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Chapter 157: Unflattering Comparison

Mubai did return home soon after.

Before his car even entered Purple Jade Villa, Xia Zhi, who was on surveillance duty, spotted him.

“Sis, Mubai’s car is here!” Xia Zhi rushed to inform Xinghe.

Xinghe walked out of her bedroom all done up. Xia Zhi was stunned.

“Sis, you look like a million bucks!”

Xinghe had been for a hair appointment that morning and the new haircut softened her face and lent her an elegant look.

She had on a simple white dress that reached her knees, and light make-up. There was a sense of purity to her beauty like driven snow.

Xia Zhi said admiringly, “Sis, you should dress like this more often. I’m sure you’ll attract many suitors!”

“Alright then, I’m leaving.” Xinghe was aloof even though Xia Zhi kept piling on the praises.

She only took a few steps when Xia Zhi suddenly asked, “Sis, why must you wait until Mubai returns that you go over?”

Xinghe replied without turning her head, “Because he’s part of the plan.”

“O-Okay!” Xia Zhi smiled deviously.

Even though he had no idea what Xinghe’s plan was, he was happy on her behalf.

Because no matter what the plan was, Xinghe was sure to pull it off.

Someone was going to get their face slapped by his sister tonight and he couldn’t wait to find out whom and how.

Xinghe’s newly bought white Maserati slowed to a stop in front of Xi Family’s house.

The security guard saw her car and was inwardly surprised. He had no idea who would be driving such a nice and beautiful car.

He certainly wasn’t expecting the driver to be Young Master’s mother!

Xinghe in her white heels, moved with ease to ring the doorbell.

“Madam, Miss Xia is here!” A maid came to report.

Old Mrs. Xi and Tianxin were helping the maids set up the table when they heard the news. Old Mrs. Xi was temporarily dazed. “Xia Xinghe is here?”

“Yes, madam. She is at the door.”

“And here I thought she wouldn’t come today. Let her in, I want to ask her whether she knows the meaning of punctuality!” Old Mrs. Xi’s anger rose immediately.

Tianxin’s mind screamed in alarm.

Why is Xinghe’s timing so curious? She comes over when Mubai is almost home…

The more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became. She was about to stop the maid but the maid had already left.

“Auntie, why would Xinghe come at night and not in the morning or afternoon?” Tianxin tried to remind Old Mrs. Xi but the latter was too p.i.s.sed to take the hint.

“Who knows what she’s thinking? No matter, we’ll ask her ourselves!” Old Mrs. Xi strode haughtily to the living room and Xinghe happened to walk in.

Tianxin, who followed behind Old Mrs. Xi, felt her heart drop when she saw Xinghe!

Xinghe was dressed casually but managed to be elegant and gorgeous.

In comparison, her patterned gown looked too gaudy and out of place!

To beat Xinghe, she purposely put on Chanel’s latest evening gown.

The dress was expensive, about 50,000 RMB.

However, Tianxin had a less than perfect body frame. The dress was wearing her and not the other way around.

Xinghe’s dress was about 10,000 RMB, not especially expensive but it had a cut and material suitable for Xinghe’s body.

It looked like the dress was specially made for Xinghe. It matched her physique and character.

Instead of highlighting the dress’ price, Xinghe’s attire pulled people’s focus to the captivating manner she carried herself.


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