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Chapter 64: Anyone As Distinctive As You?

“You have a rather unique taste in women, Mr. Ye.” Only in her imagination could she give him a beating; in reality, Chu Wuyou could not take the risk.

She knew well that she should not offend this dangerous man. Otherwise, she would be in a lot of trouble.

Of course, there was another crucial factor; Chu Wuyou would not stand a chance at taking him on physically. She would be the one that gets beaten up and found stranded on the hill.

“Actually, Mr. Ye, even with your specific taste, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to find the woman of your dreams. If you’re looking for someone that’s neither too stunning nor bright, I’m sure there are plenty of women that fit the criteria.” Chu Wuyou decided to play along with him. There must be some other dense and unattractive women out there that would catch his eyes.

“Anyone as distinctive as you?” Ye Lanchen looked right at her as he uttered these words in a serious manner.

“Cough…” Chu Wuyou choked on her own saliva. Although she had always been cool-headed, at that particular moment, she felt extremely difficult to regain her usual calmness.

Son of a b*tch. Was he serious about the marriage proposal? A man like him should be doomed to be single all his life!

“Did I offend you accidentally by any chance, Mr. Ye?” Instead of coming to ask for her hand in marriage, she was convinced that this man was here to seek vengeance.

“Do you think that’s possible?” Ye Lanchen sharpened his vigilance albeit appearing unperturbed.

He understood that she was always on full alert and quick-witted. He feared that she would flee once she discovered a slight clue, just like how she did five years ago.

Ye Lanchen learned from eavesdropping her conversation the other day that she would leave for Country M really soon. Therefore, he needed to keep her around for longer if he wished to uncover her true evil intentions.

Of course, he knew that he needed to be subtle or it would rouse suspicions.

He needed to lure the frog into the tepid water first before bringing the pot to a boil.

“No,” Chu Wuyou replied confidently. Ye family was far more inferior than Chu family; there was no chance she could have insulted him.

“Mr. Ye, your marriage proposal baffles me.” Chu Wuyou confessed as she did not like this ambiguous conversation that was leading nowhere.

“I need a wife right now,” he replied while staring at her intently. His gentle but firm tone rea.s.sured her that it was not a joke.

Chu Wuyou blinked blankly back at him. He needed a wife and made her a target. What gave him the right to do so?

“I don’t have to head over to the Chu Residence right now if you don’t like that.” Once again, Ye Lanchen put on that diplomatic tone.

Learning from her previous experiences, Chu Wuyou did not feel relief at the sound of that. Instead, she tensed up to guard against repeating the same mistake.

Judging from his manner of speech, she estimated that a worse idea was budding in his mind.

“I’ll see you tomorrow at 9 am at the Ministry of Civil Affairs.” Ye Lanchen’s voice came out of the blue and interrupted her train of thought.

The corner of her eye twitched instinctively at the sudden news. He had carried it too far…

Given the circ.u.mstances, his suggestion of meeting at the Ministry of Civil Affairs could only mean one thing.

“If you don’t show up tomorrow, Ye family will pay a visit to the Chu family.” Ye Lanchen threw out an additional remark without waiting for her reply.

This time around, he mentioned the Ye family instead of just him alone. This could change everything. Things would become formal instantly if the Ye family stepped in to handle the matter personally, and there would be no going back once the decision was made.

Ye Lanchen turned around to leave as his voice trailed off. He had to act nonchalant to prevent her from finding out his intentions.

“I want to return to Country M. Get me the earliest possible flight for tomorrow.” Upon seeing Ye Lanchen’s figure disappearing within sight, Chu Wuyou took to her heels immediately and made the phone call as soon as she got into her car.

Meet tomorrow at the Ministry of Civil Affairs? She snorted at the thought of that. He could go there if he wished, but she would not be there to keep him company.

Grandpa could not pressure her anymore once she returned to Country M.

In order to hide from this man, she decided to give up on searching for the person from the photo.

“President, Miss Chu has booked a flight ticket to Country M at 9 am tomorrow.” Not long later, the news of her scheme entered Ye Lanchen’s ears.

The corners of his lips curled upward into a smile after he hung up the phone. Planning to run away again? He was itching to find out what she was capable of doing this time around.


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