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Chapter 590: Get Out

Having said this, he pushed Gu Zhenkang toward Gu Chaoyan whilst he took a step backwards. He and his guards were in charge of carrying things, they did not care whether something was missing.

The leading guard stood next to them, just looking on.

Gu Zhenkang glared at him and had a clear look at the leading guard. How dare this minor guard treat him so impolitely!

He was going to remember it clearly – he was going to take revenge when it was time.

Gu Chaoyan looked at Gu Zhenkang calmly, “Since those are my mom’s dowries, you will have to give every penny back to me. I never heard about anyone who uses the woman’s dowries to live. Even men from poor families have dignity inside their bones. They never use their women’s dowries.”

What Gu Chaoyan said irritated Gu Zhenkang directly.

She was saying that he had no dignity. Honestly, he had been humiliated too many times for marrying the businessman’s daughter and now too.

Gu Zhenkang was so angry that he had not yet said one thing when Mrs. Gu said next to him, “It is just a small piece of the whole dowries! Your mother had left so much, why be so stingy? You won’t be able to use any of these up! Also, your mother had the obligation to help the Gu Mansion when the Mansion was in trouble back then!”

Mrs. Gu spoke as if what she said was totally reasonable.

Gu Zhenkang glared at her. “Just shut up!”

Gu Chaoyan had just sneered at him for not having any dignity, and Mrs. Gu was just adding fuel to the fire!

Mrs. Gu pursed her lips, looking displeased, but Gu Zhenkang did make some decisions for what happened today, so Mrs. Gu did not say anything more about being lectured.

Gu Zhenkang did have some ideas of his own regarding Ms. Lin and Ms. Lin’s dowries. He was not as reluctant as he was in other things.

Ms. Lin and Ms. Lin’s dowries as well as everything else, was a barrier in his heart that he could not get over. He just hoped that as long as he could leap over the barrier today, all would be fine.

“Give me a few more days and I will get those things to you. I will replace the things on the list with money instead, what do you think?” Gu Zhenkang said unhappily.

Gu Chaoyan smiled. If that was the case…

“Then I will be waiting. If you don’t get the things to my hands in time, I will have to tell the King about that so that he can make a decision for us.” Gu Chaoyan snapped.

Gu Zhenkang let out a snort as an answer.

Since the deal was done, the imperial army and the Officer guards from the Government Office retired too.

Sword One and Qing, however, were not by Gu Chaoyan’s side, instead they devoted themselves to sorting out the storage.

Gu Chaoyan had no choice, but to drink tea alone.

Sigh, was she becoming less important compared to jewelry?


The following day…

Gu Chaoyan took the prescriptions she had as well as the acupuncture bag and went into the court with Sword One.

Mr. Zhao kept her company.

The two of them went in together.

On their way to Qianqing Palace, Mr. Zhao started to head to another path and Gu Chaoyan got surprised. “Aren’t you going to the King?”

“You are enough for the King, I need to visit the Queen at Weiyang Palace. She is not doing that well these days.” Zhao Yiqiu was still wearing a calm face as he said straightforwardly.

Gu Chaoyan answered with a small okay, then she headed to Qianqing Palace alone.

The moment they reached Qianqing Palace, she ran into the Empress Dowager who was about to go into the same place. The Empress Dowager’s smiling face turned twisted the moment she saw Gu Chaoyan. “What are you doing here? This is the King’s bedroom, not a place for you to walk in and out of. Get out of here now!”


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