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Chapter 721: Careless

Translator: Yunyi

As expected, there was panic on Tang Xinrou’s side.

They even had a huge argument because of Song Yaoyao’s disappearance.

Song Yaoyao simply said that she was lost and didn’t bring her phone. Finally, she asked for the program team’s address, and Tang Xinrou and the others immediately agreed to pick her up.

They told her not to run around!

Song Yaoyao: “…”


Feng Pei’s eyes were full of smiles as he took the phone.

It was just as he had expected. A careless girl like this was indeed very worrisome.

“Thank you.”

Song Yaoyao thanked him softly. Then, she carried the kittens and quietly moved out of the camera lens, waiting for Tang Xinrou and the others to pick her up.

The audience was watching the little fairy with great interest when she suddenly disappeared.

How could they tolerate this?

“Ahhh, I want to see the little sister, where did she go?”

“The way she made that phone call was so attractive! Knowing that a celebrity’s phone has privacy, she called openly in front of Feng Pei so not to make him feel uncomfortable.”

“Wow! This detail! If you didn’t mention it, I wouldn’t have noticed.”

“Song Jingwan’s jacket is very similar to the girl’s.”

“She’s not as pretty as Yaoyao.”

“Get lost, idiot! Wanwan is the most beautiful one. I won’t accept any reb.u.t.tal! If you continue to argue with me, be careful of your mother!”

“I want to see her. Where’s the camera? Point it at her!”

The filming of the show had come to an end, and the seafood feast was soon delivered.

The sumptuous feast was a little over the top.

There were huge king crabs, lobsters, and all kinds of scallops, abalone, and so on…

The table was filled to the brim.

There were a total of six guests, and even if they ate everything together, they wouldn’t be able to finish it.


“If I knew that the reward for the first place would be so rich, I would have searched a little longer.”

“Brother Pei, can you finish all this? If you can’t finish it, I can help you. Hehehe…”

This was a variety show, there was no need to be so serious.

Someone had already snuck over, stolen a scallop, and hid in a corner to eat it.

For the sake of the show’s effect, the program team was a little excessive.

First place received an extremely sumptuous seafood feast, second place received three side dishes from the island, third place got a bowl of porridge and steamed cornbread, and fourth place was left with just a steamed cornbread…

Song Jingwan didn’t find anything, so the team did not give her any food.

At that moment, Zhong Yi returned.

As expected, she was so tired that she was panting. As soon as she sat down, she drank half a bottle of water. Her hands were empty as she said sadly, “It’s too difficult, too difficult! There’s no mission card! Does the flag really exist…?”

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw a table full of seafood.


She gulped. “Who’s in first place?”

Everyone looked at Feng Pei in unison.

Feng Pei grinned. “Let’s eat together.”

Since he had invited them, everyone who was already starving immediately swarmed over.

Zhong Yi chewed on the lobster while asking incredulously, “Feng Pei, you’re in first place?”

“It was just an accident. I won lying down.” Feng Pei nodded and looked at Song Yaoyao.

He walked over to turn off the microphone and said, “I’ve already told my a.s.sistant to get someone else to prepare a table of seafood. When your friends come, you can eat with them. It’s my treat.”

Song Yaoyao was playing with Unhappy’s paws, making Unhappy even more unhappy.

Hearing Feng Pei, she paused and slowly raised her head. “Are you sure you want to treat me?”

Feng Pei rubbed her nose, her ears slightly red. “Are you worried that I can’t afford to treat you? You can eat whatever you want.. You’re welcome! Thank you for tonight.”


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