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Chapter 126: Mecha Destroyer

Just as No. Zero was thinking about how to escape, Qin Chao suddenly frowned.

He turned his head and looked out the dark window.

“Is another guest coming? “Tonight, it’s going to be really lively …”

As long as the Military Intelligence Section Seven and organization members came tomorrow morning, they would not think that they would not miss this last night’s opportunity.

What a group of hardworking people.

Qin Chao suddenly jumped two steps back, leaving the moonlight outside the window.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

Just as he left, the heavy machine gun sounded.

“Boom boom!”

The room was already in a miserable state. This turn of events was even more tragic.

Anything that could be destroyed had been destroyed, even the walls had been destroyed. Fortunately, no one lived next door, otherwise, other innocent people would definitely have been accidentally injured.

However, there was one innocent person here.

This bullet was obviously not an ordinary bullet. No. Zero’s entire body was embedded with a warhead, one of them striking the A.I. Chip in front of his forehead.

This intellectual destroyer also crashed onto the ground.

“Ying Yang Bell!”

Qin Chao knew that he wouldn’t be able to protect the two beauties with a bed, so he threw his own defensive magic tool.

This small black bell immediately flew out. It hummed and knocked the bed aside.

Seeing the small bell in the air, Cheng Ying and the others were in a daze.

What is this?

Such a cute appearance!

In the eyes of the two beauties, the tiny bell suddenly magnified a hundred times the size of a black bell. Then, it enveloped the two beauties.

“Um, what is this … “So big…”

Zheng Siqi’s words were a little ambiguous.

“Qin Chao… What is this thing … d.a.m.n it, let us out! “

Cheng Ying was still as awesome as ever.

“Stay in peace for a while, I’ll be letting you out in a while.”

Qin Chao did not have time to explain to this woman what he had done for her. With Ying Yang Bell protecting them, he could deal with the customers outside.

He kept Number One and No. Zero’s bodies in his Sumeru Ring and then raised his head to look at the sky through the shattered windows.

Under the full moon, a few black mechs were flying back and forth, constantly changing their direction. It seemed like they wanted to make a second round of attack on Qin Chao.

“little devil is here too?”

Qin Chao lit up a cigarette, slowly walked to the window, and stood in the night wind, staring at the black mechs.

Below were many spectators. The explosion in Qin Chao’s room had already caught their attention.

If the security guards at the hotel were not pushed down by the two Destroyers, Qin Chao reckoned that the entrance would already be filled with hotel security personnel.

“Oh my G.o.d, what’s flying in the air!”

“Mecha?” Am I seeing things? “

“You don’t understand, this is the island nation’s most advanced weapon. It was previously reported in the newspapers.”

The people below discussed animatedly.

All sorts of nefarious spectators were exclaiming in surprise.

Although there had been a report earlier on, the newest weapon invention of the island was the Battle Mecha.

However, this was the first time he saw it.

“Are the island’s little devil here to join in the fun as well?”

Qin Chao said as he smoked.

His voice was laced with vitality as he entered the c.o.c.kpit of the mechs.

“Nonono, we are terrorists.”

Long Er said in broken j.a.panese English.

“We have not seen you in such a bad mood for a long time. Hand over your satellite weapons now, or I will order you to destroy this place!”

Long Er continued.

Qin Chao pressed on his forehead.

This kind of lousy English, only the islanders can speak it.

What a… The most powerless way to cover it.

“Satellite weapons? What is a satellite weapon? “I don’t know.”

Qin Chao played dumb. If you want to play, then we will play slowly.

“Eight… “Ah, no, f.u.c.k!”

Dragon 2 cursed out, “You don’t have to lie to us. We know that the satellite weapon is in your hands! If he didn’t hand it over … “Hahahaha…”

As he spoke, he grabbed a huge machine gun and opened fire on the crowd below him.


The bullets exploded, injuring quite a few people in the crowd.

Blood splattered and panic spread.

The group of people who were originally here to watch the show all started to run in panic.

Why were these mechs shooting at him?

It was too scary. It was better to escape from this place as soon as possible!

All the onlookers ran away.

Qin Chao was furious.

“Do you really shoot?”

“Do you think we’re playing house?”

Dragon 2 laughed out wildly. “Quickly hand over your satellite weapon or this will be h.e.l.l on earth!”

“I’ll give you a f * * king kick!”

Qin Chao suddenly jumped, his figure seemingly disappearing into thin air, causing all the pilots in the mecha to look at each other in dismay.

Where did the man go?

Why did he jump down from the top of the building so quickly?

You can’t commit suicide?

But there was no body downstairs!

This group of people were still confused when a pilot suddenly cried out in alarm.

“Miyamoto, you, above your head!”

The pilots quickly turned around and saw a man wearing a black windbreaker standing on top of a Battle Mecha with a name, Gong Ben.

This man was none other than the Chinese secret service agent who had just jumped down from the stairs.

