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Chapter 117: Wait For Success

Translator: Sparrow Translations Editor: Sparrow Translations

Before the subordinate had even finished speaking, a young man briskly walked through the door.

The man was skinny with very delicate features. Compared to Flashy Jing, he was much more reserved and mature.

This man was the leader of the Four Holy Ballers, Dawn’s First Ray, also known as Master Dawn. He always thought of himself as the most cultured and wisest out of the four of them. To emphasize this point, his character’s name wasn’t as vulgar as the other three.

“The f**k are you here for?” Flashy Jing growled when he saw Dawn’s First Ray.

The relations.h.i.+p between the four of them was extremely good. It was especially because it was so good that they spoke to each other like this.

Hearing his words, Dawn’s First Ray merely laughed: “Oh nothing… I just heard that our little Master Flashy got stomped to s.h.i.+t! So I’ve come to revel in your suffering!”

“F**k your mother!” Flashy Jing cursed. He knew that Dawn’s First Ray wouldn’t have come in good faith.

“My father is yours too, you’re free to f**k him at any time!” Dawn’s First Ray shrugged and laughed.

“Are you done yet?” Flashy Jing raged.

“Nope! HA HA HA HA!” Dawn’s First Ray burst into laughter again before gonna calming down and asking: “But seriously, what happened? I thought you were doing a quest? How come you couldn’t even handle one girl?”

“It was right in front of my eyes! Then suddenly stupid busybody cut in and even stole my mace!” Flashy Jing dejectedly sighed.

“Stole? What do you mean?” Hearing Flashy Jing say the word stole made Dawn’s First Ray extremely unsettled.

“It means he grabbed it out of my hands!” Flashy Jing replied.

“F**k are you kidding me? There’s a skill like that? Who is this arrogant b.a.s.t.a.r.d? He dares to attack you in Vatican City?” Dawn’s First Ray blurted out.

If Dawn’s First Ray hadn’t brighter this up then Flashy Jing wouldn’t have felt so disgruntled. However, hearing Dawn’s First Ray’s words he instantly snapped: “I don’t f**king know ok? I attacked first so I don’t even know the motherf**kers name!”

“You poor unlucky child…” Dawn’s First Ray could only sigh at Flashy Jing’s misfortune.

“Brother Dawn, aren’t you the smartest amongst us brothers? You must help me this time… I dug into my life’s savings this time just to donate enough for that mace…” Flashy Jing grimaced.

“That’s only natural! The fact that he doesn’t put you in his eyes means that he doesn’t even put the four holy ballers in his eyes! If we don’t teach him a lesson then people will start thinking that our Imperial Root is just a pushover!” Dawn’s First Ray smiled.

“Then what should we do now Brother Dawn?”

“Since that b.i.t.c.h has a two way quest with you then we just need to find her and that man will be with her as well!” Dawn’s First Ray replied.

“But I don’t know her name either…” Flashy Jing muttered.

“What’s your quest?”

“To retrieve the other Sacred Devil Stone that was stolen a few decades ago.”

“And what about the other Sacred Devil Stone? Do you know where it is?” Dawn’s First Ray asked.

“It’s with Heresy Judge Wylie!”

“Then isn’t that your answer? Her quest is definitely to steal the other stone from him! As long as we camp outside the Grand Cathedral and wait to succeed!” Dawn’s First Ray matter of factly stated.

Realising that he didn’t need to search the ends of the earth for w.a.n.g Yu and Yang Nuo, Flashy Jing immediately gave Dawn’s First Ray a thumbs up and said: “Why didn’t I think of that! Big Brother Dawn really is the wisest!”

“That’s only natural!” Dawn’s First Ray arrogantly laughed.


The followers of the Church Of Light had all been extremely staunch believers, resulting in the Church becoming the rulers of the human race. During the first great calamity, the light element was the only one which could dispel the darkness. This allowed the human race to barely survive the disaster.

The absolute strength and dominance of the Church Of Light caused it to become conceited and narrow-minded. They denounced all other powers and labelled all other elements heresy. They even set up the Heresy Court to punish those they deemed heretics.

However, before the Heresy Court had the opportunity to be put to use, the forces darkness had invaded the continent. The ones that met them in battle and led the human race to victory had been the seven heroes instead.

Because of this, the ma.s.ses’ faith in the Church began to waver. Hence, the church lost its ability to pa.s.s judgment on other powers. However, the Heresy Court had never been disbanded and instead became the branch of the Church that governed its military might in preparation for the return of the forces of darkness.

As a branch of the Church that specialised in combat, there was no doubt about the Heresy Court’s strength. The Holy Knights within the Heresy Court were a mix of a Priest and a Knight! The could tank attacks and heal themselves as well. In the backstory of the game, these Holy Knights had been instilled with absolute faith in the Church Of Light since birth and their bodies and souls belonged to their G.o.d! In battle, they were nothing more than fighting machines and it was extremely difficult too actually kill them.

Heresy Judge Wylie was even more of a fanatic than these Holy Knights. Hence even though there were people in Vatican City that question the Church Of Light, no one dared question Heresy Judge Wylie… And the remaining Sacred Devil Stone forged into his ritual sword.

While Yang Nuo was guiding w.a.n.g Yu to the Grand Cathedral, she had also been telling w.a.n.g Yu the background story of her quest.

“Amazing! Your job instructor is much more reliable than mine!”

Of course, w.a.n.g Yu wasn’t interested in the overused background story of the game. Instead, he was thinking about how he always kept the Informant well fed and provided him top shelf alcohol but he wouldn’t even give w.a.n.g Yu a hint. Yet Yang Nuo’s job instructor was afraid that his successor would fail the quest and provided her with a strategy!

“The Demon Hunter is one of the seven heroes, of course my instructor is reliable!” Yang Nuo laughed.

While they casually chatted away, the two of them soon neared the entrance of the Grand Cathedral.

“Not good, they have an ambush” Yang Nuo suddenly blocked w.a.n.g Yu and whispered.

“Where?” w.a.n.g Yu softly asked. There were only a few players sitting on the steps of the Cathedral and they didn’t seem to have any killing intent.

“It’s those players! Don’t you find it suspicious they’re just sitting on the steps like that?”

“I don’t see anything wrong. The entrance of the city lord’s manor in Twilight City is no different from a marketplace!” w.a.n.g Yu replied.

“How can a small country city compare to Vatican City? The church is extremely tyrannical! They won’t allow anyone to disturb their places of wors.h.i.+p. Once the noise a player is making exceeds a certain threshold, even their merit points will be deducted!” Yang Nuo explained. In order to complete her quest, Yang Nuo had done extremely thorough research on the Church Of Light. She even knew what time the guards would change their s.h.i.+fts!

Looking at the players again, w.a.n.g Yu realised that they were indeed extremely quiet just as Yang Nuo had said.

“But it’s just slightly more than ten of them. Can’t we just kill them all?” w.a.n.g Yu asked again.

“No! These players are extremely cunning! It might seem like that’s all of them, but there’s definitely a lot more of them hiding and waiting for us! Anyway, if we fight in front of the Grand Cathedral the Holy Knights will hunt us down too!” Yang Nuo shook her head.

“It’s just 10% of our experience anyway. What if we actually make it in?” w.a.n.g Yu rolled up his sleeves as though he was raring to go. It was just a game anyway so death didn’t matter!

However Yang Nuo rejected his idea and sternly replied: “That won’t work! My Sacred Devil Stone is a quest item with 100% drop rate! We need to find another way!”


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