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Chapter 619: Problem?

She was panicking inwardly, and Zhou Huaijin was the least person she wanted to meet right now. She had no idea how to explain the whole thing to him, yet concealing the secret wasn’t always a good idea.

Zhao Yiqiu could understand how Gu Chaoyan felt. She had just learned this truth and as a young girl, she wasn’t ready to accept the truth, but… He did not regret having told her this.

That was something she had to confront sooner or later. It would have been worse if it was discovered by someone else. He hoped that she could adjust her own mood and accept the truth soon.

Zhao Yiqiu nodded. “Just have a rest, you can come to me for help with anything in the future.”

Having said these words, he got up and went outside.

The snowflakes that had fallen upon his shoulders had melted, and his blouse was soaked with wetness, but no one noticed that at this moment, nor did Zhao Yiqiu himself.

He opened the door, then he closed it. He looked at Zhou Huaijin with a composed face. “She asks you to leave, she is not in a mood to see you. Just do as she says, she will come to you when she feels like it.”

As he finished saying these words, he left.

The snow was not as heavy as before, as snowflakes flew all over the sky. Zhao Yiqiu was not in the habit of using the umbrella, so he left directly. When Sword One came out to offer him the umbrella, he was already gone.

Zhou Huaijin stood there in confusion.

She did not want to see him? What was going on? Was there a misunderstanding between them? Or was she mad at him for being late?

Zhou Huaijin did not call Gu Chaoyan, but he was not willing to leave either. He was standing outside the room and planned to wait until Gu Chaoyan was in a mood to see him…

Sword One had no idea what Zhao Yiqiu said, so she asked Qing to give the lunch to Zhou Huaijin who could go inside the room.

Zhou Huaijin shook his head. “You can do that, she doesn’t want to see me. I am just waiting right now.”

Sword One and Qing were both confused. They were not sure what happened to make the Elder Miss refuse to meet Lord Huai? The Elder Miss was a cold person, but they could see that every time Lord Huai came to her, the Elder Miss was smiling brightly and sincerely – she was always so happy to see him.

Zhou Huaijin insisted on standing outside the room, so Qing had to deliver the food herself.

Sword One gave a warm bottle to Zhou Huaijin, seeing the cold outside. Zhou Huaijin was in a total mess – he took the bottle, wondering what was happening to them?

Qing helped Gu Chaoyan with some lunch.

She barely had an appet.i.te for the food, so she just took small bites. She was in a mess too, so she asked Qing to take away the stuff.

Seeing that Elder Miss was in a bad state, Qing did not dare to ask anything more. She came in to add some coal to make sure the room was warm enough.

Four hours later, Qing could not help but say to Elder Miss, since Lord Huai had been staying outside for four hours. “Elder Miss, are you still not in a mood to see Lord Huai? He has been waiting for you outside all this time.”

Gu Chaoyan brought herself back. Was he still there? It was blowing so heavily outside.


Gu Chaoyan sighed heavily. “Qing, just let him in.”

Qing smiled and asked him to come into the room.

Seeing that he was asked for, Zhou Huaijin became extremely happy! He walked in gleefully, and just like how he did before, he removed his coat, drove away the cold air and came to Gu Chaoyan, asking her concernedly. “What happened?”


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