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Chapter 954 – Ji Yuanyuan

The black-clothed man looked like he was about to get close to Bai Zheng. His sister, Bai Ye, was currently being surrounded by the two black-clothed men, and simply did not have the time to save her.

At this moment, a flying sword arrived first. It shot out a golden sword light and blocked the black-clothed man’s path.

The man in black shouted loudly. The treasured blade in his hand wrapped in Essence attacked the flying sword.


The flying sword vibrated slightly, and a powerful aura burst out from it, instantly knocking the black clothed man away.

Everyone couldn’t help but cast a sidelong glance at this sudden aura.

Such powerful strength.

Everyone’s eyes could not help but turn to look at Qin Xiao’er who was standing at the side.

The snow and wind seemed to be afraid of him, hiding far away and not daring to touch him.

He just stood there, one hand hanging by his leg, the other pointing at his sword, a smile hidden under his beard.

“You are not someone from the Golden Immortal Sect.”

Ji Yuanyuan turned his ice-cold eyes to Qin Chao and asked, “Who are you?”

“I am just a wandering cultivator in the mountains, I came to congratulate Misty Mount. “Speaking of which, you actually asked me first. I would really like to know who a beautiful monster like you is.”

“You don’t need to know who I am!”

Ji Yuanyuan’s eyes flowed with a cold intent, “In any case, you’re still a dead man.”

After saying that, she waved her hand.

“Kill them!”

“Yes sir!”

The black-clothed men all rushed forward, a total of more than ten people, all of them holding onto their tools, desperately attacking the people from Golden Immortal Sect.

If Bai Zheng was not injured, the pressure would have been slightly lighter. But now, the strongest one, Bai Zheng, was injured, and he could only heal himself and not attack.

As for the people from the other Golden Immortal Sect s, they still needed to spare some energy to protect their sect master.

“Eldest Senior Brother, take Master and run for your life!”

Qiu Fenglan waved his treasure sword, his movement was extremely fast, and continued to repel the black-clothed men who were rus.h.i.+ng forward.

“Ol ‘Three, what about you?”

Li Weilong carried Bai Zheng and asked anxiously.

“I’ll stop these people.”

Qiu Fenglan said, waving his hand to release a group of golden lions, blocking the black clothed man’s attack.

“Ol ‘Three, we can’t leave you here alone! We have to go together! “

Li Weilong did not agree.

“Eldest senior brother, if you don’t leave, we will all die here.”

Qiu Fenglan frowned, “Including junior sister.”

“Wei Long, let’s go!”

Bai Ye also knew that he could not stay here any longer, so he pulled Li Weilong’s arm and instructed the other disciples, “Don’t let third brother waste his time.”

“Third senior brother …”

Wen Ya cried like rain.

“Let’s go!”

The others raised their treasured swords and prepared to ride their swords to fly away.

“A bunch of tras.h.!.+”

Seeing that the black clothed man still wanted to escape after being unable to attack for so long, Ji Yuanyuan was furious.

She waved her hand and a blizzard suddenly appeared in the sky.

The chaotic snowflakes rolled into a tornado and instantly disrupted Bai Ye and the others’ footsteps. They allowed them to step on their treasured swords and fall from the sky into the snow.

“Are you guys okay?”

Qiu Fenglan resisted the attack from the black clothed man, and at the same time, couldn’t help but look back.

“I’m fine…”

Li Weilong and the others climbed up from the snow. It seemed that escaping through the air was impossible.

“Break for me!”

Ji Yuanyuan attacked again, her hands glowing with a bluish-white crystal light.

Following that, she swung her slender and jade-like hands, and that blue and white crystal ray instantly streaked across the sky like a blue rainbow, flying towards Qiu Fenglan.

“Golden Lion Sword Qi!”

Qiu Fenglan’s reaction was fast, he brandished his treasure sword, releasing a golden lion, pouncing towards the hexagonal crystal ray.

However, the hexagonal crystal beam instantly brushed past the golden lion’s body, freezing the lion into an ice sculpture.

Then, it continued to jump onto Qiu Fenglan’s body.


