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There were instantly snickers from the crowd. Yan Lu chided him loudly, “So this is the standard of the world’s third best!”

“You can’t say that. Mr. Sun is indeed very good at his job but alas, he’s just a smidge weaker than Miss Xia,” someone purposely added.

Xinghe suddenly said, “Not just a smidge weaker.”

The crowd was shocked, what did she mean by that. Xinghe stared at Sun Yu. “I think you yourself know what I mean by that.”

Sun Yu’s face blanched. This was the first time he felt so uneasily.
How does she know that I have hacked through the system before? Could she have spotted some evidence? No, impossible, I’m too good to be found out by her.

“What do you mean by that? Don’t think that just because you’ve won by cheating, you can insult me!” Sun Yu retorted with anger.

Xinghe laughed humorlessly. “Just who exactly was cheating?”

“Xia Xinghe, what do you mean by that‽”

“The meaning’s simple, I never considered you a threat but you forced me to use seventy percent of my power.”

Sun Yu understood what she meant. Xinghe spotted something wrong in the middle of the compet.i.tion, which was why she sped up. He was indeed found out…

However, the thing that was even more difficult for Sun Yu to stomach was she only used 70 percent of her ability to defeat him! In other words, she had even held back. This was not Xinghe giving him face, instead she didn’t think he deserved for her to get serious. This was such a gross humiliation for a conceited person like Sun Yu. He couldn’t accept that there was such a stark difference in ability between the two of them.

Sun Yu’s face was twisted from anger. “Xia Xinghe, do you really think you’re that great? How about another match then? If you look down on me so much, show me that you can defeat me easily again!”

“Should I accept his challenge?” Xinghe turned to ask the crowd.

Yan Lu replied excitedly, “Of course! Why not? Let him taste utter defeat!”

“That’s right, defeat him, defeat him, defeat him…” Munan’s camp was completely riled up, they couldn’t stop chanting these two words.

Sun Yu’s face was at its ugliest and Saohuang’s face was so dark it could eclipse the sun. However, they couldn’t bow out now. If they did, it would be worse than losing. However, continuing this contest didn’t bode well for them either.

Saohuang cursed Sun Yu’s stupidity internally. He should have cut his losses when he lost, why did he have to be so stupid to ask for another humiliation‽ Shouldn’t he have known it wouldn’t be his own face he would be losing if he lost again? The whole team would be shamed because of him. However, the challenge had been issued, there was no backing down now. He could only pray that Sun Yu could defeat Xinghe this time.

Xinghe smiled. “Fine, I shall entertain you for one more round since it will help raise the troop’s morale.”

“It’s still too soon to say that!” Sun Yu breathed through gritted teeth. The comparison was simply too unflattering for Sun Yu. Xinghe was calm and collected, while he was almost at his wit’s end.

“I shall let you decide the subject of this second round as well.”

“Fine!” The word squeezed through Sun Yu’s teeth. This was another degradation for Sun Yu because he had decided the subject for the first round, if he lost again, the humiliation would be hard to live down.


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