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Chapter 1335 – New Bread

“Lord immortal envoy, we have collected all the herbs … …”

Dongfang Ying stood in the hut and placed all of the herbs that he had gathered in front of Old Lord Taishang with all his might.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, as long as these herbs are useful …”

With a wave of his hand, the astral wind in the wooden house swept around chaotically, causing immortal qi to flow unhindered., who was standing in the middle of the house, was sent flying out of the house.

These useless mortals.

These d.a.m.ned mortals.

They had actually made a fool of him.

Without the high lord’s ever forgetting furnace, this time, how should he report to the Celestial Emperor?

“Dongfang Ying, this time, I is very disappointed with you.”

Old Lord Taishang was so angry that his entire body was trembling, “If you didn’t have any use for it, I would have directly threw you into the pill furnace.”

“Please calm your anger Lord immortal envoy, please calm your anger Lord immortal envoy …”

Dongfang Ying was trembling from head to toe, but she was afraid.

“Fairy Ji has already gone with the Taoist Zhulong to gather more Nascent Souls. With the two of them there, they will definitely be able to gather some that have returned …”

“How long will it take for the Celestial Emperor to urge the I again with three Celestial Spirits a day?”

Old Lord Taishang clenched his teeth.

“Qin Chao, and Luo De, these two guys, I must kill them, kill them!”

“Lord immortal envoy, do you want me to bring my men to destroy Rakshasa School?”

“Destroy the Rakshasa School!”

Old Lord Taishang opened his eyes wide as he looked at Dongfang Ying, “Do you have that ability? If you had that ability, would the Rakshasa School still show off his might? The I asks you this, if you want to destroy the Rakshasa School, what are you going to destroy it with?”

“I, I …”

Dongfang Ying thought that there was indeed nothing that could be destroyed.

The Four Great Sacred Beasts that were the most overpowered in the past in the Misty Mount were basically destroyed by Qin Chao in one go.

The Taoist Zhulong who was the most aggressive, even his wife was robbed. Right now, he was in a sorry state, hiding in his own mountain peak and not coming out to see others whenever he had nothing to do.

It didn’t seem like it in the past, when he came out of seclusion, it caused a sensation in the sect.

Now, whenever he left a mountain peak, he would have to sneakily avoid the ridicule of others.

The fame of the Four Great Saint Beasts was gone.

As for those roaming immortal s, all of them only had Misty Treasury in their minds.

As for the other matters, they didn’t want to bother about them at all.

Moreover, they were only in the roaming immortal, and inside the Rakshasa School, there was a Luo Rumeng who could enter the Golden Immortal Stage at any time.

Fortunately, Luo Rumeng seemed to have never gone through thunder tribulation before. His body had never been baptized by thunder tribulation, so he did not have a grasp of the Immortal Energy.

Otherwise, if she was able to master the Immortal Energy, she alone would be able to sweep the entire cultivation world.

You have to understand that even if it was the Lord immortal envoy s, in this world, due to the laws, the highest power that could be used would only be the Golden Immortal Stage.

His failure this time had caused him to lose a lot of face.

Old Lord Taishang himself didn’t really understand why it was so difficult for him to deal with a few Rakshasi.

Even Luo De’s Rakshasi could wipe out a large area with a single fan.

What he did not know was that among the Rakshasi ghosts, there was Qin Chao’s power of the G.o.ds.

“Tell me, what are you going to destroy me with?”

Thus, Old Lord Taishang’s anger was completely vented out on Dongfang Ying.

It was all because of this little girl. She couldn’t stand the attention of the sect and had a b.a.s.t.a.r.d sneak into the sect.

“You are just a bunch of trash. All of you are trash. You can’t even look at a single person. You can’t even look at a sect. You can’t even look at your own territory. All of you are trash.”

Hearing this old fellow’s curses, Dongfang Ying said to himself in fear.

You’re not a piece of trash, how did you not notice that someone had entered?

You didn’t react until the treasure was taken away.

If even a celestial being in the sky can’t detect it, then what can we, insignificant beings, do?

However, how did Qin Chao sneak in?

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d actually robbed Heavenly Treasure Pavilion clean up, and even plucked all of their teeth out of the tiger’s mouth, taking away the guy that Old Lord Taishang ate with a bunch of Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill.

“Lord immortal envoy, I think, other than the Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill, we should worry about another thing.”

Although Dongfang Ying was afraid, her thoughts were still very clear.

“What, Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill is the most important thing right now, do you understand?”

“Lord immortal envoy, I understand, I’m just worried … Could it be that Qin Chao, he already knew about it … Our plan, “


Old Lord Taishang’s tone also froze.

That’s right, if the Ninety-nine Heavenly Human Pill were robbed, then wouldn’t that b.a.s.t.a.r.d be able to hear the conversation between Dongfang Ying and himself?

If that was the case, it wouldn’t be good.

Once the matter became clear, it would no longer be as convenient to collect more Nascent Souls ….

However, these two people were really preoccupied. Qin Chao was too lazy to pay attention to the matters of the cultivation world.

He was busy making bread, preoccupied with other trivial things.

