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Chapter 470: The Phoenix

Gu Xiuying nodded. She found her mother too nagging. She already had the idea of what to do. She always knew what to do.

She waved her off and went back to her room.

And Gu Chaoyan, who they were all talking about, was now at the Qiong Pavilion. Sword One had gone and prepared the water whilst she was holding her chin, thinking.

She was also thinking about who to invite for the Adulthood Ceremony. However, neither Gu Xiuying and Gu Caiqin had ever crossed her mind.

Since Princess Xunyang was the a.s.sistant who volunteered to do so, she had to invite someone who would not humiliate Princess Xunyang.

Yuanxiang might work, as for the remaining one…

Gu Chaoyan was just thinking when Sword One asked her to go bath.

Gu Chaoyan stopped thinking about that and went to take a bath instead.

After bath, she went to bed.

The following day, Sword One pa.s.sed the Dean’s letter to her early in the morning.

Gu Chaoyan had just eaten breakfast, so she read the letter as she drank tea.

It was also about how to get a proper arrangement for Gu Chaoyan.

Gu Chaoyan had not expected that she and Zhou Huaijin would get married so fast, so she might not be able to become a female doctor in the court in the future. The Dean was nice to her. He did not ask her to be present at the College all the time.

She was asked to stay at home and would only need to be at school when she was needed.

Gu Chaoyan believed that it was the best arrangement as well. She put the letter back into the envelope and asked Sword One to put it away

She remained seated and started to think again.

Many things had happened yesterday and she had not gotten time to think everything through.

Especially, the wound on her hand.

Mrs. Gu made this wound happen, and she did not use magical water to heal it. She expected to see what on earth her blood could do to her.

Judging from what happened the day before… it did not work at all.

So it meant that blood and the strangeness were not connected.

So… What would that strangeness be connected with? Gu Chaoyan just could not figure out the answer at all.

Suddenly, an idea flashed across her mind.

The phoenix? As far as she remembered, the egg in the s.p.a.ce was gone and a phoenix appeared around the time when the strangeness occurred.

If that was the case, then it was the day when the phoenix was born.

The Phoenix was the king of all birds, so it was quite normal that all the birds were gathered for the birth.

So that strangeness had nothing to do with the Phoenix Girl, it had to do with the phoenix.

Gu Chaoyan suddenly felt quite relieved – she felt that all the confusion had been resolved. That cheered her up.

Seeing Sword One distracted, Gu Chaoyan took the opportunity and sneaked into the s.p.a.ce to check up on the phoenix. Feathers had grown out of the phoenix after this while and the bird looked much better this way.

Seeing her coming, the phoenix ignored her and focused on himself.

Gu Chaoyan was helpless – but alright, as long as the bird was happy.

She went to check up on the fruits, vegetables and herbs in the s.p.a.ce. They had grown well. The herbs growing in the s.p.a.ce worked much better than those from outside.

Since she was inside, Gu Chaoyan picked some herbs, fruits and planned to take some for Yuanxiang and Madame Jiang.

She was about to leave the s.p.a.ce after she finished her work when the phenoix eventually broke the peace and said, “You dumb girl!”


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