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Chapter 294: I Won’t Be Disgusted


In an instant, everything was clear.

The girl sat at the dining table, holding her mobile phone and looking at him happily.

Huo Yunque’s lips moved a little, his smile so subtle that it was hard to detect.


Song Yaoyao was suddenly surprised. She a.n.a.lyzed the man’s face which was more pale than usual and her excitement immediately faded.

“Hm?” Huo Yunque raised an eyebrow.

“Are you hurt…?”

Song Yaoyao asked hurriedly, “How did you get hurt? Where are you hurt? Show me!”

The concern in her eyes was almost overflowing as they quickly turned red and she began to ramble.

Huo Yunque lowered his head and focused his gaze on her.

“I’m fine. I’m not hurt,” he explained briefly.

Song Yaoyao blinked and hot tears streamed down from her eyes like rain. Her red eyes were misty. As she looked into his eyes, she pressed her lips together stubbornly. “Don’t lie to me. Your lies won’t work on me!”

She had studied medicine.


Huo Yunque shook his head, his voice was clear and deep.

“I’m honestly fine.”

He lowered his voice comfortingly as his throat moved. There was a sense of gentleness.

“Don’t cry, I’m not in China right now so I can’t help you wipe your tears…”

The man leaned back lazily in his bed as his dark hair fell naturally in front of his forehead. His pale lips curved upwards slightly; he was even in the mood to joke around with her.

Song Yaoyao sobbed. “Then let me see your wound!”


Huo Yunque shook his head as his slender fingers fell upon the b.u.t.tons of his s.h.i.+rt. He raised an eyebrow. “Do you really want to see?”


Song Yaoyao wiped her tears and nodded her head.

When Uncle Zhang approached and saw the girl crying pitifully, he received quite a shock.

Only when he approached did he realize that she was talking to Huo Yunque on the phone.

He smiled and retreated quietly.

When Huo Yunque heard Song Yaoyao’s response, he burst into a husky laughter.

“My wound is in a spot that I don’t usually show people. If you look at it, then you have to take responsibility.”

Teardrops clung to Song Yaoyao’s eyelashes and her pupils looked extra clear after being washed by her tears.

She blinked and suddenly cried louder.


Huo Yunque froze; he was quite shocked by this reaction.

But as he watched her continue to cry, he felt helpless and heartbroken.

“What’s wrong? I’m honestly fine.”


Huo Yunque furrowed his brows. He didn’t know what to do about this crying girl. His temples began to hurt as he sighed and accepted his fate. “Fine, I’ll show it to you.”

As long as it could stop her from crying, he was willing to do anything.

The girl cried so hard that she could barely catch her breath. Her small face was covered in tears and she sobbed. A few strands of hair stuck to her cheeks, making her appear extra delicate.

Song Yaoyao was stunned and distraught.

“Gege…stop lying to me. Don’t worry! Even if you’re wounded ‘there’, I won’t be disgusted by you! I will stay with you for life. Honestly!” she guaranteed between tears.

When Huo Yunque heard this, his face immediately darkened.

He took a deep breath but couldn’t control himself in the end.

“Song Yaoyao!”

He deepened his voice and his eyes turned frighteningly cold.

“What are you thinking, huh?”

Huo Yunque stretched out his hand and unb.u.t.toned the s.h.i.+rt that took him much effort to put on. In the end, he tore it off, revealing his big chest muscles.

His firm muscles appeared on the screen, alongside the thick bandage which wrapped around the front of his chest and over his shoulder. Blood had seeped through this bandage.

So…this was where he was wounded…


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