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Soon, two weeks pa.s.sed. The speed of Lin Huang’s Life Power and body transformation slowed down. His ten Life Fires that were smaller than his thumb was now the size of a ping-pong ball and their flame was more than 20 centimeters high. He was halfway there since he had the Undefinable Warrior Skill Card out. His body was practically non-human now and was more than three times more powerful than the usually transformed physique. Any weapons that were below relics could no longer hurt him.

The density of his Life Power was incomparable to the time when he was complete gold-level. Besides being many times thicker, some of its characteristics had completely changed. It was like a transformation to a totally new energy. Since stepping into holy fire-level, the Life Fire and Life Power were dependable on each other. The Life Fire would extract and release Life Power as well as absorb Life Power to grow. As tinder had a different ranking, the strength of the Life Fire was different as well

The flame of tinder that was not mutated could only burn a maximum of one meter after it became a Life Fire. Single-mutated tinder could burn up to three meters, while double-mutated tinder could burn up to ten meters, and it was said that triple-mutated tinder could burn up to 50 meters. Meanwhile, n.o.body knew how high a quadruple-mutated tinder could burn. Lin Huang was curious about how high his Life Fire could burn. The stronger the Life Fire, the faster it could absorb and release Life Power and the higher the density of Life Power.

“It’s been more than a month since I leveled up to white flame-level. My Life Power and body must have stabilized from the growth now. It’s time to get the cross-ranking rewards that I obtained earlier.” He was beyond excited.

“But before that, there’s something that I need to do…” Lin Huang mumbled to himself while taking out a few Monster Cards. They were the Supreme Overlord, the Sanguine Skeleton Spirit, and the three fiends.

He wanted to extract their Monster Skills. He had not done that earlier as he had limited slots in Monster Skills whereby he only had three slots out of ten left. Besides, he left the slots vacant as the Supreme Overlord was not unsealed yet. However, since he got to white flame-level, he now had 20 Monster Skill slots which allowed him to own more Monster Skills.

“Xiao Hei, extract the skills of these five cards!” Lin Huang instructed after glancing at the cards.

“Skill extraction has been activated… Randomly choosing skills… It has been completed!”

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained – Doll secret skill (Supreme Overlord).”

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained – Punishment (Sanguine Skeleton Spirit).”

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained – Demonic Telepathy (Inferior Imp).”

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained – Demonic Regeneration (Malachian Fiend).”

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained – Witchcraft (Witch).”

After extracting the five skills, Lin Huang had 12 of his Monster Skill slots filled. He wanted to keep the remaining eight slots vacant as the Regal Sword Killer was still in card form, so its skills could not be extracted yet. Meanwhile, the eight sword servants from Lancelot were all epic-level. There were no skills that Lin Huang desired from them, hence he did not extract their skills.

“The skills that I obtained this time aren’t bad at all. The Doll secret skill, Punishment, and Witchcraft are control skills that I’ve always wanted. The telepathy and regeneration abilities aren’t bad too!” Lin Huang was satisfied with the extraction results.

Later on, he looked at the time and realized that it was only past seven in the evening. He called Mr. Fu right away. On the second ring, Mr. Fu answered his video call.

“What’s up, my dear apprentice?” Mr. Fu had a chess board in front of him, and he seemed to be playing chess with someone.

“Master. My Life Fire and body have stabilized now. The sigils that you told me about earlier…” Someone sitting across Mr. Fu started speaking before Lin Huang could finish what he was saying.

“Hurry! If you don’t play, I shall consider you the loser!”

“Go away. I’m talking to my favorite apprentice.” Mr. Fu waved his hand and turned around to look at Lin Huang.

“I’ll send you the flying sigil after I finish my game. Take your time to study. Ask me whenever there’s anything you don’t understand.” Mr. Fu hung up the phone right away.

In less than ten minutes, Mr. Fu sent the sigil to him. There were many varieties and levels of the sigil. The lower level ones could be purchased at the Hunter a.s.sociation or on black markets. The sigil that Lin Huang desired was a flying one which was integrated with many different variations that included anti-gravity, dynamic, kinetic adjustment, steering, balancing, sheltering and resistance reduction sigils.

These sigils had to be activated by rotating Life Power. The more they were activated, the more likely it was that it would merge to form part of one’s instinct. The reason why people below Transcendent-level could not fly was because the sigils had to be built from the detachment of Life Power, which was impossible for them. On the other hand, many Transcendent monsters could fly as they had inherited similar sigils in their memory.

Since he had gotten the sigils, Lin Huang tried it for the first time. The set of sigils that Mr. Fu had given was complicated and detailed. It was made of more than 20 sigils. Lin Huang started learning them one by one. The first one he learned was the anti-gravity sigil. It was tens of times more difficult than the anti-gravity sigil that he had seen on the Heart Network earlier. He tried it over and over again patiently.

Although he had just reached white flame-level not long ago, he was familiar with Life Power detachment as he had used Blood Power in his earlier days. Nevertheless, he finally mastered the anti-gravity sigil after failing for more than 20 times. The complicated sigil alone would cause normal people to be dizzy just by looking at it, let alone drafting it. To draft it using Life Power, it was hundreds of times more difficult.

After activating the anti-gravity sigil, Lin Huang’s body started to float. He felt like he was a helium balloon as his body detached from the ground. However, because he had just mastered the anti-gravity sigil, he lacked control of where he could go, only able to float off the ground. He repeated the drafting a few more times until he managed to do it perfectly with his eyes closed before learning the second sigil…

That night, he trained until 1.30 a.m. and he only managed to learn two sigils. However, the first few sigils were more complicated and the subsequent aiding sigils were much easier. The following days, he spent all his time on the battle training ground, learning the drafting of sigils. From non-gravity to dynamic, kinetic adjustments, and steering the sigils… After multiple attempts and failures, he managed to integrate all of the sigils on the sixth day.

Lin Huang could finally fly!


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