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Chapter 126: Don’t Worry, Help Is On The Way

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Dawn’s First Ray’s thoughts descended into chaos as he stared at the system notification.

This was especially so for the first quest, looking at it filled him with both rage and despair…

The system notification meant that the Imperial Root guild had to apprehend the killers of Willie in order to restore their merit points. But in other words, this also meant that the death of Willie had been blamed on them…

The system obviously knew that it had wrongly accused the Imperial Root guild, yet it insisted on making them a scapegoat in and punis.h.i.+ng them…

But the reward for completing the second quest really was extremely enticing. All the players of the Imperial Root guild excitedly ran towards of the Church of Light. It appeared that this was a global quest to everyone in the city.

Even though w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo were extremely cunning people, the sheer number of players that they had to deal with had greatly raised the difficulty of this quest.

Dawn’s First Ray promptly resolved himself to restore the honour of his guild, putting aside his self-pity for his plight.

Right at this moment, Master Lofty and Master Breezy had also logged on. This piece of news had greatly lifted his spirits.

“Where should we go?”

As they were running out of the Church of Light, w.a.n.g Yu realised that the streets were totally flooded with players. Looking at the map, they were merely two green dots in a sea of red.

A martial artist wasn’t invincible, what’s more, Yang Nuo was a girl. As she stared at the sea of enemies slowly advancing towards them, Yang Nuo had subconsciously given up, turning to w.a.n.g Yu as her last ray of hope.

Yang Nuo had a clear understanding of w.a.n.g Yu’s strength. Even though she had a.s.sisted w.a.n.g Yu in killing the Angel of Judgement, it was clear that w.a.n.g Yu could still have easily killed it even without her help.

“I would have no problem escaping if I was alone… but I doubt I could bring you along…” w.a.n.g Yu whispered as he observed his surroundings.

“You’re not just going to leave me here right?” Yang Nuo worriedly asked.

“Not at the moment! Hand the Sacred Devil Stone to me!” w.a.n.g Yu laughed.

“Mm!” Yang Nuo nodded as she handed the stone over to w.a.n.g Yu. It was probably safer for w.a.n.g Yu to hold it anyway.

After keeping the stone in his inventory, w.a.n.g Yu pointed at what he had a.s.sessed to be the weakest point in the enemy formation and declared: “We carve a path out this way! Follow me!’

w.a.n.g Yu leapt forward, using [Crus.h.i.+ng Blow] to propel himself forward.

Yang Nuo reacted instantly, following closely behind w.a.n.g Yu.

The crowd jeered at the duo when they saw them charging over. There were at least several dozen players here, did this guy really believe that he could kill them all?

“Attack!” A voice resounded from amongst the crowd. All the long ranged players immediately took aim at w.a.n.g Yu, shooting their skills and arrows towards him.

w.a.n.g Yu would have faced some pressure if these players had all been from the same guild and had coordinated their attacks.

But as it stood, the largest guild in Vatican City was still stuck in the resp.a.w.n point. The players that had surrounded w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo were but a ragtag bunch of n.o.bodies l.u.s.ting for glory.

w.a.n.g Yu stretched out both hands, intercepting over a dozen arrows flying towards him, immediately throwing them back towards his attackers, intercepting fireb.a.l.l.s and icicles alike…

Yang Nuo drew her bow, taking the opportunity to shoot at the backline of Archers and magicians alike. Within seconds they had all been reduced to flashes of white lights.

Before they had even prepared their second wave of attacks, w.a.n.g Yu had already appeared before them…

An expert like w.a.n.g Yu didn’t have any trouble slaying a tank like Flashy Jing, how could anyone else possibly resist his brutal attacks?

[Choke], [Lateral Kick], [Crus.h.i.+ng Blow], [Flying Knee]

It had not taken w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo more than a second to clear a path through their attackers.


But even after opening a path through these players, w.a.n.g Yu did not escape. He simply stood there, too stunned to move…

Players… The entire street was crawling with them, as far as the eyes could see…

Even though w.a.n.g Yu had seen the ten thousand man war between the Peerless Heaven guild and Twilight city, it could not compare to the sheer number of players that filled this street, out for his blood…

w.a.n.g Yu had often heard stories of a single expert challenging an army of ten thousand, but these were nothing but stories.

Taking this crowd on by himself? This was nothing more than the ravings of a madman…

Forget about all these players out for his blood. w.a.n.g Yu would have to expend an immeasurable amount of effort to even kill a few thousand WIld Dogs.

To make matters worse, the players that had arrived later were all neatly arranged in certain battle formations, all wearing the same guild emblem on their chests.

Even though he was newknown to the gaming world, w.a.n.g Yu knew that it was not laughing matter to go head first against the battle formations that these guilds had arranged.

“What should we do now…” Yang Nuo weakly asked as she stared at the sea of people before them.

The really did it now, to think that they would be encircled by thousands of players…

“Just calmly observe the situation first!” w.a.n.g Yu helplessly replied.

The players from Vatican City slowly inched forward, forcing them towards a dead end.

But these players had yet to act out against w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo, not because they could not, but because they didn’t dare to…

200 merit points, this wasn’t a trivial sum… not to mention that there were only two opponents….. No one was willing to do work of fighting w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo, only to have the credit stolen from them at the last moment.

w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo were nothing more than sacks of gold waiting to be stolen. But since they were not working together, these players were not willing to make the first move.

Even though they were being eyed by several thousand players, w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo still remained untouched, for the moment.

The other players stared at each other, no one daring to make the first move.

Just as everyone was sheepishly staring at each other, a middle-aged player suddenly stepped out of the crowd, cupping his fists as he spoke to the crowd: “Greetings everyone, I am Limitless Pavillions of the Crimson Helm guild. Instead of just staring at each other and hoping for something to happen, why don’t we discuss what to do with these two people?”

“F*ck you!” w.a.n.g yu angrily shouted at Limitless Pavillions. This was the first time that anyone had dared to treat him like some farm animal waiting to be slaughtered.

w.a.n.g Yu immediately sent a message to everyone in the Quan Zhen Sect: “What should I do if I’m being hunted down?”

“If there aren’t many players then just kill them all. If there are a lot of players then you should run!” Fearless quickly responded. This was one of the key tactics that the Quan Zhen Sect enjoyed employing when they faced any troubles.

“And if I’m being hunted down by ten thousand players and I’m trapped in a dead end?” w.a.n.g Yu continued.

“…” The whole chat fell silent… pinned down by ten thousand people in a dead end…

w.a.n.g Yu was probably the only person in the game that could wreck up such a storm.

“What the f*ck! Are you the G.o.d of misfortune or something? Why do you stir up so much trouble everywhere you go?” Ming Du replied.

“Just fight them to the death! I would be bragging about this forever if I were to face off against ten thousand players by myself!” Crotch Lord cheekily replied.

Frost Blade gave the soundest and most mature answer: “Maybe you could give up just this once… it’s just a game, there’s no shame in dying.”

“Stall for time, help is on the way!” Fearless answered.

“Who?” w.a.n.g Yu bewilderedly asked. Not only was Twilight City half an hour away, the Quan Zhen Sect had only a few players, how much help could they provide? It wasn’t like these players here would quietly sit by for another hour.

“Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon!” Fearless answered again.


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