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Chapter 38 – The Eldest Son Flared Up

After a moment of silence, the barking of dogs sounded again. As soon as Ye Lulu fell asleep, she would be woken up. After a long time, she could not fall asleep.

Although most of the villagers were sleeping, they were not in special circ.u.mstances. Even if they didn’t sleep well after a night, they would at most be listless the next day.

No one would investigate what was going on because of the barking.

However, Ye Lulu’s vitality had just been greatly damaged. After giving birth, she still needed to take care of the three babies. She needed to recuperate. Otherwise, her body’s loss would not ease up.

As for the three newborn babies, they spent most of the day sleeping soundly.. They were weak and tender, and could not be frightened.

It was precisely because Auntie Tian knew about this that she schemed against them. In the end, she deliberately went out at night to hit the dog and cause it to bark. Furthermore, she did this repeatedly so that Ye Lulu would not be able to fall asleep. This also cost Ye Lulu’s babies their sleep!

They’d better be scared to tears and contract illnesses…

Auntie Tian thought black-heartedly. After the dogs in the village quieted down, she gave the dog another vicious slap. Her family’s dog had already been slapped so hard that it couldn’t stand up. Its body was riddled with wounds, but Auntie Tian didn’t care at all and mercilessly slapped it.

The dog cried out in pain as it lay on the ground without any strength left, allowing Auntie Tian to abuse it.

The dogs in the village were barking loudly. All the dogs became excited when they heard the sounds of their own kind. For a moment, the barking sounds were mixed with loud noises.

This happened several times, and the barking was quite startling.

Forget about the headache Ye Lulu was experiencing because of the disturbance. The babies who were lying on the bed were usually very stable and did not get frightened. However, this time, the babies were woken up from their sleep again. The eldest son was no longer patient.

The eldest son, who had a mole under his eye, suddenly opened his eyes and frowned. He looked extremely unhappy.

Inky-black yin energy burst out from his body!

The sinister yin energy grew stronger and instantly engulfed the entire village. All the barking dogs were suddenly suppressed by the sinister yin energy. Half of their life force was sucked out and the barking in their throats disappeared.

Woof… woof.

All the dogs instantly lowered their voices at the same time. The dogs in the darkness laid down listlessly, not daring to bark anymore.

Auntie Tian’s dog was already seriously injured from the slap. With the suppression from the yin energy, it suddenly collapsed and was on the verge of death. It could only breathe weakly.

Auntie Tian frowned fiercely. Why was there no more sound?

She did not care that the dog was about to die. She looked at the dog lying on the ground and hit it again coldly.

The dog let out a weak cry of pain, but it no longer had the strength to bark.

Auntie Tian whipped the dog a few more times, knocking it unconscious. However, the dog did not bark again.

Auntie Tian grumbled unhappily, but fortunately, seeing that the dog no longer barked and that she had not achieved her goal, she stopped hitting the dog. She casually put down the stick and turned back into the house without even looking at the unconscious dog.

Ye Lulu was lucky. The dogs in the village stopped barking for some reason and couldn’t disturb her anymore!

If the dogs in the village were still energetic, she would definitely make sure that Ye Lulu would not be able to sleep tonight!

She wanted to see how her body would suffer!

Auntie Tian insidiously entered the house and fell asleep.



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