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Mubai stared at Xia Meng emotionlessly and the latter started to get anxious. Suddenly, he said, “I’m here only to tell you that I will procure a good body for you to inhabit after the research is over.”

Xia Meng was surprised. She didn’t expect he would personally come to tell her this.

“But in exchange, you must promise me to take good care of Xinghe’s body. If not, I will not hesitate to keep the body in suspension against your will, do you understand?” Mubai asked coldly.

Xia Meng nodded somewhat blankly. “I understand.”

“Very good.” After he got the answer he wanted, Mubai turned to leave.

Xia Meng was curious, he came all the way just to tell her that? For some reasons, the girl felt something bigger was afoot…

However, it didn’t seem to concern her. As long as she remained in Xinghe’s body, at least Mubai would not let any fatal harm come her way. Nevertheless, she knew the protectiveness he had towards her was directed at Xinghe’s body and not her. In fact, she was certain that, if necessary, he would sacrifice her without a second thought to protect Xinghe should the situation came to that. She was a minor inconvenience that just so happened to hold Xinghe’s body hostage.

For some reason, that knowledge upset Xia Meng. Once more, she started to get envious of Xinghe because she knew no man would ever treat her like Mubai treated Xinghe.

Back in the dimly-lit room, Xinghe moved her body that was all curled up on the bed.

Her body was drenched with sweat, soaking into the mattress. Her body was incredibly weak, the smallest movement would drain her of all energy.

Xinghe didn’t expect that after evading death, there was a bigger torture that awaited her.

Yesterday, the man averted the gun barrel at the last moment. The bullet grazed her temple and eventually lodged into the wall behind her.

However, the man shot her up with drugs. According to the man, the drug would activate every night, causing excruciating pain, a pain so intense that one would prefer death to get it over with.

Xinghe realized the man wasn’t lying. She had suffered through the pain the entire night. If not for her personal experience, she wouldn’t have known such a scary drug existed in the real world.

However, she didn’t beg for mercy!

Yes, the pain was unbearable but she didn’t surrender; she knew that was what the man was waiting for, to force her to reveal the location of the energy crystal.

The fact that Xinghe really didn’t know the location aside, even if she did, she wouldn’t have told the man.

No one could threaten her; she would rather suffer through the torture than give him the satisfaction. At worst, she would die with the knowledge and his trail would die with her.

The room door was slowly pushed open and the man walked in…

He looked at Xinghe struggling and he said in amus.e.m.e.nt, “I’m surprised you still won’t give up. The drug I gave you has broken even the toughest military man.”

Xinghe leveled him a cold stare. “If you’re here to take my life, do it quickly. I tire of this conversation with you.”

The man chuckled mirthlessly. “Looks like I’ve underestimated your stubbornness.”

To be honest, Xinghe had completely impressed this man. He initially thought some scares and torture could get Xinghe to yield because she was a woman. However, even after such an intense torment, she was still unmovable…

That greatly surprised the man.

However, no one was able to survive his torture skills, so he took it on as his personal mission to break Xinghe.

“Miss Xia, yesterday’s torment was just the beginning. You’d better reconsider your options. If you’re willing to reveal everything to me then I will give you a shot through your heart. A fair trade, isn’t it?”


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