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Chapter 68: How Could He Be So Cruel?

However, when Chu Wuyou finally arrived at the departure lounge, she suddenly discovered a familiar face that was sitting not far from where she was.

It was none other than Third Young Master Ye.

Chu Wuyou slowed her pace and exhaled deeply. She tried to convince herself that this must be a coincidence, that Ye Lanchen must be here to board a flight too.

Yet, she could not bring herself to believe any of that.

Could this be purely coincidental?

Besides, he informed her yesterday about the meeting at the Ministry of Civil Affairs by 9 o’clock this morning!

Therefore, he must be here to prevent her from leaving the country. Although Chu Wuyou found herself really unwilling to consider this possibility, it turned out that only this explanation made sense.

Did he have to go so far as to wait at the airport before dawn? All this just to stop her from leaving the country? What caused him to have such a bitter and deep-seated hatred for her?

Even so, there must be other ways than to set up an ambush at the airport.

Waiting for her at the departure lounge!

Cruel, how could he be so cruel?

Just moments before, she considered herself lucky to have escaped danger. Turned out she did all that for nothing!

On the other hand, Ye Lanchen had his head buried in a magazine.

Since he did not acknowledge her presence, Chu Wuyou wondered if she could just pretend to not have seen him and continue walking straight ahead as if nothing happened.

A decision was made within seconds. Chu Wuyou mustered her courage to keep her head high. Dragging the suitcase behind her, she focused on the path in front as if she had no regard for the presence of other people.

He positioned himself by the only corridor that led to the departure lounge. In other words, Chu Wuyou had to pa.s.s by him in order to head for the departure lounge.

The beat of her restless heart grew stronger as the distance between the two decreased.

However, Ye Lanchen appeared to be absorbed with what he was reading. He was so engrossed with the words that he did not raise his head once nor did he notice her approaching slowly.

Despite that, Chu Wuyou was agitated like a cat on hot bricks. She who was normally cool-headed was confused at her newfound jittery behavior. Why was she so daunted by his appearance? It was not like she had stolen from him.

Exactly, she was not at the fault of anything. There was no reason for her to be intimidated by him.

The thought of this provided her a surge of confidence and she instantly straightened her back.

A few seconds later, Chu Wuyou came as close to him as she could be. Without changing her expression, the speed of her pace, or her graceful carriage, she focused on the route in front and strolled ahead as if she was not the least bit interested in her surroundings.

She stole a glance at him out of the corner of her eye and noticed nothing had changed in the man. He remained reading with his head lowered.

One, two, three steps. It seemed like Chu Wuyou could walk past him without his knowledge.

“Where do you think you’re going?” the man said out of the blue just when Chu Wuyou walked past him. She could not sense any emotions in the hoa.r.s.e voice but it sent s.h.i.+vers down her spine anyway.

Chu Wuyou froze in place for a split second and let out a silent breath, but she did not slow down her pace. He did not call out her name hence she could totally ignore him.

He might not be calling out to her, but she found that difficult to believe.

However, that was not important now that the situation had taken an awkward turn.

“Chu Wuyou.” As if he could read minds, he called her by her full name in a low voice.

The corners of her lips trembled, knowing she could not put on the act any longer.

“Oh, Third Young Master Ye. What a coincidence, I’d never imagined b.u.mping into you in this place.” She turned toward him and exclaimed in feigned surprise.

Ye Lanchen lifted his gaze slowly to meet her regard.


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