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Everyone was shocked by his sudden proposal. The only one unfazed was Xinghe.

“Because of my money?” she asked directly.

Sam nodded with a large smile. “That’s right! Of course, you’re a catch too and I’m not shabby myself, so why not…”

“Well, at least you’re honest,” Xinghe interrupted, “But I have to tell you, the money isn’t mine. If there’s chance in the future, I will introduce the both of you… maybe you two can get married instead.”

Then Xinghe walked away. However, she turned after a few steps and said, “By the way, it’s a he.”

Sam was silent, while Wolf, Ali, and Cairn burst out in mocking laughs. Xinghe turned back to walk away and a smile threatened to surface on her face. She was able to joke with Sam like that because she knew Sam was joking with her as well. However, she couldn’t help but wonder what Mubai’s reaction would be if he was around. With her thoughts rounding back to Mubai, she started to worry about his situation again.

It had been three days since the plane crash so there wasn’t any time for her to waste. Xinghe immediately had Sam and the rest go out to search for the man. They had a wide range connections so they could send out a lot of people to look for him.

Xinghe didn’t sit around doing nothing, she left Mubai a message on the internet. If he was still alive, he would have seen it. Furthermore, she had used a sizeable amount of his money, he would have noticed it. Xinghe tried searching for him while leaving traces for him to reach her.

However, other than Mubai, Xinghe was searching for another person. He was Sam and the rest’s teacher, Charlie.

Xinghe asked for Charlie’s details from Ali and the rest. She only then realized how impressive Charlie was. Charlie was once a famed mercenary but was detained for many years due to an undisclosed reason. After he got out of jail, he made himself a living in Country Y.

He stayed away from mercenary groups, preferring to work solo until he found Sam and the rest. However, one month ago, Charlie had disappeared without a trace. Sam and the gang couldn’t locate him no matter what. They suspected he had left the country on one of his a.s.signments.

“However, it’s been a month and whenever Charlie leaves on a job, he would tell one of us,” Ali said worriedly. “Which is why I suspect that something has happened to him.”

“We think so too, it’s the only explanation why we haven’t received any communication from him,” Wolf added with a sigh.

Xinghe nodded. “Then we’ll look for him together. After all, we have money now and everything has a price.”

“Xinghe, why do you want to look for Charlie?” Cairn asked and the rest looked at her.

Xinghe answered softly, “I need his help with something; you’ll see when the time comes.”

“Alright, well, thank you for your help.” Sam nodded. They were glad for Xinghe’s help. Just like that, they’d mobilized a lot of forces to increase the search effort. The news quickly spread, there was no secrets among the many different forces. Furthermore, the reward of 3,000,000 USD had drawn in a lot of ‘favors’. To their surprise, news about Charlie came as soon as the day after!


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