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This happened at the mountain behind the Luotian Sect. A young Taoist priest in blue robes who looked 12 or 13 was running clumsily in the dense forest. Though a little clumsy, his steps were agile and st.u.r.dy.

Soon, he arrived at the cliff behind the mountain.

The wall of the cliff looked as smooth as a mirror; there was not even a single weed growing on it.

The young Taoist priest went to the wall and knelt onto the ground. He took the golden token before his chest out.

“It’s Disciple Ling Quan’s pleasure to meet all patriarchs!”

“Wicked men have invaded our Luotian Sect. There’ve been many deaths and casualties. The Sect Leader asked me to bring the sect token to ask the patriarch to show himself!”

After he was done speaking, the young Taoist priest then banged his head against the wall that was as smooth as jade.

For every blow of his head, he would hold his head up and shout, “Patriarch, please show yourself!”

He repeated that over and over again while his voice echoed in the mountain forest. The young Taoist priest’s forehead was bleeding from the violence, but that did not stop him at all.

After banging his head for over 20 times, the young Taoist priest felt a little dizzy and he heard someone sighing softly.

Not long later, a cloud of mist appeared on the wall of the cliff. The wall that was as smooth as a mirror vanished completely and was replaced by the mountain with a crack on its surface.

Many gray-robed Taoist priests ran out of the crack and arrived at the foot of the mountain.

A white-haired old man with a long beard walked to the young Taoist priest with a horsetail whisk in his hand and spoke politely, “Is your name Ling Quan?”

“Yes.” The young Taoist priest lifted his head, his eyes blurry with tears.

“You’re good.” The old man brushed his hand on the young Taoist priest’s head. The wound on his forehead was healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. It was good as new in the blink of an eye.

However, the young Taoist priest did not seem to care about his forehead as he spoke while choking up, “Patriarch, please help us…”

“Alright.” The old man nodded lightly and turned to look at a middle-aged man. “Ming Jing, stay here to take care of this kid.”

“The rest will follow me!” The old man flew into the sky as soon as he was done speaking. The remaining 20 or so of them flew to catch up with him.

Looking at the patriarchs leaving, the young Taoist priest finally could not hold himself back and wailed out loud while kneeling on the ground.

The Taoist devotee named Ming Jing squatted down and patted the young Taoist priest’s back. “It’s alright. Everything’s alright…”

“Who dares to mess with my Luotian Sect?!” A scream that sounded like an explosive thunder echoed in every corner of the Luotian Sect.

The spirits of the Taoist priests in the Luotian Sect were lifted upon hearing that voice while the people from Dynasty looked terrified at that moment.

As immortal-level rank-9 powerhouses themselves, the people from Dynasty were familiar with an imperial-level powerhouse’s aura.

Hearing the Taoist priests screaming ‘the patriarchs have shown up’, the people from Dynasty came to a realization that the legendary human immortals had presented themselves.

“I can’t believe these old things are still alive!” A sense of fear flashed through the Seventh Prince’s eyes. He clearly sensed there were more than 20 imperial-level people coming at a rapid speed. The most powerful one was even more powerful than imperial-level yellow gold-rank. The person was on at least imperial-level white gold-rank or even imperial-level purple gold-rank. The Seventh Prince knew he was no match for that person.

“Retreat!” Without hesitation, the Seventh Prince ordered them to fall back.

He was the first to turn and run. As he did, he remembered to grab the plump man who opened the door.

The people from Dynasty stopped fighting their opponents immediately when they realized that the Seventh Prince had retreated and began to run down the mountain.

“Don’t let those vile creatures get away!” A green-robed Taoist devotee shouted.

The Taoist priests ran after the people as fast as they could. They no longer feared them, knowing that the patriarchs were standing behind them.

Sword rays shot in the air one after another, chasing the people from Dynasty.

Due to their rich battle experience, the people from Dynasty knew they could not fight them. They dodged the attacks instead of fighting back. Some of them, who could not dodge, defended the attacks forcefully. They would rather be hurt than battle the opponents. The strategy worked well as they were getting further and further away from the Taoist priests behind them.

Just when they were feeling slightly relieved, more than 20 silhouettes came after them at a rapid speed.

The Dynasty members had a drastic change of expression. They evidently sensed that the ones who were coming after them this time were imperial-level powerhouses!

“How dare you come to our Luotian Sect’s doorstep and kill our people? I don’t care who you are. You must leave your lives here today!” The leading white-haired Taoist devotee shouted ferociously. As he swung the horsetail whisk, hundreds of sword rays solidified in the air.

