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Chapter 158: A Young Man’s Problem

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Today was the eve of the new year. On a day of celebration and reunion, everyone in town was gathered at the homes of friends and family, except one man who was carrying a bag, running towards the outskirts of the city.

This man was Brother Hui, the one who had his arm broken by w.a.n.g Yu and was cheated of the jade pendant by Uncle Mori…

Brother Hui looked extremely dishevelled, it was obvious that he was afraid of something. After all he had received news that Uncle Mori had been kidnapped…

Brother Hui had immediately visited Uncle Mori’s store after receiving the news, only to find that the store had been completely emptied, even the jade pendant was nowhere to be found.

Word on the street was that there had been a bank robbery earlier today. Not only were the four gunmen defeated by a bare-handed man, all their arms had been broken by him as well… Brother Hui knew that this had to be the handiwork of a martial artist…

Both of the martial artists that Brother Hui had met were extremely ferocious, a mere mention of what had happened would greatly startle Brother Hui, so much so that he didn’t even dare to loiter on the streets anymore…..

Under the dimly interrogation room, an old man with a head full of silver hair was sitting by a tableside.

There were two men standing by his side. The first man was tall and well built, he had a extremely defined features and a serious expression. There was a single star on the man’s military uniform, this man was the commander of the military in this city, Commander Lu.

The other man was the district’s police inspector, Inspector Liu.

The two men were extremely respectful to the old man, especially Commander Lu.

“Master w.a.n.g, we’ve brought the man over!” Commander Lu respectfully spoke.

“Mm!” The old man nodded his head as he faintly smiled: “Little Lu, I’ve really troubled you this time!”

“What are you saying Master w.a.n.g? This is nothing! After all you’ve made the greatest contribution to this nation!” Commander Lu hurriedly replied.

The man chuckled, not saying another word as he stared at the fifty year old man that was being brought over.

This man was Li Mori. He wore an extremely mischievous expression on his face, lazily asking Inspector Liu: “Inspector Liu, what is the meaning of this? Your men dragged me away early in the morning only to have me brought here at night? I already stopped all my activities these few years…”

As a veteran criminal, Li Mori was extremely familiar with the way that the police operated, he truly did not fear Inspector Liu.

Inspector Liu’s face darkened, coldly warning him: “Watch your words, look where you are!”

Li Mori chuckled as he indifferently replied: “Inspector Liu, just take off these handcuffs, we both know that I’m a harmless old man.”

“Hmph! We both know how crafty you are, I can’t trust a single word from your mouth!”

Truth be told, other than those young thugs that didn’t understand how vast the world was, no one else would dare to be so unbridled in front of these government officials. The only reason that Li Mori was currently handcuffed was because Old Man w.a.n.g was here. Inspector Liu was afraid that something would happen to him.

“Haha!” The old man laughed as he walked towards Li Mori, twisting apart the metal handcuffs with two fingers as he chuckled: No worries Inspector Liu, I’d like to see who would dare to behave atrociously in front of me!”


Even though the interrogation room was dimly lit, the visibility here was still pa.s.sable. The eyes of Inspector Liu and Li Mori almost popped out of their sockets as they saw the old man twist apart the handcuffs.

How was this possible? Was this old man some kind of monster?

“Do you know who I am?” The old man innocently smiled as he looked at Li Mori.

“No… not at all…” Li Mori nervously replied as he back became drenched with sweat. What a joke, knowing this old man wasn’t good news at all…… after being a thug for so many years, self-preservation was one of Li Mori’s best skills.

“Have you heard of the Northern w.a.n.g Clan?” The old man chuckled as he intently stared at Li Mori.

“Northern w.a.n.g Clan…” Li Mori thought for a while, seemingly remembering something before hurriedly shaking his head: “I’ve never heard of it!”

“You’re lying!” The old man smiled, pulling a jade pendant out of his pocket, waving it before Li Mori: “I heard that this jade pendant was found in your store and it even belongs to my clan head…”

The jade pendant in his hand was the exact one that w.a.n.g Yu had given Brother Hui previously.

“I…” Li Mori choked on his own words as he started at the jade pendant, immediately kneeling on the ground: “Lord, Lord w.a.n.g, this is a misunderstanding… no matter how daring I am I would never touch your clan, this was given to me by a small time thug…”

“And what is his name?” Old Man w.a.n.g asked as he kept the pendant.

“His name is Li Yan Hui, he’s a member of this city. He stays in the West Park neighborhood, his phone number is…” In order to preserve his own life, Li Mori had sold Brother Hui out without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“Write this down.” Old Man w.a.n.g instructed Inspector Liu.