Why did he appear there?

“Baja, get off my head!”

Gong Ben controlled the Battle Mecha, extended a robotic arm and grabbed towards Qin Chao who was above him.

“I’m sorry, I can’t go down now.”

Qin Chao’s expression was ice-cold, “Because I’m here to take your life.”

After saying that, he took a flying kick towards the c.o.c.kpit of the mech.


Miyamoto laughed. “Idiot, this is carbon fiber reinforced gla.s.s, which is even more explained than steel! If even the bullet couldn’t pierce through, how could you possibly shatter it… “Ah …”

His complacent laughter quickly turned into a miserable shriek.

Because the so called gla.s.s that couldn’t even be broken by bullets, was shattered with a single step by Qin Chao.

Qin Chao’s foot directly shattered the man’s face, turning his head into a red and white object, and left a mark on the driver’s seat.

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Losing the pilot’s control, the Mech quickly fell to the ground, exploding in flames.

Qin Chao then leaped up and in the blink of an eye, he landed on another Battle Mecha.

The other pilots were dumbfounded.

F * ck, how could this man be so terrifying? He killed an island Battle Mecha with a single kick?

This … this was too scary!

Is that something a human can do?

“You have injured my people. I will make all of you pay with your lives.”

Qin Chao stepped onto the other Battle Mecha and coldly said to Dragon 2.

“Bagdad, lead the way!” Kill him, kill him! “

Long Er was enraged. This man actually dared to provoke the Great Island Empire’s prestige!

I have to kill him!

“Kawada, leave the c.o.c.kpit!”

he shouted.

However, it was already too late, because Qin Chao’s foot had once again shattered the gla.s.s in the driver’s seat, trampling that short island man to death in the cabin.

In this tiny c.o.c.kpit, only the men of the Island Country could sit inside.

“Eight!” Kill! “

With so many Battle Mechas firing at the same time, Dragon 2 urged his teammates to turn Qin Chao into a sieve.

However, the bullets had all missed. Qin Chao’s figure had disappeared at an unknown time, and in the blink of an eye, he had stepped on top of another Battle Mecha.

As for his hand, it was no longer empty, and now held a black scythe.

Qin Chao wanted to let these shorties from the islands know about his anger.


The black scythe came slas.h.i.+ng down. The pilot and the mech were both cut in half and quickly fell from the sky.

“Impossible …” “Why is it like this …”

Long Er’s eyes glazed over.

“Because you have offended someone you shouldn’t have …”

Qin Chao’s voice sounded out.

His figure once again appeared above the heads of the other mechs.

The black sickle was like the scythe of a reaper. Every swing took the life of a pilot.

That Battle Mecha would also be shattered.

Long Er didn’t know why this was happening.

Shouldn’t the Battle Mecha techniques of the island nation be invincible?!

How could he be beaten into a corner by a man with just the strength of his physical body …

Suddenly, in Long Er’s mind, he recalled the man who had destroyed half of Tokyo.

His mouth dropped open as he looked at the figure brandis.h.i.+ng the scythe.

Could it be that he was that man?

Only he would have the ability to destroy mechs just by relying on his own body!

G.o.d, how could I have met him!

This person was not a human, he was a demon! He was a true demon!

Long Er began to tremble, his eyes full of fear.

Disregarding his subordinates who were killed one by one, he turned the body of his Battle Armor around, intending to escape from this country where demons live.

The nuclear power inside the mecha was fully activated, and the mech entered a state of maximum flight speed.

It was faster than the speed of sound!

In just a few minutes, Long Er could see the open sea in his line of sight.

After flying so far away, he should have finally left …

Nuclear power had also reached its limit. Long Er turned off the engine and quietly floated in the air, breathing heavily.

Finally, he left that terrifying place …

He would never go in his life again …

“Trying to run?”

At this time, a cold voice that made him feel despair sounded from above his head.


Long Er let out a miserable shriek. In his eyes, there was a man wearing a black windbreaker and holding a black scythe. He stepped on the window of the Battle Mecha and looked at him with a cold smile.

The cigarette b.u.t.t he held in the corner of his mouth was still emitting white smoke.

Why? Why did he catch up!

He, he had surpa.s.sed the speed of sound and was escaping!

Who could tell him what was going on?

Who could come … Save him…

“Pay with your life for the blood on your hands!”

Qin Chao’s eyes became stern, and the sickle in his hand became a black long blade, aimed straight at the terrified and twisted face of Dragon 2 in the driver’s seat, and pierced in.


Fresh blood splattered on the windows of the driver’s seat. Blood was constantly spurting out from the window along with the mocking laughter.

The last Battle Mecha pilot was also taken care of by Qin Chao.

“It’s all over now, right… What a night. “

Qin Chao exhaled a cloud of smoke, thinking that everything was quiet now, but he did not know that at this moment, there was another storm coming from Cheng Ying’s and Zheng Siqi’s place, and it was about to come.


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