The sword rays shot down like arrows one after another. With an intense whistling, they pierced through the Dynasty members’ chests.

The single blow killed half of the hundreds of Dynasty members while over 20 of them were badly wounded.

Only about 20 of them who had demiG.o.d armor were not injured by the sword rays.

Fear flashed through the Seventh Prince’s eyes. The blow alone gave him a clear picture that the old Taoist devotee with horsetail whisk was definitely a supreme powerhouse on imperial-level purple gold-rank. His ability might be just a level lower than a demiG.o.d’s.

Although the sword ray earlier vanished after colliding with his expert-grade demiG.o.d armor, the single attack drained close to a third of his Life Power.

Shock flashed through the old Taoist devotee’s eyes after noticing that more than 20 of them were unwounded from his attack. Soon, he realized these people had a high defense armor on them.

The bunch of human immortal-level powerhouses attacked the Dynasty members who were injured together with the old Taoist devotee.

“Don’t kill all of them. Keep a few of them for interrogation!” The old Taoist devotee ordered and proceeded to chase the members that were running away.

He swung his horsetail whisk in the air again. Another hundred of sword rays consolidated. They were firing at the Seventh Prince and the rest like arrows.

n.o.body was wounded in this round of attack, but a few of them clearly experienced a significant deceleration in their flying speed due to the intense exhaustion of Life Power from the demiG.o.d armor which drained the already low Life Power in their bodies.

The old Taoist devotee noticed that instantly. “Running low on Life Power, eh?” He swung his horsetail whisk. As a result, five ropes were divided and attached to the five men whose speed were decelerating. The ropes captured the five of them. “Got them!”

Having been caught by five human immortals, they dared not fight back at all.

They knew very well that their Life Power was exhausted and they recalled the demiG.o.d armors. They would die sooner if they were to fight back now. Logically, they would rather pretend to obey now and look for an opportunity to escape later.

The remaining 18 of them were fleeing since the five had been captured.

Knowing that the Seventh Prince and the rest experienced major exhaustion of their Life Power from the armor they were wearing, the old devotee attacked them from far away again.

The third wave of sword rays shot across the sky. A dozen Dynasty members had worn their Life Power out completely. They could not even fly any further and plummeted straight to the ground. A couple of them were spitting blood, badly wounded.

A bunch of Taoist devotees stepped forward to capture them immediately.

Seeing that the remaining six had arrived at their door, the old Taoist devotee swung the horsetail whisk while hundreds of sword rays blasted out again.

At that moment, the Seventh Prince turned around all of a sudden and crushed a jade token.

An intense tremor came from the sky out of nowhere while a fissure appeared in the air, blocking the old Taoist devotee’s attack.

A terrifyingly compelling aura came out of the crack.

Shaken, the old Taoist devotee stopped chasing after them and halted the other Taoist devotees behind him.

Suddenly, the crack was torn open while a gigantic human hand came out of it and headed towards the Taoist devotees.

“Retreat!” The old Taoist devotee yelled and swung the horsetail whisk at the same time.

A giant crystal-clear sword that was hundreds of meters long appeared in the air and smashed towards the gigantic hand.

The people from the Luotian Sect were petrified as they watched this round of collision.

The giant sword was crushed bit by bit by the gigantic hand. Even the old Taoist devotee, who had formidable abilities, could not help but spit a mouthful of blood out.

However, thunder exploded in the sky when the giant sword was about to be crushed entirely and the gigantic hand was getting nearer to the old Taoist devotee.

Black lighting bolts came from above unexpectedly and landed on the gigantic hand hard.

The gigantic hand was crushed into pieces as a result of the attack.

The old Taoist devotee landed on the ground slowly. Fortunately, another gray-robed Taoist priest managed to grab him.

Watching the door that was closing and the six who had disappeared, the few human immortal-level Taoist priests attempted to go after them, but the old Taoist devotee stopped them.

“Forget it. There’s no need to go after them. These people have powerful techniques and they might have more.”

Although the other Taoist devotees were unwilling, they could only let it go recalling the gigantic hand.

“Lock those who are still alive up. Interrogate them separately!” A gray-robed Taoist devotee waved and told the rest.

Meanwhile, the old Taoist devotee looked at the direction where the black lightning had appeared and mumbled softly, “The appearance of thunder means that catastrophe is upon us. We didn’t manage to escape this in the end…”


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