“I got it, I’ll send my men out now!”

“Take him away and bring the others in.” Old Man w.a.n.g instructed.

Shortly after Li Mori had left the room, four other men were brought in…

These men were not wearing the typical prisoner’s garb but hospital garments instead. Three of them had an eye wrapped in bandages while one had his arm in a cast.

“What did they do?” Old Man w.a.n.g after looking at this sorry sight.

“They tried to rob a bank!”

“Oh! These young men really are ras.h.!.+ How did you fall into such a sorry state from robbing a bank?”

“Hmph!” The man with the broken arm coldly snorted, refusing to answer Old Man w.a.n.g.

Four armed men had been defeated by an unarmed individual. If word were to spread about this, they would have nowhere to hide their faces.

“Haha! I know what happened even if you don’t want to tell me!” Old Man w.a.n.g loudly laughed, walking towards the man with the broken arm, reaching out and performing the exact same move on his other arm, suddenly asking: “Was this how that man broke your arm?”

“You… how did you know?” The man with the broken arm gasped.

Old Man w.a.n.g knew the same moves as w.a.n.g Yu, even though they had used the same move, Old Man w.a.n.g had no intentions of harming anyone here.

“This move is called Black Dragon constriction, I taught it to him when he was five.” The old man sighed.

“Were your eyes pierced by pens?” Old Man w.a.n.g turned around to ask the other three.

“Yes!” They nodded.

“Was it like this?” Old Man w.a.n.g asked as he picked up three pens from the table, throwing them towards the wall, lodging them deeply into the wall.

“We don’t know how he did it, we were just the targets…” The three men honestly replied.

“Three-way Destruction! This kid really is resourceful… do you guys remember what he looks like?”

“We remember! He was about 1.8 metres tall, extremely well-built. He had a chiseled face, thick brows and large eyes! There was even a beauty beside him!”

“A lady? What did she look like?” The description by the four men did indeed describe w.a.n.g Yu. The only thing that the old man did not recognise was the lady they had mentioned.

“Large eyes, a pet.i.te nose, an oval shaped face…” The scar faced man recalled. However his memory was extremely limited since he had only seen her once.

Inspector Liu had pulled out a sketchbook, drawing Mu Zi Xian’s appearance as the scar face man described her.

“Does she look like this?”

“Her jaw isn’t so sharp, but this is pretty accurate!” The scar faced man replied.

“Not bad, his taste is still pa.s.sable! All we need to know is her name!” Old Man w.a.n.g commented after Inspector Liu had made the corrections.

“Of course!”

Inspector Liu retrieved the sketch, turning to leave as Old Man w.a.n.g suddenly instructed: “Take them away. The nerve of these people! How dare they try to rob a bank during the new year! If I was forty years younger I would have beaten them to death!”

“Master, what’s this all about? To cause you to be so uneasy during the new year, so much so that you even rushed down from afar, did someone betray the Northern w.a.n.g Clan?” Commander Lu inquired once everyone else had left.

“Ai…” Old Man w.a.n.g Deeply sighed: “Stop bringing this up, do you think a traitor would require my attention? This is about my precious grandson!”

“Something happened to second young master?”

“Even though the second young master is a troublemaker, at least his temper is bearable, this is about the first young master…” Old Man w.a.n.g shook his head.

“First young master? How is that possible?” Commander Lu gasped: “First young master has always been so dedicated to martial arts! And he never caused trouble for anyone.”

“It’s all because of me! I was complacent with the state of the w.a.n.g clan, so I invested all my time and energy into raising that boy. All we ever taught him was martial arts and nothing else… but to think that he ran away from home because of a woman!”

“Eh…” Darklines appeared all over Commander Lu’s face.

As the duo were still chatting, Inspector Liu burst into the room with a large file in his hands.

“What’s the matter? Did you find anything?”

“I got it! That woman is called Mu Zi Xian and her husband is called w.a.n.g Yu! They got married about half a year ago and are currently staying in Moonlight Cove.

“That was fast!” Old Man w.a.n.g was extremely surprised. He did not expect that the police were able to sieve through so much information so quickly.

“It wasn’t just you, Miss Yang Nuo came to me previously to ask about this lady’s background as well. She’s even staying right opposite them in an apartment I helped her find…” Inspector Liu laughed.

“The lady from the Yang clan?” Old Man w.a.n.g gasped: “F*ck, this is pretty messy…”

“Should I continue searching?”

“Forget it, a young man’s problem should be solved by himself, it would be best if we do not interfere.” Old Man w.a.n.g chuckled.


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