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Chapter 1386 – Fighting on the Site

Wu Jinliang never dreamed that there would come a day when he could be so cool.

He was originally just a small impersonator who wasn’t very famous.

He didn’t have much talent for music, and his voice wasn’t that unique.

However, his most powerful ability is to imitate others.

Whose voice he imitated was just like his voice.

He had yet to discover this ability before, but later on it was only discovered by him and his roommates when they went to KTV to sing.

He was truly a G.o.d. Whomever he sang, his voice would always be the same.

Originally, he had planned to use this talent to partic.i.p.ate in a talent show or something like that. If he showed his face, he might be able to become a big star in the future.

As a result, he was eliminated in the first round by the Celebrity Show’s contestants, and told him so very straightforwardly.

By imitation, no way out.

There were too many people who knew how to imitate a show.

If one were to randomly find two people on the street, he or she could imitate Zhang Xueyi or something like that.

There is a big star in China who was born by imitation.

With these words, Wu Jinliang was thrown a bucket of cold water over his head.

Oh, the heart, the cold.

The dream of a good celebrity was shattered just like that.

Tell me, what is this?

He clearly had some ability, but he just couldn’t bring it out.

Wu Jinliang was extremely furious.

Soon after, when Shui Mu swept across China, his heart suddenly lit up.

That’s right, although I couldn’t be a big star, he could still be Shui Mu.

In any case, that Shui Mu had never shown up, so who knew what he looked like.

As long as he could master all his songs, everything would be fine.

Therefore, Wu Jinliang decided to become Shui Mu himself.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to show up. I’ll just show up.

If you post a new song, I can just sing along.

Who asked me to be a prodigy?

At that time, he wouldn’t be afraid even if real water wood appeared.

Who knows which one is the real water log.

As long as he confirmed that he was Shui Mu, there would definitely be a large number of people supporting him.

What he used was the ignorance of others.

Because he had been playing online for many years, he understood the psychology of most people.

They all like to attack celebrities to show their superiority and difference.

For example, after he began to announce that he was Shui Mu, a person called Nuo Ya Zi jumped out and supported him.

There were still many people who were supporting him with the banner of the tiger.

The sound of various attacks on the real Shui Mu came up.

Finally, even the television station was alarmed.

Mango TV has actually invited me to join a show. Hahaha, this is a program only real celebrities can do.

If they invited him like this, would it mean that they believed he was Shui Mu?

Humph, his dream of becoming a celebrity can finally be completed.

And according to a lawyer, if his lawsuit was effective, the Tianyang Entertainment would have to compensate him with tens of millions of yuan.

For a moment, both the name and the interest came.

Wu Jinliang really loved her ability to imitate others.

At this moment, he was sitting in this brightly lit studio, accepting an interview with a previous host that he could only see on television.

The host was rather pretty, and he was wearing a low-cut outfit …

Tsk tsk, I’ve heard about her brother before. I’ve finally seen the real one today.

It wasn’t easy, it was all the benefits of imitating a show.

“h.e.l.lo everyone. I’m Lin Lin, the host of Mango TV’s’ Face-to-Face Celebrity ‘…”

The host sat there and immediately gave his opening statement.

Wu Jinliang was enjoying the sight at the side.

In the end, she was still a beauty. Looking at her at such a close distance, she was truly beautiful.

“I a.s.sume that Shui Mu’s name has already spread throughout the north and south of the river. Not a single person is unfamiliar with his singing, but now, Shui Mu has once again spread across the land of the nine prefectures. It’s not because of anything else but because of the recent debate about water Mu, which has once again attracted everyone’s attention.”

When the host spoke, his chest rose and fell, almost causing Wu Jinliang’s eyes to fall.

What a ditch, what a ditch.

“As for today, we have invited one of the partic.i.p.ants, Mr. Wu Jinliang.”

The female host smiled at Wu Jinliang.

Suddenly, Wu Jinliang felt that the whole world was going to blossom.

This was the first time in his life that a G.o.ddess had smiled at him.

F * ck, even if I have to smile for the rest of my life, it would be worth it.

“h.e.l.lo, Mr. Wu Jinliang.”

The female host, Lin Lin, was all smiles as she said, “You said you’re Shui Mu’s real body. This matter has already spread throughout the internet. Why do you want to talk about it now?”

“This matter … I was too naive when I told you about it.”

Wu Jinliang sighed, pretending to feel wronged.

Back then, I was still just a little commoner who only loved to sing. The boss of Tianyang Entertainment, Luo Qinglin found me, saying that she wanted to wrap me up, so I could become the most popular singer. But she said, there are too many singers that have to sing now, so since this Shui Mu is going to appear, I should make a show of it.

Wu Jinliang said as he knocked on the table, “So, she told me that in the beginning, Shui Mu was the one who hid his ident.i.ty, which would definitely attract everyone’s attention. But I never thought that by the end, they would actually deceive me.”

