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Chapter 378 – Next Patriarch

“What the h.e.l.l is Cherry Yasuharu doing?!”

In Hokkaido, Yasuharu’s family’s headquarters villa, a group of elders and high ranking management figures sat around the table.

An old man said in an extremely unfriendly tone while stroking a mustache.

“Ever since this Cherry Yasuharu became the surrogate clan elder, he began to view us old fellows with even less importance.”

Another old lady wearing a white ceremonial robe said coldly.

These old geezers were all from the Family’s elders group.

The first to speak was the Great Clan Elder with the highest reputation, Double Ming Yasuharu. This branch of theirs was the most orthodox bloodline of the Yasuharu Family. If Mutsumi Yasuharu’s methods were not more vicious at that time, he would be the one sitting on the Patriarch’s seat.

Mutsumi Yasuharu became the Patriarch, and hooked up with the people from the other two great families, creating a so-called Black Dragon Society.

Originally, the Great Clan Elder was unhappy, but after realizing that the Black Dragon Society was extremely powerful, even the mysterious Guild Master had tyrannical means, he could only accept his fate.

However, this would not destroy his influence within the clan. After all, his name had a ‘multiple’ in it. This was similar to a n.o.ble who possessed the royal bloodline.

Therefore, Double Ming Yasuharu had always strived to successfully ascend to the throne with his son under his influence when Mutsumi Yasuharu died.

In the current Yasuharu family, only his son Double Heaven Yasuharu and his dead brother, his daughter Double Snow Yasuharu remained.

Although Double Snow Yasuharu was known as the clan’s genius girl, and had grasped the powerful Tengu. It was a pity that she did not have a father, so her influence could not match his.

At that time, once Mutsumi Yasuharu dies, he would have obtained the ghost general Shura’s storage ring and given it to his son, who would then become the successor to his position!

But everything was just a plan, and Mutsumi Yasuharu was not dead yet.

“Cherry Yasuharu is getting more and more outrageous.” Double Heaven Yasuharu sat in front of his father and said in an arrogant and unreasonable tone, “He really doesn’t put the people of elders group in his eyes. Look, everyone has been waiting for a long time and this girl still hasn’t appeared! F**k, does she really take herself to be Patriarch?! “

Double Snow Yasuharu sat beside his own cousin and looked at the future Patriarch helplessly.

With this kind of bearing, how could he lead the gigantic Yasuharu Family in the future?

Looks like every generation in Yasuharu’s family is weaker than the last.

“This matter, I will definitely report to the Patriarch.” The father was naturally the one who spoke to his son. Double Ming Yasuharu sat there stroking his mustache and replied darkly.

“I don’t think she’ll be able to stay in the position of surrogate clan elder for long.”

“That’s right!” Double Heaven Yasuharu’s small eyes immediately lit up, “She is not suitable for this position, let me handle it, Double Heaven Yasuharu will do it!”

“That’s right, that’s right, Double Heaven Yasuharu is more suitable for this position!”

“That’s right, I don’t know what the Patriarch is thinking, but how can he let Cherry Yasuharu be the surrogate clan elder!”

“What a fool, what a fool!”

Almost all of the elders group s were Double Ming Yasuharu’s people. Once his son had spoken, these people all answered in succession, trying to curry favor with the Great Clan Elder.

Hearing his cousin’s words, only Double Snow Yasuharu could not help but shake his head.

“What, Bie Xue, do you think I’m wrong?”

Noticing the expression on his sister’s face, Double Heaven Yasuharu’s eyes became serious and he immediately asked.

This little sister of his, she was so beautiful and so pure, it made him want to conquer her! Hmph hmph, when I become the next Patriarch, I will definitely have a taste of you!

Back then, hadn’t father forced his aunt to give birth to his own?

Thinking of this, a trace of l.u.s.t flashed past Double Heaven Yasuharu’s eyes.

Double Snow Yasuharu naturally noticed this look. She suppressed the anger at the bottom of her heart and only replied indifferently.

“Brother, you think too much.” I just feel that it’s not too good for us to be talking about the surrogate clan elder behind his back like that, as he hasn’t come back yet. “

“Humph!” However, Double Heaven Yasuharu curled his lips, “This is nothing, I, Double Heaven Yasuharu, am talking about her, and that is her, Cherry Yasuharu’s, honor!”

“Is that so? This little girl really wants to thank you.”

As Double Heaven Yasuharu’s words fell, an ice-cold voice suddenly flew in from outside.

Everyone looked towards the door and shouted.

“surrogate clan elder!”

“Cherry Yasuharu that girl is back!”

Everyone looked over and saw a beautiful woman with a seductive figure walk in from the courtyard, twisting her slim waist.

“Cherry Yasuharu!” Seeing the woman, the Great Elder immediately slammed the table and shouted, “What do you mean! Why did you gather us all together in the middle of the night? Hmph, do you really think that you are already the Patriarch? “

“I wouldn’t dare.” Cherry Yasuharu would never buy this old fellow’s words, “There is naturally someone to take the position of Patriarch. If it’s not my turn, then naturally it’s not your, Double Ming Yasuharu’s, turn either! “

“Cherry Yasuharu, what do you mean by that?” When the Great Clan Elder saw that this so called surrogate clan elder actually dared to throw his face, he was immediately enraged and asked in a stern voice, “Did you call us here in the middle of the night just to target me?”

