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Chapter 1740 – Second round of the a.s.sessment

Lily threw herself onto Wu Qingye’s body with all her heart, and started to stick to him like a piece of dog skin paste. No matter what Qin Chao said against her, it would not be able to break the knot in her heart.

It seemed that Lily had always lived in the Emperor Village and was under the shadow of Bu Jingtian. She shouldn’t have been able to come into contact with other boys.

And Wu Qingye, who had turned into Qin San, was handsome and charming, with a sweet mouth, how could he not please the lily.

In addition, during the first round of the test, she had accidentally revealed a little of her hand, shocking everyone present. This caused Lily’s heart to tremble.

Then, Qin San’s figure deeply rooted itself in the lily’s tender heart.

Sigh, looks like it really was a mess, with Wu Qingye doing this, it would truly be troublesome.

Look at that Bu Jingtian, standing at the very front of the sword, grinding his teeth together.

Even he could hear such a strong wind, it showed how much Bu Jingtian hated him to the core and how good he was at gritting his teeth.

Just as Qin Chao was feeling depressed, he suddenly realized that his field of vision had widened.

The Geomancy Sect disciple raised his sword and allowed the group to pa.s.s through the white clouds.

At the top of the cloud layer, there was a huge stone mountain floating.

On top of the mountain, there were dozens of fine jade pavilions, surrounded by a forest of flowers and plants.

A huge waterfall poured down from the highest mountain peak.

When the waterfall landed on the mountain, it actually didn’t fall into the clouds. Instead, it circled around the mountain like a long dragon, forming a complete cycle. It was also like the orbit of a planet, which was quite magical.

On one of the cliffs of the mountain, there were three large ancient characters carved on it with gold.

“Geomancy Sect.”

My G.o.d, no wonder it was hard to find the Geomancy Sect, it was a floating pavilion.

When Qin Chao saw this, he could not help but be extremely surprised.

For such a mountain to appear in the sky, the first impression it gave was one of shock.

As for the young boys and girls who were standing on the treasured swords, all of them let out surprised sighs.

The Geomancy Sect disciple was not surprised, but his expression was a little pleased with himself.

This was his pride as a disciple of Geomancy Sect.

Behind him, the female disciple also carried a treasured sword and followed him there.

But all of you have only seen a small corner of the Geomancy Sect. When you have the chance to truly enter the Geomancy Sect, you will experience a truly powerful sect that will make you even more shocked. “

The female disciple said slowly.

The sound of the wind was strong, but her voice was clear and powerful. It was obvious that this woman had some ability.

Qin Chao thought, finally being able to enter the Geomancy Sect, after entering the sect, it would mean that he had completed half of his mission.

As for the other half, it all depended on his abilities and luck.

“Geomancy Sect is really powerful …”

Lily was so excited that her entire body was trembling, holding onto Wu Qingye’s right sleeve tightly, she said.

“Qin San, you have to enter the Geomancy Sect with me. When the time comes, the two of us will cultivate together and support each other.

Alright, to not mention who her Daoist partner was, she could already be considered a virtuous person.

Wu Qingye’s face was extremely awkward, but because he was playing the role of a male, he could only force out a smile.

“Then elder sister Baihe, you can do it!”

“This girl should be eliminated as soon as possible …”

This was what she had said to Qin Chao.

Ai ai ai ai, there’s a difference between the surface and the surface.

Qin Chao could not help but laugh to himself.

Although this was a bit immoral, it didn’t affect the overall situation. He would secretly laugh when the time came …

“We’re about to arrive.”

The male disciple suddenly said, and then he started lowering the sword.

The treasured sword was being controlled by the male disciple, which slowly descended towards a military platform on the mountain that was completely built.

The military platform was in a gossipy state. Half of it was built on top of the mountain and the other half was suspended outside the mountain. It was very eye-catching.

And at this time, on the military platform, stood a seemingly simple and elegant female disciple.

When the two Geomancy Sect disciples who came with the group saw the female disciple, they immediately cupped their hands and bowed.

“Senior sister, this batch of prospective apprentices has been delivered.”

“Very good, leave the rest to me. You guys can go train.”

The female disciple nodded to the two of them and said, “Recently, your cultivations have been a little strange. Master is a little dissatisfied and feels that you’re a little lazy when you come in.”

“Hehe, Senior Sister, haven’t you been busy recently with the matter of taking in disciples? So you neglected to train. Is Master really mad at us?”

The younger female disciple couldn’t help but say in a coquettish voice.

“Little girl, you are the craziest. Hurry up and cultivate!”

The older female disciple could not help but laugh as she chanted.

“Yes senior sister, we will be leaving now.”

It was only then that the young female disciple left the military platform with her senior brother.

