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Chapter 1842 – A Day In Valley

“Man, that Grimm b.a.s.t.a.r.d was really idiot; it kept talking and talking while fighting.” “I conversed with that bigmouth as I charged my powerful attack sneakily and hit it at perfect timing.”

The dumb b.a.s.t.a.r.d was so off guard by it that it had not been able to form a proper defense and got killed instantly,” Williams said to the group of Tyrants sitting around him in the lounge.

Williams is the youngest Tyrant here and one of the most powerful in the unranked; she is just a step away from reaching the Tyrant stage.

The younger the Tyrant is, the more powerful he would be; at least their chances of reaching the Elite Tyrant stage would be higher. Especially of those who broke through the Tyrant stage before they are thirty, these people are a small minority but receive great resources from their organization.

Williams is just one example; she had leveled up to the Tyrant Stage when she was twenty-nine about two years ago, and she is already stronger than most people here.

“Jordan, I heard you have slain five Grimm b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in your mission; it is a pretty good score,” Williams said suddenly. “It is still three less than you,” I replied back. She had been in the valley for two months, and everyone comes to understand how compet.i.tive she is. She would keep track of everyone who had come close to her.

“You can only dream of catching up to me,” She replied with a snort before she went on to describe another of her kill.

I sat silently listening to the conversations around me; they are fun, and a lot of information flows out from there, not to mention it is a great way to spend the time.

I had come back yesterday from my mission; after eight hours of sleep and some work on my Inheritance, I came here to spent some time among my peers. 

I never been one to mix with the crowd; I always preferred to stay in my room and train, but the teacher said that I have to work on my people’s skills if I want to lead the academy at my best, she had made it clear that as soon as I leveled up to Tyrant, she will hand over the reins of the academy to me.

Not all things are fun, though, while most things about killing Grimm Monsters, some are about mourning own. We are also losing people daily; the Grimm Monsters have more than five times the numbers than us, losing few members is an inevitable harsh reality.

Today is someone else; tomorrow, it could be me. Like I had said before, even with my strength, I do not have the full confidence that I will be able to leave this place alive.

I stayed in the lounge for another hour before I went back to my quarters. My Inheritance requires an immense amount of work; there is too much to do, especially since I am creating the core, which had given me huge s.p.a.ce to work on my things.

In this Inheritance, I realize the ideas I had years before. Once upon a time, I had thought actualizing them is impossible, but with me creating the core, I could actualise those ideas. 

Still, it would not be easy to reach the Tyrant stage, not to forget the creation of the Inheritance but also reaching the Tyrant stage. There is a quite high chance that I will not be able to bear the core and explode mid-level up.

It is one of the reasons why I want to reach the absolute limit; with a stronger body and soul, I will be in a better position to bear the power of the core.

I worked for eleven hours before getting up from the bed and cooking for myself. Ashlyn had decided to stay in the forest, which is not surprising, seeing she had done that before in the devil’s forest.

I hope she would not get bored in the forest; in the devil forest, there are lots of things she could do, and many strange fruits and herbs were present to eat, but Scorcese Valley is normal and did not hold many resources for the Tyrants, the only thing that could interest Ashlyn is killing Grimm Monsters.

She is doing that, and I am not stopping her. Her killing Grimm Monsters would distract the commander, and she would not suspect me since I am in the fortress.

After I finished eating, I opened the tome and practiced the recipe inside it. I have never stopped learning new recipes from the tome, not only because I love to eat delicious food but also because these recipes help improve my control.

This tome is the biggest reason why I have such phenomenal control over my energy. Teacher had work hard for decades to gain such control while I had got it in just a few years. 

There are still about one hundred and fifty recipes that had remained, and these recipes are hard. Requiring skills and needs decades, even centuries of hard practice needed to gain.

It is good to think I could practice inside the tome for decades; here, one second is equal to the one hour I had already practice here for decades. If not such immense practice, how could I have such great control; this control was not gained through talent but through sheer hard work.

After spending one and half hour with the tome, I slept, I will need my rest. I am sure I will be given another ȧssignment soon, and I need to be ready for it both physically and mentally.


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