Qiu Fenglan immediately raised his sword to block, the sword had also been frozen into an ice pillar.

He immediately threw away his sword and jumped to the side.

The crystal beam continued to fly through the snow before finally landing on a hillside.

The entire hillside had been frozen into an ice sculpture.

“What a strong demonic energy …”

Qiu Fenglan climbed up from the snow as he spoke while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth.

The strength of this female demon was completely different from before she transformed.

“Hehe, this time you’ve lost your sword. Let’s see how you will continue acting so arrogantly.”

Ji Yuanyuan looked at the empty-handed Qiu Fenglan, and laughed coldly.

“Ol ‘Three, let’s go all out!”

Li Weilong held his treasured sword horizontally in one hand and his Master’s back in the other, firmly standing beside Qiu Fenglan.

“Right, let’s go all out against them!” We cannot let our Golden Immortal Sect be underestimated! “

He Zhenyu also held his sword and stood at the side.

“Third senior brother, I will not leave you behind!”

Although Wen Ya was afraid, he still stood to the left of Qiu Fenglan.

“Let them know that Golden Immortal Sect is not someone to be trifled with.”

Bai Ye clenched her teeth. She knew that today would be a tough battle.


w.a.n.g Lei did not make a sound, he looked left and right, the sword in his hand was glowing with a gold light.

“Capture them!” Other than Bai Zheng, kill anyone else! “

Ji Yuanyuan gave the order, and the black clad men pounced again like wolves and tigers.

This time, Qiu Fenglan had lost his weapon, causing the Golden Immortal Sect’s fighting strength to decrease greatly.

They were about to collide. Qin Chao suddenly walked in front of Qiu Fenglan.

“As a sword cultivator, how can I not have a treasured sword?”

As he said that, he handed over a white treasure sword to Qiu Fenglan.

“Isn’t … isn’t this your sword?”

Qiu Fenglan looked at Qin Chao in shock.

“This sword is called the Silver Lotus Chop. “Don’t worry, I have plenty. You can keep it for now.”

Qin Chao was very generous and laughed.

The enemy was already close to a thousand, Qiu Fenglan did not hesitate, he gave Qin Chao a grateful look, and accepted the sword.

The moment he grasped the white sword, he immediately felt a warm power being transferred into his hand.

The power that he had no choice but to release started to surge within his body.

“Golden Lion Sword Qi!”

He immediately threw out his treasured sword, releasing a wave of sword Qi.

A seven meter long golden lion instantly jumped out and knocked away the two men in black in front of it.

“This sword …”

Qiu Fenglan looked at the sword in his hand in shock, and all the disciples of the Golden Immortal Sect had shocked expressions.

w.a.n.g Lei looked at the treasured sword, his eyes revealing a trace of greed.

“immortal Qin, your sword is a treasured sword, how can it be so easily compared to others!”

Li Weilong was an honest man, so he spoke straightforwardly.

“The sword is a gift to the hero, it’s no big deal.”

As Qin Chao said that, he flipped his hand and took out another set of Silver Lotus Chop, pa.s.sing it to Li Weilong, “Come, come, don’t be so polite, I’ll also give you one.”

When Li Weilong took the Silver Lotus Chop, he was completely stunned.

This, this sort of treasured sword, why did it seem like it wasn’t worth much, just casually giving it away!

Qin Chao understood why Li Weilong was so shocked.

The Big Ying Yang Evil King Sword, under constant tempering, was already at the third rank of a Heavenly Artifact.

Any one of these sword images, Silver Lotus Chop, were all ordinary lower grade Heavenly Artifact existences.

Other than the third rank Earth Artifact in Bai Zheng’s hand, the rest of the treasured swords in the Golden Immortal Sect were all Human Treasure s.

With this, he had surpa.s.sed two great realms and obtained a treasured sword from a Heavenly Artifact. How could anyone not be surprised?

“The weapon is not bad.”

“If you are willing to hand over all your weapons, I can consider letting you go.”

“Hur hur, it’s alright.”

