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Chapter 2227 – Against Grandmasters

“Welcome, human, or should I say Grandmaster Zaar, we have been waiting quite a while for you,” The Bullman Grandmaster said as I appeared in the fourth field with my friends.

I was surprised when they did not attack us; I was kind of expecting that and was ready to deal with any that would have come.

“Thank you for the gracious welcome, Grandmaster Frakr,” I said to Bullman before I turned to Goatman Grandmaster, “Its pleasant to meet you too, Grandmaster Reista,” I said to it, but it just kept looking at me without replying.

“I am little surprised that a person like Grandmaster Zaar had heard about me,” said the Bullman.

“You are a Grandmaster; of course, I would know about you,” I replied with a smile. While we humans refer to them as the Grimms or by their tribe, we have a vast database about them, from their names to their level to their abilities.

The Bullman is from the Alabaster Bullman tribe, which specializes in power and defense, and this Bullman is their only Grandmaster. He is an old Grandmaster, first appeared in a previous war, a century and a half ago.

While its level had not increased, its power has. The power it had displayed fighting the Hog Monster is more than the records state.

The Goatman is from Stone Eyed Goatman Tribe. It is a newer Grandmaster, appearing only a few months ago. There is not much information about it as it had only exchanged an only couple of moves against our Grandmasters.

The Goatman is also the initial Grimm Monster, and its aura is weaker than Bullman, but it gave a bigger feeling of threat; I would have to be very careful against it.

“I suppose you two would not let me and my friends go?” I asked, despite knowing the answer. “My apologies, Grandmaster Zaar, but we could not do that,” “It is our duty to kill any human powerhouse, especially one such as you who could become Grandmaster at such young age,”

“If we let you escape, then it won’t be long before the Grandmaster like me would not be your match, and that is the price we are not willing to pay,” The Bullman said while shaking his head.

“I had expected as much,” I said, and instead of disappointment, there was a smile on my face.

We looked at each other, with our weapons in hand, ready to move against any aggression, but n.o.body moved.

While we did not move, my friends and Master cla.s.s Grimms did, and a couple of seconds later, they began fighting, and a great surprise couldn’t help but appear on their faces.

“Grandmaster Micheal, it seemed like our data on your friends is also quite outdated,” The Bullman said. “Then you should update your records,” I replied, to that Bullman shook his head.

“There is no need for it since all of you are going to die,” The Bullman said, and the white greatsword in its hand moved, and it moved with a speed that shocked me for a moment before I realized it is a Grandmaster level power.

At the same moment, the stone-eyed Goatman attacked me with its long staff, which is no less slow than the Bullman’s staff.

I disappeared from my spot and appeared in front of the staff before swinging my sword at it.


A deafening clang rang out, and powerful shockwaves spread around that stopped the battle of the Masters and sent them to find cover while I disappeared from my spot right after the clash was finished as Bullman attacked me from behind.

Once again, I returned to my original spot with Goatman and Bullman staring at me more seriously than before.

“It seemed like killing you would not be easy as I had throught it would be,” Bullman said, and a powerful bloodline released from its body.

“Alabaster Strike!”

It shouted and attacked with its sword covered in dense white bloodline energy, which felt extremly dangerous. At the same time, I sensed a powerful aura released from the Goatmans body before covering its whole staff.

“Weight of Mountain!” 

It shouted and attacked, and I felt heaviness covering my whole body. If I had been Master, there is no way I would have been able to move under such weight; it would have crushed me on the ground.


I let out a snort and attacked, harnessing all the power contained in my body as I powered the weight enchantment on my sword, which immediately crushed all the mountainlike pressure cras.h.i.+ng on my body.


My toothpick-like sword clashed against the huge sword of Bullman, creating a shockwave powerful enough to shake the broken formation, which half of our soul power is focused on while the other half toward each other.

The biggest danger we have here is not each other but these broken formations, which are everywhere.

From up to down and from left to right.

If we had not been mortal enemies, we would have throught about not fighting here, but here there is no choice; we would have fought each other even if this place is more dangerous than it is right now.

I disappeared the moment I clashed with the Bullman and appeared behind the Goatman and attacked at its next.

It had instantly turned at me and moved its staff toward me smoothly; the reaction was fast and natural, had no unexpected element in it.


Our weapons came close, and when they were just about to clash, a translucent grey s.h.i.+ne appeared in its eyes. Just as I saw the s.h.i.+ne, a feeling forbearing welled up in my heart, telling me Ive fallen in great danger.

I was about to retreat when the attack hit me, it was no visible attack, but it had hit me even worse than a physical attack could.


I cursed loudly in pain as a soul attack hit me. It is the most dangerous soul attack Ive experienced, and it is nasty.. I felt like my soul was getting cleaved by the thousands of daggers at the same time.


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