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Chapter 594: A Mysterious Immortal

The person standing outside walked through the concealment layer. Upon closer observation, he was a stern-looking, eight-foot-tall Taoist. Wearing a crown with three skulls on his head, he had a long face with a long-straight beard and mustache. He donned black robes and carried a horsetail whisk. Above all, a pressuring aura emanated from his body.

He immediately noticed Black Water Taoist when he entered the place.

Confused, the man asked, “The Divine Tactics Sect still had people?”

Having said that, he appeared before Black Water Taoist in a flash.

Black Water Taoist did not dare to move a single muscle. He knew full well that this Taoist’s strength was above his and his master’s by a long stretch. He might even be a legendary immortal.

Black Water Taoist reacted quickly by prostrating before his uninvited guest. “Black Water, a disciple of the Divine Tactics Sect, pays his respects.”

Being humble was one of the keys to survival, and Black Water Taoist knew that.

Indifferent, the old Taoist in black robes glanced at Black Water before asking, “Is there anyone else in your Divine Tactics Sect?”

Black Water Taoist shook his head at once. “No. I’m the only one left.”

To his surprise, the old Taoist sighed. “So this is the destruction of immortality. Even the domineering Divine Tactics Sect of the past has fallen. It seems this world is too unpredictable. I must say, your sect excels at concealment. Who would have thought that it would be tucked away in this valley? If a demonic treasure hadn’t revealed its aura, I wouldn’t have found this place either.”

Then, his eyes drifted to the black metal glove in Black Water Taoist’s hand. Black Water Taoist did the clever thing. Despite his reluctance, he presented the black metal gloves respectfully without hesitation.

“Heh, you’re quite sensible!” said the old Taoist before accepting it. Then, he smiled. “This is good stuff, the magic treasure that made the Phantom Hand Devil famous. Forged from phantom metal and the soul of ten thousand humans, these gloves were too powerful to be wielded. Then, the Devil was killed by a cultivator from the Divine Tactics Sect and his gloves were never seen again. It would appear that they had been keeping it for themselves all this while.”

The old Taoist was just talking to himself but Black Water Taoist listened with widened eyes. While he felt fear, his mind continued a.n.a.lyzing the situation.

Black Water Taoist suddenly noticed an opportunity.

It was an opportunity to ascend to the peak and embark on the path to immortality.

He made a decision.

Black Water Taoist knelt down and knocked his forehead on the ground continuously.

Stunned, the old Taoist cast Black Water Taoist a sideward glance. “What are you doing?”

Black Water Taoist quickly said, “Senior, our Divine Tactics Sect has fallen and I am so honored to be able to meet you today. I am willing to present everything in the sect to you in hopes that you’ll take pity on me and take me in as a disciple.”

Having said that, he prostrated again.

Black Water Taoist had thought it through. He would give away everything in the sect because he couldn’t afford to protect them. That being the case, wasn’t it better to give them away? He might even gain himself a favorable impression by doing so.

As for his apprentices.h.i.+p, Black Water Taoist was hoping to gain someone stronger to back him up. Perhaps that was the only way he could save himself.

This old Taoist obviously didn’t look like a good person. Even if he chose to kill him now and rob the sect of its treasures, what could Black Water Taoist do?

Stop him?

Black Water Taoist would just be courting death.

Hence, seeking an apprentices.h.i.+p was the only way to live. Even if he didn’t do anything, this black-robed Taoist would most probably kill him.

Black Water Taoist was an evildoer but the black-robed Taoist was no good person either. He arrived at this conclusion by a.n.a.lyzing the stranger the way he a.s.sessed himself.

Sure enough, his humility saved his life.

The black-robed Taoist stared at Black Water for the longest time before removing his murderous intent. “You’re quite a sensible brat. That’s not a bad idea too. Both immortal and demonic sects can only try to survive here in this extraterritorial land and disciples with good foundations are getting harder to come by. We dare not step into the main continent either because of that d.a.m.ned immortal devouring beast… Forget it, there’s no use bringing that up anymore. Come with me.”

Black Water Taoist was more than thrilled, but whether or not was he being genuine, no one knew.

Perhaps he was.

Or perhaps he was faking it.

One thing was for sure, Black Water Taoist had found a new horizon. Apart from that, he now had confirmation that his new master was an immortal.


Back at Dark Wind Cave, Lin Jin occupied one of Tiger Taoist’s private rooms.

This stone room was now filled with humidity and the walls were covered with water droplets. Water energy permeated the air, either in the form of tiny water dragons or aquatic creatures.

This was a result of the supernatural effects of the Four Ocean Gourd; they were not living creatures or water spirits.

Lin Jin was currently researching the Four Ocean Gourd. In his opinion, this was a true magic artifact since it was one level above the Immortal Binding Rope.

For this reason, Lin Jin still hadn’t found a method to completely refine this magic treasure.

Only by refining it completely could he fully utilize the magic treasure’s supernatural abilities. Otherwise, he could only be like Black Water Taoist and use the Four Ocean Gourd to nourish his body and prolong his life.

Lin Jin had tried taking out the water reservoir scale to see if both items could somehow ‘link up’. Clearly, he had thought too much, as nothing happened when he attempted to do it.

After a full day pa.s.sed, Lin Jin realized he wasn’t making any progress.

At least, it was nothing compared to the improvements he had hoped to see.

It was only during the second night when the Visitation Hall opened that Lin Jin snapped out of his thoughts. He had forgotten about the Visitation Hall.

There hadn’t been much going on for the Visitation Hall. The guests were all familiar with each other now so aside from seeking guidance on their beasts, they mostly engaged in idle chatter about recent events.

Zhao Jingyan had regained control over Phoenix Palace and won the support of her elders. Once again, they had risen above the rest. While rebuilding Phoenix Palace’s strength couldn’t be achieved in one day, it was clear that they had a bright future.

Feng Ziqian too.

The lad had been living quite comfortably recently. Because of ‘Curator’s support, the emperor’s opinion of Feng Ziqian was improving day by day. His marriage with the princess of Thousand Island Country was also confirmed too.

In the opinion of the other visitors, Feng Ziqian was already halfway there to succeed the throne. So long as he didn’t cause trouble, he should be able to inherit Heavenly Spiral Kingdom in a few years’ time.

Lin Jin may have left Heavenly Spiral City but the ‘legacy’ he and Curator left behind should be enough for Feng Ziqian to win his battle. For instance, due to his relations.h.i.+p with Lin Jin, Feng Ziqian now had the support of Heavenly Spiral Academy.

The academy was a formidable faction that could easily sway the final result.

After all, the academy included a phenomenal figure like Shu Xiaolou.

He Qing, Ye Yuzhou, Black Crow, Madam Ghost Child, Old Tian, and Jiang Ziqi didn’t have much going on. Ye Yuzhou did ask Curator during every meeting when Appraiser Lin would return to Jade Dragon Kingdom and Maple City.

Not only was Ye Yuzhou hoping for a favorable answer to this question, but the emperor of Jade Dragon Kingdom, He Qian, was probably anxious to know too.


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