingfeng was now inside the Immortal Sword Palace, and he had just blended together with the Thunder Immortal Sword that had shattered the third stance, when he suddenly heard a loud rumble sound, and a rush of wild energy pour in.

Qingfeng’s face slightly changed. He knew that it was Tianxing Ming and the Sky Rock Elder.

“I didn’t expect Tianxing Ming and the Sky Rock Elder to open the Thunder Immortal Palace Gate so fast.” Qingfeng’s face filled with shock.


Qingfeng’s hair rose up, as his entire body grew firm. He knew that danger had arrived.


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