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Chapter 932: The Big Boss Has Returned!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was in the Secret Forest at checkpoint 55 on the Stairway Tree.

Bai, Lancelot and the other imperial monsters were killing all kinds of monsters along the way towards checkpoint 56.

In reality, the Secret Forest was not a monster level. It was just an area with special rules. Under normal circ.u.mstance, the difficulty of this stage would be just the horrible living environment.

However, due to the special rules, many monsters from the monster hordes decided to stay. Since their size was shrunk by 1,000 times, the surface of this level was equivalent to being enlarged a million times, which was huge. The local plants and monsters that were regular-sized seemed gigantic to them whereby the various resources available were unusually rich.

One could say that the total number of monsters on this level was much more than the real number of monsters on the initial checkpoint 56. However, due to the vast surface, the monsters were scattered.

Lin Huang did not waste his time killing monsters here because he had already pa.s.sed this stage. No matter how many monsters he killed, he would not obtain any points. Even the G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls in his body would not obtain any spiritual energy.

As long as it was a level that the player had already pa.s.sed, being on the same level again would not reap him any benefit. It would be the same if the player died on the Stairway Tree and began from the first level again.

Using Lin Huang as an example, his highest record on the Stairway Tree was checkpoint 56. If he died for some reason on the Stairway Tree, he would fall back to checkpoint 1. He would not gain any benefit during the arduous process of climbing from checkpoint 1 to checkpoint 55. However, the difficulty of each checkpoint would still remain. The horrible living conditions would be the same as well as the laborious monster hordes. There was no benefit going through the checkpoints again.

Hence, many people would not make it to the same checkpoint they died after putting in so much effort to be at a certain checkpoint. Not surpa.s.sing the checkpoint where one failed before would mean no benefit for them. That was the reason why many feared to die on the Stairway Tree.

Only a handful of powerhouses who possessed absolute ability were not scared of death because they had the ability to get to the checkpoint they died at.

After spending over an hour pa.s.sing through the Secret Forest, Lin Huang brought his imperial monsters to checkpoint 56.

This checkpoint was a monster level and there were monsters called the Combat Hornetdemons all over the place.

Lin Huang only dared to attack a hornets’ nest the last time. Then, he had not wanted to create a big commotion in fear that the hornets’ nests around would surround him. He was frightened that the hornet queen and hornet guardians would sense him, which would spell trouble for him.

However, he was fearless this time with his bunch of imperial-level crimson gold-rank imperial monsters.

Those Combat Hornetdemons were just high-level immortal-levels and could not even break through the defenses of Bai and the rest since they were on imperial-level crimson gold-rank. They were no threat to them.

Lin Huang smirked slightly when he saw the first hornet nest not far away as soon as he stepped out of the Secret Forest.

“Apart from b.l.o.o.d.y, everyone, scatter. Each of you will handle one hornets’ nest. Clear them as soon as you can,” Lin Huang ordered, “The first three who clear the nest first will get rewards when we get out of here.”

The eyes of Lancelot, Tyrant and the rest lit up as soon as they heard about the potential rewards.

Under b.l.o.o.d.y’s guidance, Bai and the other 12 monsters soon scattered and began the one-sided ma.s.sacre after finding a hornets’ nest each.

All of the imperial monsters that had demiG.o.d relics with them were much faster at killing compared to the time they were in the Fallen G.o.d Land.

At the moment, Bai was mainly cultivating towards the direction of a sword cultivator. Lin Huang shared almost all of his Sword Dao inheritance with Bai. For this mission, Bai intentionally fell back on the better swords while he picked a mid-grade demiG.o.d battle sword relic. Among the 13, he had the slowest killing speed because he was using those Combat Hornetdemons to practice his sword skills.

Tyrant, who initially fought with his fists, picked up a pair of demiG.o.d-level battle axes this time. The two battle axes were mid-grade demiG.o.d relics and soon, he was killing the Combat Hornetdemons with the swing of the axes like he was slicing fruits.

The Malachian Fiend looked through the pile of hammer axes and eventually chose an enormous mace. The mace had a solid grip whereby the Combat Hornetdemons would turn into a pile of mush whenever he swung it. Fortunately, the monsters that were killed on the Stairway Tree would disappear directly and would not affect anything since there were no carca.s.ses to be collected.

