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Chapter 659: My Big Bro Is Awesome

Just as she was about to scold him, his lips that were even more beautiful than a girl’s had already fallen upon hers…

Time seemed to stop.

For Tang Xinrou, every minute and every second had a new feeling.

When everything was over, Tang Xinrou needed to lean into An Feiran’s embrace so that she wouldn’t fall to the ground; her legs felt weak.

She…was out of breath.

There was a light scent on the boy’s body. It was like a mix of ink and books, and it smelled especially good.

It was also rea.s.suring.

From what Tang Xinrou knew, An Feiran was meant to be shy, thin, and weak. But now that she was leaning against his chest, separated by the fabric of his s.h.i.+rt, she realized how ridiculous her knowledge was.

It wasn’t very p.r.o.nounced, but there were slight muscle lines that belonged to the st.u.r.diness and vigor of a young man.

He was surging with power.

Tang Xinrou was both embarra.s.sed and angry. She calmed down for a while, and when she almost recovered her strength, she suddenly raised her foot and stomped down on An Feiran’s leather shoes with her stilettos.

“B*stard! All guys are bad news!”

She pushed An Feiran away and walked forward angrily.

An Feiran’s face was also red. He blinked innocently. “You kissed me again.”

It would have been better if she hadn’t said anything, but the moment she did, Tang Xinrou recalled the scene just now.

How did the relations.h.i.+p between the two become different?

She suddenly turned her head and glared fiercely at him. “Then what about after that! I f*cking kissed you twice, but they weren’t as long as your kiss!”

An Feiran felt wronged. “You didn’t count it, how would you know?”

“You’re still acting innocent? I’ve finally seen through you! You f*cking—”

Tang Xinrou hissed and licked her lips. Only then did she realize that there was a small cut on the soft flesh inside her lips. Under the stimulation, there was a piercing pain.


Her ears instantly turned red. Tang Xinrou was extremely grateful that she had put on makeup tonight. The foundation that was extremely good at concealing blemishes covered the redness on her face. Otherwise, she would have lost in front of An Feiran today!


She, Miss Tang, would never admit defeat!

“Your skills are so bad, I’ll just treat it as if I’ve been bitten by a dog, hmph!”

With that, she turned around elegantly and left in her high heels.

An Feiran’s expression froze. After a long while, he touched his slightly swollen lips and muttered, “Was it really that bad?”

The Shen Family arranged a small hall for Song Yaoyao while Huo Yunque was held back by Elder Shen. All her cla.s.smates were thoughtfully arranged to sit at the same table as her.

They had finished eating a long time ago. A group of people were playing cards while the rest were just watching.

Except for Song Yaoyao, the other players had sticky notes on their faces.

Especially Shen Xun. He blew on the notes and they rustled.

Song Yaoyao only had three cards left in her hand. She was the ‘landlord’.

The other three looked at each other and exchanged looks. They thought that she wouldn’t be so lucky this round?

They tried to find a pair.

Then, they saw that familiar sweet smile.

The fear of being dominated surged in their hearts again.

Song Yaoyao calmly threw out a pair of kings and queens, and then threw down 2 of clubs. Her smiling eyes were curved, innocent and harmless.

“Sorry, I won again.”

Han Jun wiped his face and looked at Shen Xun sympathetically.

“B-Brother Xun… do you still have s.p.a.ce to stick another?”

Looking at the densely packed stickers on his face, Han Jun tried hard to hold back his laughter.

Shen Xun blew on the paper, and it made a rustling sound. The moment it flew up, he saw from the corner of his eye that the girl was holding her chin with one hand and playing with her cards in boredom.

He calmly leaned back and said like a boss, “Stick it on and write ‘My Big Bro is awesome’ on it.”



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