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Chapter 212: Gege, I Want To Eat A Hamburger

Translator: Yunyi

She was jealous that others were looking at him, so he held her hand in public.

Without a word, he told everyone that the position beside him was already taken.

Huo Qi looked down and sighed. The Master sure had his ways…

If anyone still had the guts to say that his Master was pure with no desires and had no interest in women, he was going to crush their skulls.


Song Yaoyao stumbled behind. When she saw all the envious gazes that were directed at her, the dark clouds in her heart faded. She stuck out her body and asked in a quiet voice, “Why?”

Why did he suddenly hold her hand? Moreover, he wasn’t holding her like she was a child, he had his fingers clasped with hers like a boyfriend and a girlfriend…

Her heart suddenly felt sweet and all her discomfort disappeared.

So what if these people kept looking? Gege was hers!

“Are you happy?”

Huo Yunque’s eyes moved slightly as he questioned her in a satisfied tone.

He was observant and nothing could escape his gaze.

“Uh huh~”

Song Yaoyao quickly nodded her head like a happy little fool.

“Are you hungry now?” Huo Yunque asked.

Song Yaoyao touched her stomach and nodded her head. “Yes.”

Huo Yunque was amused as he pointed at her. “What do you want to eat?”

They had already reached the first floor. If they wanted to eat, they would have to turn back.

Song Yaoyao looked around. When she spotted a burger and pizza restaurant, her eyes lit up. She pointed straight in front of her. “Gege! I want to eat a hamburger! Some fried chicken! Cola! And pizza!”

Every time she mentioned an item, Huo Yunque’s eyebrows would furrow further.

“Those are all junk food.”

Huo Yunque had never eaten food like that in his life. He always ate bland food and only drank water or coffee.

Those deep-fried food covered in all kinds of weird sauces was something that he had never wanted to try before he met Song Yaoyao.

“Everyone’s eating them! Just try it once, Gege~”

Song Yaoyao wrapped her hands around his arm and tugged on it like a whining child. It appeared as though she was not leaving unless he agreed.

Huo Yunque held his head and his temples twitched.

“Song Yaoyao, you won’t grow taller if you eat this.”

He knew that height had always been Song Yaoyao’s weakness.

But, this time, it was as though Song Yaoyao had been possessed. Plus, she was starving, so she really wanted to eat it.

After all, in her previous life, she could only watch others eat junk food while she never got the chance to taste it.

“I don’t care!”

She shook her head as she pulled Huo Yunque into the store.

Huo Qi didn’t even get the chance to stop her as he watched Huo Yunque being dragged away.

Oh no, his G.o.dly Master had become a mortal because of Song Yaoyao!

The hamburger restaurant was full and there were people everywhere.

Even in front of the counter, there was a long queue of people waiting to order their meals.

Huo Qi couldn’t bear to watch as he instructed the other bodyguards to wait outside and told the a.s.sistants to return to the office first before he walked inside. “Sir, why don’t you and Miss Song find a seat, and I’ll line up for you.”

Huo Yunque was dressed in business attire, looking cla.s.sy and refined. Moreover, he was tall with a handsome appearance. So people were naturally looking at him.

As soon as he joined the queue, everyone instinctively moved away.

The reason was simple: his aura was too frightening. When they stood close to him, they were too afraid to even take a big breath!

But Song Yaoyao did not notice anything at all as she looked up at the menu boards excitedly.


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