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Qingfeng Li looked down into the abyss. Using his spirit energy, he scouted downward. He wanted to see how deep down the cliff went.  However, after a thousand meters or so, his spirit energy encountered something frigid. There was an energy that held an intense baleful and icy cold aura, several hundred degrees below freezing. It sent a s.h.i.+ver through Qingfeng Li’s soul.  He scrambled to recall his spirit energy, already feeling a thin layer of ice forming on its surface. His spirit energy had nearly been frozen.  Qingfeng Li sucked in a sharp breath, taking a step back. He stared down into the black chasm in shock.  Beside him, Linglong Xue sensed something was wrong with Qingfeng Li. “What’s happened?” she asked.  Qingfeng Li replied, “This cliff is utterly terrifying. There’s something dangerous hidden down there.”  Linglong Xue lifted a brow. She sent out her own spirit energy to scout out the area down below.  After it had gone a thousand meters, she, too, felt a terrifying baleful energy. The baleful energy was several degrees below zero and, instantly, her spirit froze solid.  Linglong Xue’s expression changed. She hurriedly drew back her spirit. However, it had already been damaged. A thin stream of blood dripped from the corner of her mouth as she stared ahead in terror.  Truth be told, the power below the cliff was terribly strong. Even Qingfeng Li and Linglong Xue’s spirit energies weren’t able to enter and had sustained injuries.  “Let’s go,” Qingfeng Li said. “Let’s get out of here. It’s way too dangerous down there.”  Linglong Xue nodded, staring at the chasm below the cliff. She, too, had been startled by the dark, cold energy down below. She quickly turned and left with Qingfeng Li.  At the same time, down at the bottom of the cliff, there was a ma.s.sive round platform. On top of the platform, there were countless bones, all black. Unlike the bleached white bones that covered the surface of the planet, it was as though these were contaminated by something devilish.  It was here that Huozhu Chi’s body fell, square in the center of the round platform. Around his body, the black bones all radiated devilish energy.  The devilish energy slowly took the form of a person, flowing into Huozhu Chi’s body. Astonis.h.i.+ngly, Huozhu Chi’s corpse stood up a moment later.  The Huozhu Chi now was nothing like how he had been. On his forehead, arms, and body were ma.s.ses of black devilish patterns. Like tadpoles, they darted all across his body, completely taking it over. At the same time, black devilish energy filled his eyes. They were now completely different from how they had been before.  Hahahahaha…  An eerie cackle erupted from Huozhu Chi mouth. The sound was piercing and cold, almost as though it could freeze the entire world.  If Qingfeng Li and Linglong Xue were here now, they would no doubt be shocked. Huozhu Chi’s appearance was completely different from what it was before. Now, he looked like a Devil.

  He had become a Devil. Some devilish thing had entered his body and taken control of it.  I never expected humans to enter this planet of death. Huozhu Chi felt as though he was already smelling the sweet scent of fresh blood. A hint of bloodl.u.s.t and madness appeared in his eyes.  A black worm shot out from his mouth, made of light and roiling devilish energy. Huozhu Chi’s body climbed along the walls of the cliff. Starting from the bottom, he made his way upward. His target was Qingfeng Li and Linglong Xue.  Having left the top of the cliff, Qingfeng Li and Linglong Xue were completely oblivious to what happened after. The two continued to walk along the surface of the planet of death, heading forward.  Along the way, Qingfeng Li and Linglong Xue had come across several other dangerous locations. These were all filled with baleful spirits. However, Qingfeng Li slew them with ease.  Qingfeng Li was now extremely powerful. Regular ghostly creatures and self-cultivators were no match for him.  After thinking for a moment, Linglong Xue spoke, “Qingfeng Li, this place is too dangerous. With just our strength along, it would be very difficult to find the exit. We can search the spirit energy of these ghostly creatures.”  Qingfeng Li’s eyes lit up. He nodded, and, the next time they encountered a baleful spirit, he didn’t kill it. Instead, he captured it.  Qingfeng Li activated the Eye of the Wolf G.o.d, releasing two beams of red light which flew into the eyes of the baleful spirit.  “Tell me what this world is,” Qingfeng Li commanded. “Where are your gathering places? Where is the exit?”  The baleful spirit’s gaze was dull, its spirit energy beginning to diffuse. “This is the planet of death,” it replied. “Long before, it was called the Yin-Yang Planet. It was the home of the Yin-Yang Saint. Then, the Yin-Yang saint died. His planet was compressed into the Bronze Sarcophagus and brought to the Crimson Fire Continent by his First Disciple, the Sun Monarch.”  This baleful spirit clearly knew quite a bit about this world. It told much of what it knew to Qingfeng Li and Linglong Xue.  After hearing the baleful spirit’s account, Qingfeng Li and Linglong Xue exchanged a glance. They both saw shock and awe in the other’s eyes.  In the Ancient Ages, the Yin-Yang Saint had been a powerful individual. Legends had it that he had mastered two techniques. One was the True-Yin Baleful Palm. The other was the True-Yang Saint Palm.  These two techniques had formed a co-existing, symbiotic relations.h.i.+p between Yin and Yang. It had represented the power of Yin-Yang that existed at the beginning of time. And it had been indomitable.  However, the Yin-Yang Saint later angered an immortal and was chased down and killed. No one had guessed, however, that the place where the Yin-Yang saint had fallen was the Crimson Fire Continent.  It had to be said that the planet that the Yin-Yang Saint had once inhabited, the Yin-Yang Planet, was a saint-level planet. It had been located within a small world. However, it was now in a top-tier Planet. It was likely that even the Immortal who had slain the saint didn’t know this. Otherwise, he wouldd have hunted it down and claimed his planet of death for himself. As far as an Immortal was concerned, saints were the greatest delicacy.   Linglong Xue’s slender brows lifted somewhat, and her expression brightened. “Qingfeng Li, if this is the saint-Level planet where the Yin-Yang Saint once resided, then his legacy must be here. It must be infinitely more powerful than that of the Sun Monarch.”  Excitement and joy came over Qingfeng Li’s face as well. “That’s right,” he said. “Although this place is dangerous, the legacy of a saint is too good to resist. I must obtain it.”  At this moment, Qingfeng Li’s heart was filled with a raging pa.s.sion. He knew that, if he could receive the legacy of the Yin-Yang Saint here, along with his techniques and Dharma treasures, he would surely be able to defeat the Crimson Fire Monarch when he left this place. Then, he would be able to rescue Ruyan Liu and Little Apple. This had long been his greatest wish.  Using the Eye of the Wolf G.o.d, Qingfeng Li commanded the baleful spirit to lead the way to other places where the baleful spirits gathered. Linglong Xue, on the other hand, followed closely behind.

Far behind Qingfeng Li trailed Huozhu Chi. However, having been commandeered by a Devil, his energy had been hidden well enough that even Qingfeng Li couldn’t detect it.


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