The elegant female disciple turned her head around and looked at these boys and girls who were looking around in amazement. The corner of her mouth couldn’t help but slightly smile.

Seeing this scene, she couldn’t help but think back to when she first entered the sect.

When he had first arrived, he had always been like a stranger to them. It was as if he had come to another world.

However, only one youth surprised her.

That youth was different from the others. Although he was also looking around, his eyes were less curious and more meticulous.

That youth was none other than Qin Chao.

After going to too many places, Qin Chao was no longer as fresh as he was before.

Although the Geomancy Sect’s Floating Mountain was also very good, it was still just a mountain.

However, what Qin Chao did not know was that just because his eyes had a tinge of novelty, his eyes had been caught by the meticulous, cheap Senior Sister.

“It’s normal for you all to have a novelty for your first time in this Geomancy Sect.”

The female disciple felt that she might have been thinking too much. It was just a youth, or perhaps she was just mature.

She slowly opened her mouth and spoke to the future disciples.

“I am your mentor and the disciple in charge of this Geomancy Sect. You can just call me Senior Sister Xianghe.”

Senior Sister Xianghe… This name wasn’t bad.

Qin Chao couldn’t help but say to Wu Qingye.

“This female disciple is actually called Xianghe, could it be that her body is really fragrant like a bag?”

Wu Qingye suddenly raised his eyebrows, and said loudly with an innocent and harmless look.

“What, big brother, are you asking me if Senior Sister Xianghe’s body is really as fragrant as a lotus seed bag? Aiya, big brother, how would I know, it’s not like I have a dog’s nose, how could I smell it …”

After saying that, she looked at Qin Chao aggrievedly.

And Qin Chao was already petrified.

This guy … She was definitely taking revenge on purpose …

Sure enough, upon hearing these words, a commotion broke out among the youths.

As for the female disciple, Xianghe, she blushed.

How could this young man’s temperament be mature? He was clearly a lecherous embryo.

Casually … Too frivolous …

“Senior Sister does not have any fragrance on her body …” “And that’s not something you should be concerned about.”

Xianghe’s expression immediately became serious, and he said.

“This is… “Number 13, next time you ask this kind of question, I will give you a point deduction.”

Qin Chao felt very wronged.

d.a.m.n, I didn’t say it on purpose.

Wu Qingye watched himself in glee. This girl had finally found a chance to take revenge on him.

“Sis, you don’t have to be so disrespectful. We are here on a mission.”

Qin Chao said with a bitter face.

“Tsk, you still know that I’m here on a mission? Weren’t you very happy when I was pestered by the lily? I’m being courteous, that’s the way to be a gentleman.”

“d.a.m.n, this is clearly a despicable act.”

Qin Chao looked down on him.

“As for being a vile character, so be it. Since I’m a woman, there’s no need to be a gentleman.”

Wu Qingye was so angry that he could do nothing about it.

He discovered that he was really using this girl … There was nothing he could do.

“A pair of Xiao Bai’s face.”

Bu Jingtian snorted from the side.

At Geomancy Sect’s place, he did not dare cause trouble anymore.

But in his heart, he had already made up his mind. After he was accepted into the Geomancy Sect, he would become their official disciple, and then find them to settle the score.

You. Just wait.

“Since you are standing here, it means that you have the qualifications to enter our Geomancy Sect. You are already considered as elites amongst the ordinary people.”

Xianghe looked at the dozens of youths present, and then slowly said.

“However, those who can truly enter the Geomancy Sect, must be the elites amongst elites. Therefore, although you all are standing on the military platform, you all cannot truly wear the Geomancy Sect’s disciple robes. These clothes represent not only the sect’s symbol, but also a type of pride.”

Xianghe pulled at the lapel of his robe, the purple robe was extremely eye-catching.

The clothes she wore were especially elegant, attracting the adoring gazes of many youths.

“I am your mentor. I will be in charge of the second round of selection.”

She suddenly said in a serious tone, “I have dozens of missions here that you can accept. What you need to do is to accept missions from me, and then complete them. Different missions will give you different points, and within six hours, your individual score will reach 50 points.”

Receiving task points.

Qin Chao’s eyes could not help but light up, this was a good method.

“Senior Sister Xianghe, what’s so different about the different missions?”

Wu Qingye had a lot of thoughts, and was the only person in the entire arena who noticed this.

When she asked, Xianghe’s eyes immediately lit up, and looked at Wu Qingye one more time.

Just now, his junior brother had told him that this youth with the number fourteen token was a seeded partic.i.p.ant with great talent.

It seemed that not only was his talent high, but his mind was also very agile. He was quite a genius.

“Yes, I have four types of missions in my hands. The different difficulty levels represent different points.”


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