“Lord immortal envoy… Whether he knows it or not, I think we should be prepared. “

Dongfang Ying continued to speak, “Lord immortal envoy, I wonder if you have heard of the Hongmen Banquet?”

“Of course I know, you mean …”

“That’s right, we should follow the example of the Hong Gate Banquet and invited Qin Chao to the Misty Mount. At that time, as long as the Lord immortal envoy personally takes action … That Qin Chao is our food in the wok, we can cook him however we want. “

“This is a plausible plan.”

Old Lord Taishang thought about it, “But what if he doesn’t come?”

“He must come.”

Dongfang Ying revealed a knowing smile, “Although his strength is not bad, he still has a lot of weak points. If I want him to come to the Misty Mount, then, I guarantee that he will have no choice but to come …”

“In that case, I’ll leave this matter to you.”

Old Lord Taishang stroked his white beard and said, “This is your last chance. If you don’t manage it well, then prepare to be a guest at I’s stove.”

“Yes Lord immortal envoy, I will do it right away …”

On the other side, Qin Chao was still busy preparing bread while the Misty Mount schemed for him to eat.

“Alright, alright, the furnace is ready.”

Shang Luo was extremely happy. Today was the day that the Happy New Bread was born.

When she opened the oven, a row of blissful bread released a rich aroma.

“Heavens, he’s so greedy …”

“I can’t help but drool…”

The two bakers exclaimed at the same time.

“It’s a hundred times more fragrant than before. What a G.o.d!”

Shang Luo also took a deep breath, and couldn’t help but praise.

“Of course. Brother Qin said it before, this time the bread will definitely be better than the last time. Last time, it was only half finished.”

Li Na excitedly pulled at Qin Chao’s hand, “Now, let’s see what red heart bakery can take to fight with us.”

“Hmph hmph, what do you mean by ‘Zhou Hongxin’, that thief? He should be crying now.”

Shang Luo was also filled with confidence.

The fragrance drifted ten miles away.

From the 76th bakery, the thick aroma of bread quickly spread through the entire street.

All the pedestrians were sniffing.

“It smells so good! What’s this, it’s so delicious!”

“red heart bakery’s bread, please.”

“No, no, no. It’s not coming from that direction … “I think so. On the other side, number 76 …”

“Could it be that they have a new loaf of bread?”

“Let’s go, let’s go take a look.”

Humans were all curious animals, plus they were attracted by the fragrance in the air, for a time, on Tianfu Road, many people surrounded the door of bakery 76.

“Let’s go and take a look.”

Shang Luo waved a piece of bread in his hands excitedly and stood at the entrance of the door, shouting, “Our bakery 76, the new product is out, the price is the same as the old version, and it still costs 100 yuan, but the taste is 100 times better than the old version! At the same time, our blissful bread, after eating it, can detoxify the poison, nourish the blood and replenish the Qi, it can be said to be the best food for both good and healthy.

“Is it really that G.o.dly?”

“Have a try. Hopefully, it won’t be refurbis.h.i.+ng the previous products and selling them.”

“We won’t pay if it’s bad.”

The pa.s.sersby shouted.

“Everyone, don’t worry. If everyone feels that the taste is similar to the previous one after eating it, we will refund the original price.”

Shang Luo was filled with confidence.

The second wave of Happy Meal would ensure that everyone would be satisfied.

“Alright, I’ll buy one and try it out.”

A well-dressed man walked up. It seemed that he was also from the white-collared race, and his salary shouldn’t be low.

He took out a hundred dollars and bought a new edition of Happy Bread.

Everyone looked at him, waiting to see his reaction.

In order to live up to everyone’s expectations, the white-collar worker directly took a bite in front of everyone.

“What the f * ck!”

He, who usually spoke in a civilized manner, actually cursed out loud.

In an instant, many people nervously looked at him.

What, is it so bad to eat?

“It’s really f * cking delicious. The blissful bread from before can’t even compare to this.”

He wolfed down the bread and gave it away in a few bites.

At the same time, he was stuffing his mouth slowly, not forgetting to say something.

“Also, I really am not asking for it. You guys can try it yourself. Give it to me, I’ll buy another five to give our manager a taste.”

As he spoke, he handed over five hundred yuan worth of bills.

“No problem.”

Shang Luo laughed until he bloomed.

Sure enough, this was the power of the second wave of Happy Meal.

Seeing that the first person to eat the crab was so satisfied, the others couldn’t help but start purchasing.

Only those who had eaten before could completely believe that the person was not a mech.

Delicious, too delicious.

Compared to this, the red heart bread by his side was like trash.

How could it be so delicious?

“Boss, the Lucky Bread has started selling like hotcakes again.”

At this time, Zhou Hongxin, who was sitting inside the shop and waiting for business to arrive, also received the news.

“How is this possible …”

He stood up. “Our bread is half as cheap as theirs, and it tastes the same. Those people are so stupid. They went to buy expensive bread.”

“He, they have new products …”

The shop a.s.sistant took out a piece of warm and blissful bread that he had just bought, “It’s even better than our red heart bread … “It tastes so good…”


Zhou Hongxin was instantly struck dumb.


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