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Qianye moved slowly upstream in the River of Blood.

This time was different from the past times he had entered the River of Blood. The sensation was entirely different now that he was physically present.

Entering with his own body allowed Qianye to sense just how vast and majestic the river was. He could feel his body expanding rapidly as he stepped in, only coming to a stop as he was about to lose control of his origin power.

The laws inside the River of Blood were different. One’s body size was determined entirely by his origin power. Hence, those who enter would grow without end as long as their origin power could withstand the expansion. Qianye had no idea what this growth entailed, and it wasn’t as though he could resist the laws anyway.

Qianye immediately became a colossus that was ten thousand meters tall.

After the transformation, Qianye once again came to understand how majestic the river was.

He stood on its banks and gazed left and right, yet he still couldn’t see its ends. All he saw were rolling waves almost as tall as he was.

Qianye had a feeling that he couldn’t get swept away by those waves, else the outcome would be unthinkable.

The river he was seeing right now wasn’t a physical form, and the waves were merely projections in Qianye’s perception. But the river wasn’t entirely intangible, either, since its raging waters were a mixture of time, s.p.a.ce, and origin power.

Only his consciousness had entered in the past, so the waves didn’t quite affect him. It was extremely dangerous this time since he was physically present. His very existence might be erased and become a part of the river.

Gazing at the unending flow of water, Qianye was both curious and shaken by this cosmic ent.i.ty. What exactly was the River of Blood, and why was it brought to the world as he ascended to the great dark monarch rank?

At the thought of this world, an idea suddenly popped into his mind. He channeled his blood core and sent wisps of dark golden blood energy toward every corner of his body.

Once the blood energy appeared, the sense of danger from the raging waves lessened noticeably. Even so, Qianye felt that it wouldn’t be wise to enter the river itself. There was no telling what kind of unpredictable incident might occur.

Qianye couldn’t help but wonder how deep the waters were, and what exactly lay under its surface. Was there even a bottom?

It was so vast that it was hard to tell whether this was a river or an ocean.

He simply stood staring at the river for a good while, but he ultimately couldn’t resist the urge to explore. After all, this wasn’t actually water but a deluge of time, s.p.a.ce, and origin power. The greatest secrets of the river had to be hidden at the source.

No matter what, he had to pay a visit to the origin point.

At the thought of the source, Qianye remembered that mysterious shadowy creature. He wondered whether the ent.i.ty was still there. Now that Qianye was here in person after reaching an unprecedented realm, perhaps he might be able to get past that checkpoint.

Qianye took to the skies and flew upstream. He wasn’t quite used to the ma.s.sive body at first, but he soon grasped how to control various parts of the body. The environment also went from unfamiliar to familiar and then to a state of control.

Now, he was a vampire great dark monarch. He had always stirred the River of Blood during his past ascensions. Although he knew little about the river itself, things went especially well when he tried to understand and adapt to the river’s laws.

In the blink of an eye, Qianye almost felt as though he were a part of the river.

His speed grew faster as his familiarity and control over the river increased, going from his initial drifting pace to the speed of lightning. In the end, his figure was practically flickering across vast distances.

After flying for an unknown length of time, Qianye suddenly noticed a border to the distant waters, and the flow of the river was much faster.

The river became narrow and the waters more rapid, a sign that it was nearing the source.

Qianye heaved a sigh. Even someone of his spiritual powers was starting to feel fatigued by this point. If he wasn’t wrong, that long flight of his was enough to cover the entire Evernight World, from the lowest continents to the uppermost ones.

Just how long was the river?

Yet Qianye had no idea whether his senses had been affected by the special environment, nor did he know just how far he had flown. He seemed to remember Anwen mentioning that for all life born in the Evernight World, their perceptions were made for this world alone. They might not be able to sense things correctly in other worlds.

This point was something Qianye had already experienced, and much more evidently in the River of Blood.

Now that the source was in sight, Qianye paused momentarily before moving forward.

The River of Blood narrowed noticeably, and the waters were now flowing rapidly. Qianye could vaguely sense a tremendous aura covering the entire world.

That was likely the source of the river.

Qianye felt an unsuppressable excitement in his heart, so much so that he had to stop and take a deep breath.

No one knew how many people throughout the millennia had managed to enter the river physically and explore its source. At this very moment, Qianye truly came to agree with what Anwen had said: “Compared to exploring the vast universe, the wars in the Evernight World are as laughable as children playing house”.

Qianye calmed himself down and continued flying toward the source of the river. There, he suddenly noticed something floating in the distant waters.

He hadn’t really seen anything in the river even after all the exploration. He flew quickly to the area and looked down to find a seal.

An azure seal wrapped in tree branches.

This was the seal of the Morway clan, tenth among the great vampire families. The second-generation primogenitor of this clan was the Azure King, Reynold.

At this point, the seal was dark and almost formless. Qianye sensed it and saw it, but he could not touch it.

The dark seal was easy to explain. The Azure King had fallen, and the few survivors did not have a strong bloodline. There was little hope of igniting the seal again within a couple of generations.

The problem was, why was the seal here?

Qianye slowly descended and tried to touch the seal with his hand. The seal didn’t seem very big at first glance, but Qianye found that ten people of his size could stand on it.

When he tried to touch the seal, his fingers went right through it without any material resistance. At the same time, a stream of knowledge that stemmed from blood energy merged into Qianye’s mind.

Qianye fell into deep contemplation.

It turned out that the seals weren’t physical objects. It was just like the River of Blood, a manifestation of origin power laws. Qianye came to understand the relevant laws when he touched the seal. The only problem was that he didn’t have the corresponding bloodline, so he couldn’t ignite it. It was hardly any use even if he did have the bloodline and ignited the seal.

Not to mention his chaos origin power, even his dark golden blood energy was superior to the path offered by the Morway clan’s seal. All it did was enrich his knowledge.

Qianye rose up into the air, frowning in deep thought.

The problem at the moment was why had this seal appeared here? Why were things somewhat different from when he had entered the river with his consciousness?


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