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Chapter 1276: Thunder Cloud Storm

“[Testing Waters]!”


The small stone landed and a trap sprung up.

Ling Longmeng hurriedly turned her figure but Sacred Mountain who was in [Stealth] was already in striking range. He lifted his dagger and swipe precisely at her temple.


Ling Longmeng sustained critical damage and there were coils that appeared above her head.

With an accurate strike, Sacred Mountain executed a series of attacks and sent Ling Longmeng out of the arena.

It was no surprise that Ling Longmeng lost. After all, her strength was a great deal lower than that of Sacred Mountain. Furthermore, Sacred Mountain’s cla.s.s as an a.s.sa.s.sin countered Ling Longmeng’s own cla.s.s. Losing this battle was within everyone’s expectations.

Next, Boson was up to represent Team A Murder Of Crows.

As Fearless had mentioned previously, the close-combat player could not manifest their true combat potential in this type of terrain.

Although Boson’s combat strength was not weak, he was barely sufficient to match up to a professional expert.

Sacred Mountain was a professional player after all and was even deemed as the top a.s.sa.s.sin in the game. Even if he could not hold his ground against w.a.n.g Yu, he could dispatch any other common players with complete ease.

As the next battle started, Sacred Mountain went into [Stealth].

Boson had neither anti-stealth skills nor the ability to create traps as a Warrior. He could only stand there and wait for his opportune moment to strike.

However, Boson’s target was not an easy target to attack.

Sacred Mountain crept to the back of Boson.

[Rabbit Strike]! [Stun]!

[Throat Cut]! [Silenced]!

[Severing Tendons]! [Slow]!

[Backstab]! [Lift]!

These set of skills were chained smoothly into a combo. Before Boson could even muster up a response, he was already sent out of the arena. Team A Murder Of Crows had lost two consecutive battles and the momentum was swung into Sacred Mountain’s favor.

After Boson left the arena, the system proceeded to select the next compet.i.tor. The lights pulsated for a brief moment before a light column shone on Vainglory.

“Oh, we are f*cked!”

Seeing that two close-combat players were chosen in quick succession, the players from Quan Zhen Sect felt aggrieved… At this rate, they would probably not even score a single point this round. How about wrapping this round early and simply hand over five kills over to Sacred Mountain?

Sacred Mountain was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence after winning two rounds. He was slowly shredding the emotional baggage from his loss to w.a.n.g Yu.

As soon as Vainglory took to the stage, Sacred Mountain furrowed his brows slightly.

Who was the most overpowered from Team A Murder of Crows? w.a.n.g Yu! A Pugilist!

Who was the second behind him? Evil Rampage! He was also a Pugilist!

From these two observations, one could infer that the Pugilists in Team A Murder of Crows could not be judged by common standards of Pugilists. They were a bunch to be feared.

Although Vainglory had a certain quality of tenderness to his body, Sacred Mountain did not dare to take him lightly in view that he was a Pugilist. He shuddered in fear as noticed that Vainglory was a Pugilist that was specialised in kicking.

Vainglory’s role model in the game was w.a.n.g Yu so he liked to copy w.a.n.g Yu’s demeanor in his daily life.

After entering the arena, Vainglory copied w.a.n.g Yu’s tone and gestured over to Sacred Mountain, “Come at me!”


d.a.m.n, he is way too arrogant.

Sacred Mountain felt a little threatened by Vainglory ostentatious gesture but he could not back down at this moment. He steeled himself and went in [Stealth].

After racing to the top of the mountain, he saw that Vainglory was motionless, mirroring what w.a.n.g Yu had done.

Sacred Mountain was questioning his strategy at this point in time. Could it be that he was as skilled as w.a.n.g Yu?

As Sacred Mountain contemplated, he did not make any rash moves and stood in the corner for a full ten minutes… The instant Sacred Mountain gazed upon the subtle annoyance on Vainglory’s face, there was a seed of doubt that arose in his mind.

“[Testing Waters]!”

Sacred Mountain picked up a stone on the ground and threw it in Vainglory’s direction.


The stone glanced Vainglory’s head which gently shook him out of his stupor. He turned behind and harrumphed, “Shameless! Stop throwing rocks at me and face me in a proper battle!”

“F*ck!” At this moment, Sacred Mountain finally understood that he was being played. He could not even intercept a single stone; how was Vainglory was to face his knife? He was like a fool that stood in the corner for half a day.

Under his wrath, Sacred Mountain executed [Stealth] to creep behind Vainglory. [Rabbit Strike], [Throat Cut], [Severing Tendons], [Backstab]… A flurry of familiar skills was executed smoothly and Vainglory dissipated into white light.

This was a true expert. He could bring out the true potential of simple skills and link them into a combo that overwhelmed his three opponents.

When Vainglory was defeated, the players from Quan Zhen Sect finally felt fear creep in.

To compare true combat strength, there was no player barring w.a.n.g Yu and Evil Rampage that could prove to be a worthy opponent.

Everyone turned towards Spring Halo, “Brother Spring Halo!”


Spring Halo acknowledged their requests and he proceeded to interlock his fingers, he began his prayer with gusto, “Dear G.o.d, shower your blessings on us, Hallelujah…”

As he prayed, the light column flitted as it finally settled on Frost Blade.

The whole Quan Zhen Sect stared coldly at Spring Halo.

Spring Halo was scared out of his wits and cried out. “Father Lord, please save me!”

Who knew if G.o.d really heard Spring Halo’s cries? The light column flicked momentarily and landed on Ming Du.


The players from Quan Zhen Sect let out a long sigh of relief. Spring Halo also wiped off the cold sweat off his forehead.

Everyone felt relieved since Ming Du was next up for the battle.

Who was this map most suited for? It was not Yang Nuo or Ling Longmeng, but it was a Magician.

A Magician could utilise heavy suppressive fire to fully stifle his opponent in such a map. This was further enhanced by the lethal firepower that Ming Du was famed for.

Just before Ming Du took to the stage, Spring Halo muttered a few words into his ear which led to Ming Du smiling and nodding in acknowledgement.

As he entered the arena, Ming Du surveyed his surroundings and measured his effective casting distance.

The moment the match started, Sacred Mountain once again got into [Stealth].

Ming Du was fixated on the spot that Sacred Mountain disappeared and began a countdown silently.




Ming Du raised the staff in his right hand upon. With his left hand, he created a lightning strike.

Boom!!! Boom!!! “Boom!”

A condensed ma.s.s of ominous clouds covered the mountain peak as streaks of lightning struck the ground.

At this instant, a line of ancient Chinese Characters above Ming Du — Awakening [Profound Truth, Thunder Cloud Storm].

Thunder Cloud Storm was the most powerful AOE skill after awakening. It could be used to enshroud a ma.s.sive landma.s.s with lightning and eliminate all targets within its scope.

Ming Du had an extremely high magic damage and this was further amplified by his Lightning element. With the double bonus, its destructive damage was not to be underestimated.

In the sea of lightning strikes, a white light arose. Sacred Mountain was eliminated by Ming Du’s barrage.


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