The battle sword that Killer held was the supreme-grade demiG.o.d relic that Lin Huang had just obtained. Many Combat Hornetdemons were killed immediately as soon as the sword was brandished. It was no different from cutting chives. Lin Huang had yet to be on imperial-level for now, so he was unable to use that supreme-grade battle sword. Killer, who was also a sword cultivator, was lucky to be using the sword instead.

Meanwhile, for Lancelot, it took Lin Huang a while to gather 19 demiG.o.d sword relics for him and his 18 sword servants. Luckily, their performance was up to expectations whereby their killing speed was the fastest among the 13 teams.

The Evil Dominator could not turn into an imperial-level human due to the restriction on the Stairway Tree. He turned his appearance into Killer again. However, he was only using an expert-grade demiG.o.d battle sword relic while his killing speed was slightly slower than Killer.

The two knights picked a mid-grade demiG.o.d spear each. Their combat strength elevated to imperial-level yellow gold-rank even when they remained in their original knight form without merging. No monster could survive the first swing of their spears.

Initially, Lin Huang planned to get Grimace and the Imp, who possessed telekinesis, demiG.o.d-level telekinetic weapons. However, he had none with him, so he could only lend them two sets of ancient-level telekinetic flying daggers. Nevertheless, with their imperial-level crimson gold-rank telekinetic power, their killing speed was pretty remarkable while they mastered their own set of ancient-level telekinetic flying daggers.

Among the 13 groups of imperial monsters, the one who was fastest at killing would be the Warlord. Although Lin Huang did not get him any demiG.o.d relics, apart from reserving the scarce materials, he basically gave all the materials that he had obtained to Warlord to come up with his mechanical army. Not only was the mechanical army boosted to 300,000-strong now, but their quality also experienced a major improvement compared to before. The Warlord was winning in quant.i.ty and he could clear a hornets’ nest within a few minutes.

Under b.l.o.o.d.y’s guidance on the map, all the hornets’ nests on checkpoint 56 were exterminated.

As the ma.s.sacre went on, the combat strength of the three new G.o.d Figurines’ Combat Souls was skyrocketing.

Iron-level, bronze-level, silver-level, gold-level, holy fire-level…

Instead of using the ancient-level soul crystal directly, he replenished the spiritual energy for the three G.o.d Figurines by killing monsters because it was rather easy to elevate the combat strength of the G.o.d Figurines before they reached imperial-level. To be exact, elevating the combat strength of the G.o.d Figurines would not be very difficult before they reached imperial-level yellow gold-rank. The soul crystal could definitely be reserved until it was difficult for them to elevate just by killing monsters.

Lin Huang had yet to use the demiG.o.d-level soul crystal for now. He could not make up his mind about which Combat Soul he should elevate to imperial-level purple gold-rank first.

The other thing that was skyrocketing together with his G.o.d Figurines’ combat strength was his points on the Stairway Tree.

One must know that there were usually 20,000 to 30,000 Combat Hornetdemons in one hornets’ nest. Some of the population could even go up to 50,000.

Moreover, all the Combat Hornetdemons were high-level immortal-level. Even if they were just on immortal-level rank-7, killing one would earn him 640 points while killing an immoral-level rank-9 Combat Hornetdemon would earn him 2,560 points.

Apart from the Warlord and Lancelot who were using an army of their own, the rest of them had a similar killing speed whereby they cleared one hornets’ nest within approximately half an hour. Even Bai, who was practicing his sword skills by killing the monsters, only spent over 40 minutes to clear one hornets’ nest.

Lancelot, on the other hand, spent less than ten minutes. He could clear one nest within seven to eight minutes. The Warlord was even faster whereby he could clear one within two to three minutes.

This also caused Lin Huang’s points to skyrocket to over hundreds of millions despite only staying on checkpoint 56 for less than 20 minutes. He became No. 1 on the Stairway Tree leaderboard once again.

The sudden appearance of Lin Xie made everyone’s jaws drop again.

People had forgotten the name since it had been half a year since it last appeared.

Not only did it appear out of nowhere, but it also landed in the No. 1 spot on the leaderboard without anyone seeing it coming. Every Genius Union member who was online recalled how terrifying this name Lin Xie was on the leaderboard last year.

The big boss had returned half a year later!


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