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Chapter 292: Horribly Punished

Having constantly hunted in the wild, these hunters were very experienced so it was a given that they would carry traps and drugs along with them.

The three young masters perked up at this suggestion.

The young master of a martial arts family, Huang Yan nodded. “That’s a good idea. Young Master Fan, Zhao Xi, let’s take measures. It’s best if we can catch this white ape alive but if we can’t, we’ll just kill it.”

“Alright!” The other two nodded, deciding White Ape’s fate for themselves.

Of course, White Ape heard their entire discussion, causing his expression to darken. However, with the fur on his face, the others couldn’t very well tell.

“Well, aren’t you just rude? I have no grudge with any of you so why do you have to treat me this way?” White Ape couldn’t resist retorting due to anger.

In an instant, the air around fell silent.

The two hunters widened their eyes as if they had seen a ghost. The three young masters of unknown background were also frozen stiff, staring straight at White Ape as if to confirm if the creature did actually speak.

“Though you’re rude, I won’t stoop to your level so just leave.” Although White Ape was annoyed, he remembered Master Lin’s teachings, telling him not to hurt anyone easily nor get into trouble.

Despite them being the first to attack White Ape and harbor ill intentions, White Ape had been enlightened enough to know it wasn’t necessary to pursue the matter. As long as they were reasonable, that is.

However, it seemed that not many people in the world were considerate, at least not these guys.

The two hunters were men of experience. Upon hearing White Ape speak, they knew he wasn’t an average beast so they were ready to retreat. However, the three scions didn’t share their sentiments.

“This… this white ape can speak?”

“That’s right. I heard it too. A talking white ape! This is a rare beast.”

“Zhao Xi, Huang Yan, I will capture this white ape alive today. For my father’s birthday, this white ape shall be the representative of my filial piety.”

Young Master Fan seemed resolute, unable to conceal the greed in his eyes.

Upon hearing this, White Ape flared up in anger.

Only, the three young masters still couldn’t tell.

The two hunters then whispered, “Young Masters, it’s… it’s also our first time meeting a beast that can talk. But as our predecessors have advised, this isn’t a good sign. Why don’t we just leave it alone?”

“Leave it? Just leave it like that?” The richest among the young masters, Zhao Xi frowned. “Are you whining because your pay isn’t enough? Let me tell you, I, Zhao Xi, have nothing but money. If you help us capture this white ape, I’ll double… No, triple… No, pay you five times the agreed amount.”

After Zhao Xi made his declaration, the hunters seemed hesitant.

One of them clearly didn’t want to accept the offer but the other whispered, “It’s five times the pay. If we take this job, we won’t have to enter the mountains again for half a year. Also, these young masters are really generous in remuneration. They’re already paying us a lot so if we help them finish the job, they might give us even more as a reward.”

The three young masters heard this as well.

“Hmph! That’s right. If the two of you help out, forget five times, I can even pay you ten times the amount,” Young Master Fan declared.

Ten times the pay!

And so, the two hunters made a decision.

Although they frequented the mountains, they mostly visited only Mount Gua and some small mountains nearby. The strongest beasts they encountered were only wild board, jackals, and wolves.

One could imagine how strong their sense of danger was.

The hunters exchanged glances.

“Prosperity can only be found in danger!”

“Let’s do this!”

They had decided.

Everything happened in just a few breaths. Since they already resolved to do this, the hunters immediately made a move, and a savage one at that.

The hunters whistled and their pet beasts, two hunting dogs roared before pouncing forward.

The pet beasts of the three young masters did the same, joining the siege.

In addition, the hunters moved quickly, drawing their bows and firing three rounds of arrows in the blink of an eye, aimed at White Ape’s eyes, nose, and mouth. It was a tricky and vicious attack.

The hunters were smart enough to know that their arrows couldn’t harm White Ape so that was merely a diversion. Their true intention lied in a paper sachet in the hands of one of the hunters.

The paper sachet contained carefully formulated medicine.

Once thrown out, it would burst open and by breathing it in, even the strongest bear would feel their head spin and fall unconscious for several hours.

For safety precautions, the hunters took out the last two packs they had left. As the five pet beasts pounced together and the arrows flew out to disrupt the white ape, now was their time to make the next move.

Two packs of drugs, one in each hunter’s hand, they went around the white ape, searching for an opportunity. When they saw it, the hunters resolutely tossed out the medicine packs in their hands.

As they did, they called their pet beasts back so their companions wouldn’t be affected by the medicine. The three young masters also called their respective pet beasts back.

Of course, even if one of them accidentally breathed the powder in, there was no fear. After all, the hunters had antidotes in their pockets.

Before the two packets collided with White Ape, they abruptly burst open as if hitting an invisible wall. However, the hunters weren’t able to see it clearly.

All that mattered was the packets bursting. The medicine could affect a range of twenty to thirty feet so there was no need to worry.

“Success! Young Masters, we’re thrown out all of the drugs we have so forget this one ape, even an elephant would faint after this.” The hunters went over to seek credit but the young masters didn’t look pleased.

Sensing something was off, the hunters turned to see the white ape still standing tall. Their hearts thumped.

However, the powered mist was covering the top half of White Ape’s body so they couldn’t be sure. All of a sudden, a gust of wind came from nowhere, sweeping the powder away.

White Ape was frowning in fury. Glaring at the humans, White Ape felt that not only had he controlled himself well enough to refrain from giving them trouble, but he was even willing to let them go.

To think his patience was rewarded by something like this.

White Ape was triggered to kill.

“What was all that trouble for? Just attack it. I refuse to believe that with the five of us and our pet beasts, we can’t deal with a stupid monkey.” Young Master Fan had grown impatient too. “Worst comes to worst, I’ll just have to give my father a white ape’s fur. That’s not too bad either.”

The hunters’ uneasiness grew as they had never seen a beast unfazed by their drug. Also, the white ape seemed devilish. Not only was it physically the size of a human, but it could even speak the human language. With these factors combined, they were beginning to feel regret.

However, the bow was already drawn and had to be fired. They could only brace themselves and control their pet beasts to launch a siege.

Just as Young Master Fan had said, with the five of them and their pet beasts combined, how could they fail to take down a not-so-huge white ape?


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