“No, you’re not worth my trouble.” Cherry Yasuharu’s tone revealed a faint hint of disdain. She stood there and did not sit down as she spoke.

“Today, I only came to announce a piece of news.”

“F**k, if you have something to say, say it quickly!” Double Heaven Yasuharu couldn’t help but curse as he lost all patience.

“Pah!” Just as he finished speaking, a crisp voice rang out.

Double Heaven Yasuharu was stunned. She covered her red and swollen face with a clear palm print.

Everyone was stunned, what just happened, why did someone suddenly slap Double Heaven Yasuharu?

Cherry Yasuharu was also startled for a moment, but quickly recovered, she must have made her move.

“Double Ming Yasuharu, your son has always been kind to me. I’ll teach him a lesson.

With someone helping her, Cherry Yasuharu felt that his back was straight, so he casually asked.

“F**k!” The Grand Elder’s little flame was so hot that one could hardly wait for it to ignite on his forehead.

This Cherry Yasuharu actually dared to attack his own son! What he could not tolerate the most was that he did not discover the other party’s method of attack!

Could it be that this fellow’s strength had already surpa.s.sed mine?

“Alright, I don’t have time to play around with you.” Cherry Yasuharu did not want to get entangled with this old fellow either, so he waved his hand and continued, “I came to announce a piece of news. Our Clan Master, Mutsumi Yasuharu, is already dead.”

“What?” If the slap to Double Heaven Yasuharu’s face just now had surprised everyone, then this piece of news was like an atomic bomb, causing everyone to be stunned.

“Mutsumi Yasuharu… He’s dead? ” Double Ming Yasuharu’s eyes were filled with surprise and suspicion.

If Mutsumi Yasuharu died, wouldn’t that mean that his own son would become the Patriarch?

But how could that guy die? He was holding the strongest s.h.i.+kigami in the Yasuharu Family in his hands, ghost general Shura!

“Cherry Yasuharu, you’re awesome now, you dare to announce false news!”

Even though Double Ming Yasuharu hoped that the news was real, his rationality told him that he couldn’t casually believe it. Therefore, he decided to test it out.

“You said that the Patriarch is dead, what evidence do you have?”

“Hehehehe, I knew you old fogey wouldn’t believe it.” Cherry Yasuharu covered his mouth and chuckled. This smile was extremely flirtatious, causing all the men present to be stunned.

Double Heaven Yasuharu was in an even worse state, his lower body straightening up straight, and although it was pitifully small, it was still able to support his crotch a little.

Cherry Yasuharu extended his right hand out, and placed it in front of everyone.

She only saw a black gem ring resting on her palm, emitting waves of ice-cold air.

“Ghost General Ring!”

Everyone was stunned!

Ghost General Ring was a keepsake Mutsumi Yasuharu used to symbolize the Patriarch’s position ever since rouge was lost!

This thing was currently in Cherry Yasuharu’s hands. What did this mean!?

“Master’s ring!” That’s mine! ” When Double Heaven Yasuharu saw that the storage ring had appeared, he could no longer sit still. It was as if he wanted to rush forward and s.n.a.t.c.h it away.

The Head Elder quickly waved his hand and two loyal servants immediately stopped the young master.

“surrogate clan elder, don’t casually take out a ring, pretend to be the patriarch’s token.” The Great Clan Elder’s eyes lit up and said to Cherry Yasuharu, “I want to verify if this ring is the real deal.”

“Hehehehe, do I even need you to verify this?” Cherry Yasuharu laughed again. She put the ring back to her side, and said. “You’ll know once you take a look.”

After he finished speaking, a dense black gas suddenly flew out from the ring. The gases swirled together and soon formed a tall figure in black armor.

ghost general Shura.

A pair of red eyes peeked out of the helmet. Anyone who saw it would feel a chill in their heart.

“It, it really is an Asura!”

The Great Elder was not brain-damaged, so he naturally recognized the authenticity of this thing.

However, he had already felt that the ring was real and wanted to come over to verify it. He only wanted to take the opportunity to seize it.

However, Cherry Yasuharu had also seen through the old man’s thoughts, and naturally wouldn’t let him have it.

“Looks like Mutsumi Yasuharu is really dead!”

The old man rolled his eyes, stroked his moustache, and immediately said, “Then I declare, the next Patriarch is the descendant of the Family’s main bloodline, Double Heaven Yasuharu! Do any of the people from the elders group have questions? “

“No, no!”

“I second that!”

“I also support Double Heaven Yasuharu!” Since the elders group was Double Ming Yasuharu’s men, he naturally earned everyone’s support when he spoke.

“Hahahaha!” Double Heaven Yasuharu also laughed proudly, “Everyone, don’t worry, once I become the Clan Master, I will definitely not treat you unfairly, hahahaha!”

“Very well, it’s settled then!” Double Ming Yasuharu immediately slammed the table and said, “Cherry Yasuharu, look at the new Patriarch and kneel down! Then, hand over the Patriarch’s keepsake! “


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