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Chapter 378: Flattering

She knew that Zhou Huaijin would get her many wedding presents because he cared about her, but when she saw these, she found that the amount was too huge for her to imagine. Did he bring everything he owned here?

She did not care about that stuff. It was enough that she knew that Zhou Huaijin treated her nicely.

“It is the only wedding in your life, and you should not have any regrets. These are not important things for me, what I need the public to know is that my heart belongs to you.” Zhou Huaijin said gently. He found Gu Chaoyan quite lovely when she was so concerned about money. She did not seem to be affected by many things, except for money and properties! He said with a consoling tone, “Don’t worry, that is just part of my properties. I have many more and I will treat you well.”

Gu Chaoyan patted the back of his hand and slightly snorted – she was not worrying that he could not afford to support her!

Zhou Huaijin chuckled and watched the presents coming in one box after another.

A long while later the presents were finished delivering. Those boxes had taken up the entire front yard.

Gu Zhenkang got so excited that he would have almost collapsed, if not for Chen Fu’s support.

He had not expected that he would witness such a day. He did not expect that his daughters could marry well.

When the engagement was completed, he was going to tell Gu Chaoyan to ask Lord Yu to marry Wanru. In this way, he would be free from trouble in his upcoming life!

Gu Zhenkang was making a plan for his prospering mansion.

When Zhou Huaijin was done with the engagement, he snapped coldly. “Since the engagement is done, I will inform you of the wedding date.”

Then he looked at Gu Chaoyan gently and decided to leave.

Gu Zhenkang did not dare to make him stay. So he got up and saw him off to the gate of the Gu Mansion, where a lot of people were gathered and discussing something. Many pa.s.sers-by had been drawn to watch the grand presents Zhou Huaijin had offered to the mansion.

Zhou Huaijin said openly as he walked out of the mansion. “I am engaged with the Elder Miss of the Gu Mansion now. You are all welcome to have a drink at my mansion on our wedding day, when you have time.” Zhou Huaijin looked so gentle when he spoke of his wedding.

Those civilians, who used to fear him badly, got so excited that they exploded in cheers. “Thank you, Lord Huai!”

Zhou Huaijin got into the wagon, waved at Gu Chaoyan and left.

Seeing the luxurious wagon disappearing in front of his eyes, Lin Jiaxing got very excited. He looked at Gu Chaoyan. “Chaoyan, it seems that the Lord is true to you, congratulations!”

Lin Jiaxing was being truthful when he said these words. His sister had thought that she met someone who truly liked her, and he had tried to talk her out of it, but his sister refused to listen to him, and ended up being in such a miserable state. He was very sorry for that.

However, things were different now… He could tell that the Lord was true to Chaoyan and she was going to have a very wonderful life.

“Thanks, Uncle.” Gu Chaoyan smiled. She knew that Uncle was true to her, despite what happened between the Lin Family and her before.

Mrs. Lin smiled flatteringly, “Chaoyan, didn’t expect that you are so lucky, Jiashu is your cousin, can you…”



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