After saying that, Wu Jinliang’s face filled with anger.

“I trusted them so much, but for the sake of benefits, they gave the name Shui Mu to someone else.”

This Wu Jinliang, on the other hand, just sat there and talked about everything.

The camera kept pointing at him, recording everything about him.

“If you don’t believe me, I can give you my songs.”

Wu Jinliang said in the end, “You all can have the professional sound equipment check it, there won’t be any difference at all.”

“Alright, then let Mr. Wu sing a song for us on the spot.”

Lin Lin clapped her hands and said.

“No problem, you guys can pick one of them.”

Wu Jinliang waved his hand and said.

Very quickly, the screen began to flicker with the names of a bunch of Shui Mu songs.

After randomly smoking a song, Wu Jinliang raised his voice and started to sing.

Some of the audience present secretly nodded their heads as they heard this.

That’s right, that was indeed the voice.

It should be sung by the same person.

However, why did it sound less like it?

After the song was finished, the voice test on the screen showed 100 points.

“See, I’m the real Shui Mu.”

He laughed.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa … …”

And at this time, from another corner of the arena, a round of applause suddenly rang out.

Everyone turned their heads to take a look and immediately saw a very beautiful woman walking over leisurely while stepping on high heels.

Wu Jinliang thought that this female host, Lin Lin, was pretty enough.

But compared to that girl, it was like comparing the heaven and the earth.

Where did this beauty come from? Was it another female host?

She was still a fan who couldn’t help but want to give a kiss on the stage.

Tsk tsk, no matter which one it is, they all seem to be pretty good.

However, this woman looked a little familiar. Wu Jinliang thought about it carefully, and suddenly broke out in a cold sweat.

F * ck, this woman … I think it’s the one that I sued, Luo Qinglin.

It looked even better than the one in the photo.

A beauty like her was a disaster. If she was in the ancient times, she would definitely be a calamity level character.

It was a pity that such a beautiful girl had been brought down.

However, it didn’t matter. He would be able to get whatever kind of woman he wanted if he were to become famous in the future.

Come on, let’s make the women come more violent.

“He really sang quite well. No wonder he dared to pretend to be Shui Mu.”

Luo Qinglin walked over, stood by the side, and gently clapped.

“Madame Luo, I didn’t expect a woman like you would dare to appear here.”

Wu Jinliang said in an impersonating tone, “I thought you wouldn’t dare to appear again for the rest of your life.”

“Haha, although I do not know what you are talking about, I have appeared here to prove some things …”

Luo Qinglin smiled faintly.

Ever since she became a cultivator, she became even more confident.

In her eyes, this clown, who pretended to be Shui Mu, was not worth mentioning.

“I never thought that the other party would also be partic.i.p.ating in our show. Looks like things are getting more interesting,” Yue Yang explained.

Although this arrangement had been made, the female host was still very professional in showing her surprise.

“What are you trying to prove? Who is the real Shui Mu?”

Wu Jinliang said proudly, “I think there’s no need to study this problem anymore, it has already been proven to be me.”

“It’s alright. Let’s have a showdown today.”

Luo Qinglin said, “Aren’t you Shui Mu? Then, can you sing a new song about Shui Mu?”

“I sang too many songs for the Tianyang Entertainment back then, and they were all recorded in a hurry. If you let me sing now, I won’t be able to remember those rhythms and melodies anymore.”

Wu Jinliang immediately said angrily, “Your Tianyang Entertainment is always so despicable. After recording the song, you never gave me the original tape.”

“Alright, how about this …”

Luo Qinglin waved his hand, and suddenly, rows and rows of lyrics appeared on the big screen.

“Do you see what’s above?”

“What is it?”

Wu Jinliang faintly felt that something was amiss.

“These are the songs and lyrics of Shui Mu’s new alb.u.m. As long as you can sing one of them, we will recognize you as Shui Mu.”

“You are deliberately bullying others!”

Wu Jinliang said angrily, “At that time, you made me record so many songs, I can’t even remember the words, I’m just a singer, I’m not Qian Zhongshu.”

“Alright then, I’ll give you the melody as well. You can sing it.”

Luo Qinglin had calculated everything beforehand, so she said, “You can sing according to the melody.”

As she said that, she clapped her hands and a melodious melody came from the studio.

Wu Jinliang was startled, he did not expect that the lady would do this.

However, he had already imitated his voice. As long as he could sing according to the sound line of the water log, he would be able to pa.s.s the test without a hitch.

Hmph hmph, you think that I, Wu Jinliang, am afraid of you guys.

In his dreams.

Wait for the bankruptcy to come to court, Tianyang Entertainment.

Wu Jinliang proudly raised his chin, opened his throat and started to sing along the melody.


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