Qin Chao turned around and smiled as he looked at the group of black clothed people running over, “Moreover, I still need to go to the Misty Mount to deliver my gift, I really don’t have time to waste here with you.”

As he spoke, he took out another set of Silver Lotus Chop and waved it towards the few black clothed men.

“The wrath of the Golden Lion!”

Under the astonished gazes of the disciples of the Golden Immortal Sect, a huge golden lion that was more than ten meters long flapped its wings and instantly knocked away those few black-clothed men.

“This, this is the Golden Lion Sword Qi!”

Bai Ye and the others opened their mouths wide, not daring to believe what was happening in front of them.

“You, how did you learn the Golden Lion Sword Qi?”

“I just learned it.”

As Qin Chao spoke, he struck a palm strike towards the few black-clothed men in the distance.

“Dragon Travelling the World!”

A long golden dragon flew out from his palm and knocked away the men in black, creating a huge pit in the snow.

Even the people from the Dragonwalker Sect were shocked.

Wasn’t this the Dragon Swimming Palm!

Qin Chao’s Dragon Travelling the World, was born from the Dragon Travelling Palm, and was slightly different from what Zhang Yumin was using.

His palm struck out with origin energy energy energy. It was thick and pure, capable of injuring others through the air.

A single sword and a single palm had instantly taken care of all the black-clothed men.

Everyone looked at this rogue cultivator with different gazes. Their previous disapproval had turned into shock, admiration, and disbelief.

“Who the h.e.l.l are you!”

Ji Yuanyuan stared fixedly at Qin Chao, feeling that this person was out of the ordinary.

“My name is Qin Xiao’er, I’m just a rogue cultivator, I’m here to give Misty Mount a gift.”

Qin Chao put his sword back in its sheath, “I never thought that I would encounter such a rotten thing. Demoness, if you are sensible, scram immediately and don’t block my way. Otherwise, my sword wouldn’t have shown mercy. “

“What an arrogant rogue cultivator!”

Ji Yuanyuan seemed to be unconvinced, “You used the skills you learned secretly to send yourself to your death?”

“Then you can try.”

Qin Chao instantly struck out a palm, a surging golden dragon that was more than ten meters long, wagged its tail, waved its claws, and pounced towards Ji Yuanyuan.


Ji Yuanyuan stood in the snow and looked at the huge dragon that was flying over. His expression did not change, and he threw out the ball of blue crystal radiance he had condensed in his hand.

When the dragon collided with the crystal light, it instantly turned into a lifelike ice sculpture. It fell from the sky and crashed into the ground, turning into a pile of ice fragments.

“This is all I have. If you want to deal with me, why don’t you go back and cultivate your martial arts first.”

Ji Yuanyuan looked at the block of ice in front of him and sneered.

“Is that so?”

At this moment, a mocking voice sounded from behind her.

Ji Yuanyuan was shocked, she turned her head in a hurry, and an ice cold treasure sword was clamped on her neck.

“Let’s make a bet.”

Qin Chao held onto the treasured sword, laughing as he looked at Ji Yuanyuan, whose eyes revealed fear.

“Guess if it’s your ice crystal or my sword? Hmm… My wager is your head, how about it? “

“Ten thousand miles of ice!”

A blue light instantly flashed through Ji Yuanyuan’s eyes.

Qin Chao’s heart skipped a beat, he stopped smiling and was about to leave.

However, under Ji Yuanyuan’s feet, a blue light instantly spread out in all directions.

“Quickly dodge!”

The people of Golden Immortal Sect stood far away, and when Bai Ye saw the blue light, he shouted out even more vigilantly, before bringing his people to quickly retreat.

Very quickly, Ji Yuanyuan was surrounded by a world of ice and snow.

Qin Xiao’er’s face was filled with panic. With one hand on his treasured sword, he stood frozen in the middle of the ice sculpture while attempting to escape.

“Looks like you’ve lost the bet.”

Ji Yuanyuan spat out a cloud of white Qi from his mouth and slowly said, “Moreover, the one that will lose is your life.”

As she spoke, she reached out and shattered Qin Chao’s ice sculpture with a palm.


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