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Chapter 552: This Can’t Be Allowed To Exist

Appraiser Yan knew better than anyone what Corpse Taoist was capable of. After all, he had followed Corpse Taoist for fifty years now. At one point, he even witnessed the man eliminate an entire intermediate country on his own.

Needless to say, he had destroyed a number of small countries. The nations that capitulated to him were now attached to the Demonic Appraisal a.s.sociation.

So, if Corpse Taoist said he would do anything, a blood shower would surely befall the lands.

Appraiser Yan would be glad to see that happen because he knew that Lin Jin was Curator’s disciple. As Lin Jin had been a thorn in their organization’s side, to eliminate him during this disaster sounded like a good idea.

“Curator’s tracks are barely traceable but his disciple, Lin Jin, is at Heavenly Spiral Academy right now. I’m sure if we capture Lin Jin, we can lure his master out,” suggested Appraiser Yan.

“Heavenly Spiral Academy, the scared grounds for beast appraisers in United Continent… Hmph! So what? Others may fear them but I don’t. So what if they’re a premium country? So what if it’s Heavenly Spiral Academy? This time, I’ll kill even G.o.ds and deities who dare obstruct my path!”

Corpse Taoist had completely lost his composure.

Appraiser Yan nodded. He always thought their organization had been keeping too low a profile. Finally, they could make themselves known to the world. This was just as he had wished.

Most importantly, they had the means to do so.

Subsequently, Corpse Taoist quickly used token number two to open the second door and released the zombie inside.

This was his pet beast who had also been nourished by energy of the dead for several hundred years, turning it into a zombie beast. Corpse Taoist successfully retrieved the zombie beast with no disruptions this time.

On the other side, Lin Jin had wanted to open the second door as well but he only had one ink stamp with him. Fearing that Shu Xiaolou might not be able to handle that zombie on her own, Lin Jin hurried back to a.s.sist her.

After entering Shu Xiaolou’s painting realm, the world inside had now become completely frozen over.

A blizzard howled and the ground was frozen solid.

Shu Xiaolou was floating in the air, staring gravely at the frozen lake below her.

Once Lin Jin arrived, Shu Xiaolou said, “As I expected, this zombie isn’t an easy foe. I can’t do anything to it so I’ve sealed it down there for now.”

She sounded as if she had suffered an unprecedented defeat.

Just by the tone of her voice, Lin Jin knew how challenging it would be to deal with this zombie.

“Not even if we combine our strengths?” Lin Jin had secretly a.s.sessed himself at the beginning. With Xiao Huo being at the top of Rank 5, he considered himself to be powerful enough. He also had a second pet beast, the blood ghost, so only a handful of enemies in the world could match up to him.

Shu Xiaolou was just as powerful too. She was even stronger than him in some aspects.

If even they couldn’t defeat the zombie with their combined strength, just how powerful was this zombie?

“Zombies are undead. They’re not inside the circle of reincarnation so that makes them a unique existence. Based on what I’ve seen, this zombie should have reached an immortal’s level.” Lin Jin still couldn’t get used to seeing Shu Xiaolou talking so seriously.

However, he heard the word ‘immortal’ loud and clear.

Immediately, he thought of something.

“Release it and the immortal devouring beast will deal with this malicious being,” said Lin Jin nonchalantly. Since their encounter with the immortal devouring beast in the previous painting, Lin Jin told Shu Xiaolou about his secret.

With the exception of beasts, whoever managed to raise their cultivation level up to the standard of an immortal would incur the wrath of the immortal devouring beast.

Lin Jin had witnessed this in person at Daluo Temple.

His plan of lending the strength of the immortal devouring beast should work in theory.

Shu Xiaolou shook her head. “Didn’t you hear what I just said? Zombies aren’t in the circle of reincarnation, that they’re a unique existence. Even if you let it out, the immortal devouring beast will not take any action.”

Lin Jin considered what she said, and realized that it made sense.

The immortal devouring beast seemed to only attack human cultivators.

Now that they couldn’t borrow its strength, Lin Jin asked, “What do you think about sealing it here for now?”

Right after he had spoken, they heard a loud noise coming from the bottom of the lake. The frozen surface began to crack and death aura overflowed from the slits.

Shu Xiaolou looked grim. “Looks like we won’t be able to seal it up. Lin Jin, bring Shang’er in here. If the three of us work together, maybe we can slay this zombie.”

Seeing how serious Shu Xiaolou was, Lin Jin did not dare to bicker with her. He obediently accepted the ink stamp from her and left quickly. It wasn’t long before he returned with Shang’er.

Shang’er was a Rank 5 monster so her strength was on par with Lin Jin’s. In other words, their strength combined made them incredibly potent.

By now, the zombie had broken out of the ice. Death aura began to spread, even penetrating Shu Xiaolou’s painting realm.

“This thing can’t be allowed to exist!” said Shu Xiaolou as she initiated an attack. Floating high above, she made a grabbing gesture and the mountains around them were gathered to crush the zombie.

The ground quaked and rumbled when the mountains came cras.h.i.+ng down on the zombie. Even the lake was dried out from the impact. Here inside Shu Xiaolou’s painting realm, she was undoubtedly the most powerful ent.i.ty.

To alter the environment and use them as offensive weapons were her ability.

The next instant, the skies turned dark and a bolt of lightning came striking down on the zombie.

With Shu Xiaolou’s powers, being able to induce lightning in her painting realm was considered her strongest attack thus far.

Evil beings like zombies feared lightning. Lin Jin and Shang’er exchanged glances before joining in on the offensive as well.

For Shang’er, other than Demonic Transformation, her next best attack was to use the Phantom Blade with Object Manipulation. Shang’er treasured this blade dearly and its offense capabilities were just as mind-blowing. According to Shang’er, there wasn’t anything her Phantom Blade couldn’t cut through in this world.

Invoking a sword spell, Shang’er’s Phantom Blade was launched from its sheath. It turned into a ray of light, before going straight for the zombie’s neck. Its blade cut down the enemy even before the sword arrived.

Lin Jin hesitated.

The greatest weapon he had right now was his domineering spell amulet, the Vulcan Edict. Truth be told, he enjoyed firing the Vulcan Edict at enemies he despised no matter who they were.

But this realm was different.

This was a painting realm.

His flame spells were too destructive, and that was why he still couldn’t release Xiao Huo. If he ended up burning Shu Xiaolou’s painting realm, the gains couldn’t offset the losses.

And so, after thinking it through, Lin Jin took out his immortal binding rope.

“To think an attacker like myself is forced to play a support role in this battle! Sigh!” mumbled Lin Jin to himself.

The zombie on the ground seemed to be able to sense imminent danger, so it used its invincible might to smash away the mountains that were bearing down on it. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, it even reached up to grab Shang’er’s Phantom Blade.

Following a loud clang, Shang’er’s Phantom Blade slashed through the zombie’s arm. Although the blade had sliced its skin, it failed to sever the zombie’s arm.

No doubt, this zombie’s body was much tougher than any sort of metal.

Shu Xiaolou’s lightning didn’t seem to work on the zombie. No matter how many times she pelted it with lightning, the zombie managed to produce a new batch of death aura to parry them.

“It’s my turn now.” From Lin Jin’s observation, he noticed that the zombie was using a thick death aura to block off the lightning and its resilient body to stop the Phantom Blade.

However, it was obvious that it didn’t want the Phantom Blade to cut its neck.

Perhaps its neck was its weakness.


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